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11 Of The Most Adorable Flowers That Start With B

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To be Adored

In a preceding article, we looked into six beautiful flowers. This time, let’s see 11 adorable flowers that can take your breath away. What’s more, these enchanting blooms will be a great addition to your indoor and outdoor gardens!

As they say, variety is the spice of life. Hence, you could spice up your flora with these adorable flowers that start with B.

And since we talked about taking your breath away, it’s only appropriate to start with Baby’s Breath.

11 Adorable Flowers that Start with B

1. Baby’s Breath

  • Botanical name: Gypsophila paniculata
  • Plant Type: Perennial
  • Bloom time: Summer

Although often used as a backdrop to bigger and more colorful flowers, baby’s breath is beautiful enough to be displayed on its own. As you let its delicate flowers form a light and airy cloud in your garden, baby’s breath become even more adorable as they blossom in numbers.

White baby’s breath may be the most common but varieties in violet and pink are also available. These fragile flowers are a favorite for weddings and baby showers which are why they’ve are often connected with undying love, purity, and new beginnings.

2. Bachelor’s Button

Bachelor’s Button - Flowers That Start With B
  • Botanical name: Centaurea cyanus
  • Plant Type: Annual
  • Bloom time: Summer

Otherwise known as the Cornflower, the Bachelor’s Button blooms with intense and eye-catching colors. With its striking blossoms like stars of shimmering blue, the Bachelor’s Button add life and vitality anywhere.

Furthermore, they are available in colors of bright blue, pure white, pastel pink, sweet lavender, and much more in between.

Due to its great colors, Bachelor Button flowers symbolize youthful energy, confidence, and charm – qualities that many often associate with the dashing bachelor.

3. Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise - Flowers That Start With B
  • Botanical name: Strelitzia
  • Plant Type: Perennial
  • Bloom time: year-round

The strelitzia, particularly the Strelitzia reginae is arguably one of the most beautiful exotic flowers one can ever set eyes on. Resembling a bird in flight, this stunning perennial is more commonly known as the crane flower, or more appropriately, a bird of paradise.

Its colors are so elegant that it may even rival the feathers of the actual bird that share’s its name.

As its name would suggest, Bird of Paradise flowers signify magnificence, freedom, and majesty. Make your garden fit for royalty with this unforgettable flower.

4. Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart Flowers That Start With B
  • Botanical name: Lamprocapnos spectabilis
  • Plant Type: Perennial
  • Bloom time: Spring

If the rose is the classic symbol of romance, then the bleeding heart flower is a very close contender and catching up very quickly. Just one look at this unique beauty, and you’ll understand how it has entranced people, so much so that it has inspired folklore and legends.

Bleeding heart flowers are almost exclusively a symbol of love and devotion, perfect for anniversaries or special occasions with your special someone.

On the other hand, bleeding heart flowers can also signify unrequited or lost love. This one of a kind bloom is truly for the romantic.

5. Begonia

Begonia - Flowers That Start With B
  • Botanical name: Begonia tuberhybrida
  • Plant Type: Perennial and Annual varieties
  • Bloom time: Summer to Fall

The Begonia, particularly the flower of the tuberous begonia or begonia tuberhybrida bloom in spectacular fashion. The plant’s large ruffled blooms in shades of tropical yellow, lovely pink, intense red, joyous orange, and pure white are sure to catch attention.

As its name may imply, Begonias symbolize the importance of being wary of danger as well as building strong friendships through good counsel and sound advice.

Begonia Flowers That Start With B

On a side note, you could also have the begonia flower as a tasty snack in what would be a very colorful salad. Notably, you could also use the flowers as a treatment for sore throats, small cuts, and even for controlling blood sugar!

6. Bellflower

Bellflower - Flowers That Start With B
  • Botanical name: Campanula
  • Plant Type: Perennial
  • Bloom time: Spring to Summer

Vibrant in purplish blue, Bellflower makes a great flower bed in a home yard or commercial garden. This type of plant easily grows in spring and spring, but blossoms heavily between the months of June and July. It is native to different regions that have moderate temperature.

The flowers, which also include species in pink, lavender and white shades, are trumpet-like starglaze shaped. For better and abundant production of flowers, this must be planted in well-drained soil in full sun.

In addition, soil condition should be highly acidic, although any pH level is enough. Regardless, it can tolerate even in extreme weather conditions. This flowering plant grows from 1 to 3 feet tall and 6 inches to 3 feet wide.

There are a variety of types of bellflowers. These are bluebells, dwarf bellflowers, Scotch bellflowers, American bellflowers, and Carpathian harebells .The word Campanula is derived from Latin, which means “little bell”.

7. Blackthorn

Blackthorn - Flowers That Start With B
  • Botanical name: Prunus Spinosa
  • Plant Type: Perennial
  • Bloom time: May to June and some regions from October to November (after first frosts)

Also known as sloe, blackthorn is a flowering deciduous shrub that belongs to the rose family called Rosaceae. This is native to many regions from Asia to Europe and as far as Africa. There are also naturalised species in North America, New Zealand and Tasmania.

Considered as a small tree, this grows from 3 feet up to 16 feet tall. Its blackish bark and spiny, thorn-tipped yet stiff branches are a perfect structure because when it blooms, the flowers look stunning.

The strong astringent-like scented flowers are made of five, white (sometimes cream) petals with about twenty stamens and a carpel. From a distance, they would look like cherry blossoms due to its wide bloom. These are insect pollinated, especially beetles, and hermaphroditic.

Prunus Spinosa is derived from a Latin word that indicates the pointed, thornlike shoots.

8. Borage

Borage - Flowers That Start With B
  • Botanical name: Borago Officinalis
  • Plant Type: Annual (some species are short lived perennial)
  • Bloom time: Spring to Summer

Borago is popularly known as a starflower from the Boraginaceae family. This is native to the Mediterranean region or the Middle East with naturalized ones in Europe, which include Germany, France, and Denmark.

Growing from 2 feet to 3 feet, this plant is hairy and bristly from the stems to the leaves. Its flowers look spidery featuring five narrow and triangular pointed purple to blue petals. There are also white and and pink variants.

Except for the roots, each part of this flowering plant is reliable for medicinal and culinary uses. Despite its hairy structure, it is flavorful. The leaves, which taste like cucumber, can be used as a tea ingredient, while the flowers for topping veggie salads or cake.

Borage represents courage, as well as forgetfulness and joy. Its name is believed to have been derived from the Gaelic word “borrach”, which means “a person of courage”.

9. Broomrape

Broomrape - Flowers That Start With B
  • Botanical name: Orobanche
  • Plant Type: Perennial (or parasiticannuall)
  • Bloom time: June to September

Be amazed with the unique irregular look of broomrape flowers. They are grown from the Orobanche plant, which is a type of herb, that belongs to the family Orobanchaceae.

This plant produces little, if nothing at all, chlorophyll. It gets nourishment from roots of other plants through a process known as haustoria, or small suckers.

Due to the absence or inadequacy of chlorophyll, flowers of this plant are purplish blue in color, while other species are white, yellow and brown. They bloom in snapdragon-like shape. The plant itself grows from a half foot to 2 inches only.

10. Buckbean

BuckBean Menyanthes Trifoliata - Flowers That Start With B
  • Botanical name: Menyanthes Trifoliata
  • Plant Type: Perennial
  • Bloom time: April to July

Buckbean may easily grow and spread in sunny areas and wetlands, also even in shallow water, but it can also be thoroughly cared for as a residential plant. This herb is native to North America.

The flowers of this plant are bisexual. They showcase five petals and numerous stamens all in white color with purple anthers and light green stigma. Other species bloom yellow and pink flowers.

This flowering plant can be associated with calmness and serenity.

11. Bugloss

  • Botanical name: Echium Vulgare
  • Plant Type: Perennial
  • Bloom time: May to September

When springtime comes, a small or wider field becomes an attraction if it has bugloss planted on it. Bugloss, which is otherwise known as Viper’s Bugloss, is a flowering plant that belongs to the Boraginaceae family.

This is native to most parts of Europe, North America and Asia. Considered as monocarpic perennial or biennial, it grows from 1 to 3 feet.

This wild plant features a cluster of beautiful and vibrant blue colored flowers. It usually blooms in pink before turning into its famous blue shade. The filaments of the stamens are red, which makes a pretty contrast to the petal.

Taking care and growing Bugloss flowers are not demanding or thorough.

As for symbolism, this can indicate falsehood. Despite its attractive flowers, this is not recommended to hand out as a bouquet or a gift, unless it’s April Fool’s Day.


These flowers that start with “B” can be fascinating to add to a garden. Most of them require little maintenance.

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