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12 Of The Most Remarkable Flowers That Start With N & What They Mean

An Ode to Narcissus

You’d hardly hear people ask for a bouquet of ninebark or nemesia or nasturtium. That, however, is their loss as they miss the chance to gaze upon this remarkable flowers that start with N. One other flower such flower is narcissus.

Narcissus of Greek mythology was a young man of unparalleled beauty and form, which led many to fall in love with him. These affections, however, were unrequited as proud Narcissus refused and rebuffed any such desires.

He did eventually fall in love when he saw an equally beautiful creature in the river, unaware that it was his reflection on the surface of the water. The legends differ from here but more on Narcissus and his namesake flower below!

12 Remarkable Flowers That Start With N

1. Narcissus

Narcissus - Flowers That Start With N
  • Botanical name: Narcissus sp
  • Plant Class: Perennial
  • Bloom time: Fall to spring

Some stories say that the young Narcissus, for want of a kiss from his reflection, falls into the river and drowns. Other stories say that he loses all thought of food or drink or rest as he sits entranced by his reflection that he eventually dies of hunger.

Darker still, another legend states that Narcissus realizes that the person before him, with whom he has fallen in love, is his own reflection. Losing all hope, Narcissus takes his life.

These different shades of the popular myth share one thing, though. A lovely flower blossoms on the spot beside the river where Narcissus dies. The narcissus flower thus symbolizes youthful beauty, egotism, and undying devotion.

2. Night Phlox

  • Botanical name: Zaluzianskya capensis
  • Plant Class: Hardy perennial
  • Bloom time: Summer to early fall

What sleeps in the day, then wakes up in the evening and smells like candy? It’s the Night Phlox! People however affectionately call this plant Midnight candy since it blooms during the night and emits a sweet scent that is reminiscent of vanilla or honey!

The night phlox symbolizes innocence, youth, and the sweetness of falling in love for the first time.

3. Nemesia

Nemesia - Flowers That Start With N
  • Botanical name: Nemesia
  • Plant Class: Annual
  • Bloom time: year-round

For quick yet intensely colored blooms of white, purple, lavender, pink, orange, and red, the nemesia is the plant of choice for your garden! There are over 50 species to choose from, with each species having their color shades and patterns. Also, Nemesias are undemanding and easy to grow!

Nemesias are strong symbols of endurance, steadfastness, and retribution.

4. Nasturtium

Nasturtium - Flowers That Start With N
  • Botanical name: Tropaeolum
  • Plant Class: Annual and perennial
  • Bloom time: Summer to early fall

The nasturtium plant is low-maintenance and rewards you with fiery-colored blooms of orange, yellow, and red with very little work put into them! Also, gardeners and chefs alike extensively use the nasturtiums flowers and foliage for culinary uses and medicinal applications.

The bright blossoms of the Nasturtium symbolize passion, courage, creativity and vigor.

5. Ninebark

  • Botanical name: Physocarpus opulifolius
  • Plant Class: Deciduous shrub
  • Bloom time: Spring to summer

What the ninebark blooms may lack in size, it makes up for with its attractive foliage. Depending on the species, a ninebark plant’s leaves may be in shades of purple, gold, and yellow-green!

However, its white cup-shaped flowers are also eye-catching and can add a nice texture to your collection of blooms! You can add the ninebark to the list of plants that are, again, very easy to grow.

The small and delicate blooms of the ninebark represent endurance and grace under pressure or trial.

6. Nigella Damascena (Love-in-a-Mist)

Nigella Damascena - Flowers That Start With N
  • Botanical name: Nigella Damascena
  • Plant Class: Annual
  • Bloom time: July to September

Nigella Damascena, which is commonly known as Love-in-a-Mist, is a flowering plant that belongs to the buttercup family called Ranunculaceae.

This also has other names, which are Ragged Lady, Jack-in-Prison, St. Katharine’s Flower, Fennel Flower, Love in a Puzzle and Devil in the Bush. It is native to southwest Asia, north Africa and southern Europe.

Growing up to 2 feet tall, Nigella has a nice round inflorescence. It has leaves that are thread-like and pinnately divided. The flowers are the most stunning featuring 5 to 25 sepals, several petals that are situated at the base of the stamens, and 4 to 5 carpels with erect style each.

This blooms early during summer. The most common shade is blue, but others also produce purple, pink, red and white.

Damascena is an epithet related to Damascus, Syria’s capital. Love-in-a-Mist is named by the fact that its flowers are nestled in a ring of multifid and lacy bracts.

This flower symbolizes perplexity, love and harmony. It signifies bonds that bind people together, whether it’s a couple relationship or family connection.

7. Nemophila Menziesii (Menzies’ Baby Blue Eyes)

Nemophila Menziesii - Flowers That Start With N
  • Botanical name: Nemophila Menziesii
  • Plant Class: Annual
  • Bloom time: May to June

Baby Blue Eyes is the common name for Nemophila Menziesii, which is a beautiful flowering plant that is native to California and Oregon in the United States. Presently, it can easily grow in valley grasslands, chaparral and montane locales. It belongs to the Boraginaceae family.

As its name suggests, this plant produces soft blue colored flowers with white shaded part at the center. This makes a beautiful garden bed as it grows on the ground and easily climbs up spreading its foliage.

This flower signifies success and victory. The Greek words “nemos” means “glade” or “wooded pasture”, and “phileo” which means “to love”.

8. Nepeta Cataria (Catmint/Catnip)

Nepeta Cataria - Flowers That Start With N
  • Botanical name: Nepeta Cataria
  • Plant Class: Perennial
  • Bloom time: May to September

Catmint, Catnip, and Catswort or Catwort are other common names given to Nepeta Cataria. It is a short lived perennial, herbaceous flowering plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family.

This is native to southern and eastern parts of Europe, Central Asia including China, and the Middle East. This is now naturalized in North America, New Zealand as well as northern Europe.

Once maturity is reached, this plant grows 2 feet to 3 feet tall and wide. It’s a wildflower that blooms from the end of spring to autumn. Its brown-green foliage showcases coarse-toothed, triangular (or elliptical) leaves, and fragrant flowers in purple, pink or white colors.

As beautiful as its flowers, this symbolizes love, happiness and fertility.

9. Nerine

Nerine - Flowers That Start With N
  • Botanical name: Nerine
  • Plant Class: Perennial
  • Bloom time: March to July and sometimes into August

Nerine is a lovely flowering plant included in the Amaryllidaceae family. It is also known as Cape Flower, Cornish Lily, Bowden Lily Spidery Lily, Jersey Lily, and Guernsey Lily. It is native to South Africa but can now thrive in rocky and arid areas.

It resembles most lilies as its flowers are formed in spherical umbels with long leafless stems. The common color of the flower heads is pink, but some species are in crimson and white shades.

This bulbous, perennial, deciduous flowering plant represents good fortune and freedom. Its genus name was given after the Nereids, who were the nymph-daughters of the sea god Nereus in the Greek mythology.

10. Nierembergia (Cupflower)

Nierembergia Hippomanica Violacea - Flowers That Start With N

Nierembergia via

  • Botanical name: Nierembergia Hippomanica Violacea
  • Plant Class: Annual, Perennial
  • Bloom time: March to October (Summer to Fall)

Cupflower, which is otherwise known as Nierembergia, is an annual and perennial plant known for its beautiful flowers. It has a round, widespread foliage perfect for a garden bed and edging or border. Its flower heads bloom in stunning purple or white colors, with some species are a combination of both.

For abundant production of flowers, this has to be planted in moist soil. It does not tolerate heat and drought.

Despite its attractive flowers, this flower symbolizes resentment and anger.

11. Nolana (Chilean Bell Flower)

Nolana Paradoxa - Flowers That Start With N
  • Botanical name: Nolana Paradoxa
  • Plant Class: Annual
  • Bloom time: July and August

Chilean Bell Flower, also known as Nolana or Paradoxical Nolana, is an annual desert plant that is eye-catching particularly because the flowers bloom upside down. The trumpet-shaped flower heads hang like bells; hence, its name.

Nolana belongs to the Solanaceae family. There are around 85 to 89 species of this genus. It produces flowers in summer and can tolerate heat.

This flower is a symbol of pride in Chile. During their festivities, including Independence Day, they decorate their homes and establishments with real and plastic Chilean Bell Flowers.

12. Nymphaea (Water Lily)

Nymphaea - Flowers That Start With N
  • Botanical name: Nymphaea
  • Plant Class: Perennial
  • Bloom time: April to October

Nymphaea, which is most commonly known by the name Water Lily, is a perennial floating aquatic plant. It is also called as Blue Lotus or Star Lotus, Manel Flower, and Red and Blue Water Lily. It’s a very unique flowering plant as it grows in water as deep as 8 feet.

The flowers bloom for a long period of time. It produces purple flowers, whereas some species bloom yellow, white, orange and bi-colored ones.

This aquatic plant symbolizes purity, peace, hope, celebration, pleasure, innocence, peace, wellness, rebirth and fertility.


Which one from this list catches your attention the most? Will you add some, if not all, of these flowers to your garden collection? Whether for a large bed, borders or pathways, these flowers that start with N are special and unique in their own characteristics. Each of these flowering plants adds beauty to any garden.

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