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2 Stage Snow Blower Reviews to Select the Best Snow Blower!

You will find quite a lot of 2 stage snow blower reviews on the internet, when you are looking for the best model to suit your needs. However, to understand these reviews and know what caters to your needs the best, it is important to understand how this snowblower works and when you should use it.

Two-Stage Snow Blowers – Fundamental Concepts

Most of you might be aware of the 1-stage snow blower that is usually used in small areas to clear away the snow and ice accumulated in a particular area.

The 2-stage snow blower is one that uses heavy-duty augers to not only remove the snow and break the huge pieces of ice, but also has an impeller that launches the snow out of the top discharge unit.

How is the 2-stage snow blower beneficial than the 1-stage blower?

When you want to buy a snow blower, one of the most common questions that come to your mind is whether you should buy a 1-stage model or a 2-stage model. Though the 1-stage model is also very effective, its blades do the processes of clearing the snow and discharging it out of the chute.

However, in the case of a 2-stage snow blower, the augers are extra-sharp and very robust, as the only do the job of clearing the snow or cutting up huge chunks of ice.

A separate impeller takes care of discharging the snow out of the chute, thereby assuring you of the wide coverage of area and lots of other benefits such as the following:

  • The augers don’t touch the driveway surface in the case of a 2-stage snow blower because the job of the augers is limited to only drawing the snow or breaking the ice chunks; therefore, you can be assured that the surface doesn’t get damaged in any way. Due to this exact reason, this model is best suited for stone or gravel driveways.
  • The 2-stage snow blower can clear snow on a large area that covers around 20 to 36 inches, as a result of which you can clear more snow in one attempt than what you can clear in a 1-stage snow blower.
  • This snow blower comes with heavy-duty and powerful wheels that help to maneuver the unit well in deep layers of snow, even in large areas. If you are looking for speed, comfort and ease of use while blowing snow from a huge area, the 2-stage snow blower is a good choice for you.

Some basic tips that you have to follow before using your snow blowers

2 Stage Snow Blower Reviews

You have decided that a 2-stage snow blower is the best fit for your needs and you have invested heavily in it. Therefore, it is only natural that you follow some basic tips to ensure that you and your machine stay safe while using it. Here are some things that you have to keep in mind:

  • When you have been diagnosed with back problems, cardiac diseases or other health issues, you have to stay away from using the snow-blowers.
  • Ensure that the person who is setting up and using your snow blower knows everything about your machine and using it safely.
  • Clean the driveway first and remove all sticks, pebbles and stones that are on the ground; you don’t want your snow blower to throw these at a house in the distance and cause damage to any structure, do you?
  • You should act proactively and check your snow blower to ensure that it is in proper working condition at all times. Check the tires, clutches, gears and all other parts to see if they are working properly so that you don’t get disappointed with a malfunctioning snow blower just at the time when you need the machine the most.
  • Never use the snow blower indoors or in garages or other areas where you are not supposed to use them. The fumes that the machine emit are quite poisonous and can cause serious health issues in humans and animals. Also, you need to be very careful about not letting your fingers or toes slip inside the machine accidentally. Even when a machine is not running, its augers are sharp enough to cut your fingers or toes.

Best 2 Stage Snow Blower Reviews to Help Your Purchase Decision​

1. Briggs & Stratton 24” Dual-Stage Snow Blower

2 Stage Snow Blower Reviews


If you are looking for the goodness of a 2-stage snow blower but at a reasonable price, the Briggs & Stratton 24” Dual-Stage Snow Blower is a good choice for you. You can save a lot of time while getting this machine started, because it comes with an electric start button.

This machine is equipped to clear snow from sidewalks and outdoor areas with extreme precision and accuracy.

Even if you are staying in one of the coldest areas in the world that are prone to heavy to very heavy snowfall, you don’t have to worry, because this unit can clear snow up in an area that is up to 29 inches wide and 19.5 inches tall.


  • Comes with dual trigger steerable transmission technology, which makes it quite easy for you to clear a lot of snow quite easily.
  • Polymer reversible skid shoes and reversible tires make snow-plowing an easy task.
  • Electric chute operation and deflecting technology on the chute ensures that you can get rid of unwanted snow easily.
  • Heavy-duty steel frame, aluminum gearbox and notched auger ensure that this machine lasts for many years without any defects.


  • Replacement parts are not easily available.

2. Troy Bilt Storm 2625 Two-Stage Snow Blower

2 Stage Snow Blower Reviews


This is one of the excellent two-stage snow blowers that you should invest in, if you live in an area that is prone to heavy snowfall.

It comes with high-traction tires, snow removal area with dimensions of 26 x 21, high-power 243cc engine that starts automatically with an electric start option, 6 forward and 2 reverse speed options for excellent control when you use this machine.


  • Offers you the flexibility of single-hand operation, thanks to which you can spin the chute to up to 200 degrees.
  • Manual discharge of chute possible in two ways, thanks to which you can manage unwanted snow properly and throw them in the right place.
  • Excellent control and ease of operation thanks to the deluxe-quality reversible skid shoes.


  • Electric start doesn’t start as quickly and automatically as it claims.
  • Bearing is likely to fail within a few times of usage.

3. Poulan Pro PR241 Two-Stage Snow Thrower

2 Stage Snow Blower Reviews


Are you looking for a snow blower that will help you clear snow and throw it accurately in the right place, from all types of pavements including gravel surfaces, sidewalks, paved areas, car parks and driveways?

If yes, the Poulan Pro PR241 Two-Stage Snow Thrower is a good choice for you. With a powerful 208CC engine and an electric start button, this snow blower helps you to clear snow from places that have a dimension of 24 x 30.

With a big enough impeller (of diameter 12 inches) and a remote chute deflector cum rotator, this snow blower helps you get rid of the discharged snow in a proper & professional manner.

You will have full control of the process when the machine sucks as much as snow as possible and gets it out of the chute.


  • Comes with a two-year warranty on the whole unit and a 4-year warranty on the engine.
  • Machine comes with six forward and one reverse speed control to give you good control and grip when you are using your snow blower.
  • Remote chute operation, wherein the console-mounted chute helps to get rid of collected snow easily.
  • Quite useful for large pavements as it covers a wide area while clearing snow
  • Comes with heavy-duty & powerful ribbon augers that easily clear snow and break the chunks of ice that have accumulated your driveways


  • When it is extremely cold, the machine’s electric start doesn’t function, most of the times.
  • Quite difficult to assemble the huge unit.
  • Doesn’t work effectively on wet snow.
  • Customer service department not as helpful as it should have been.

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Out of the three snow blowers that we have reviewed here, we would recommend you to go for the Briggs & Stratton 24” Dual-Stage Snow Blower for many reasons.

Firstly, this is one of the most affordably priced units in this category, but offers you a lot of user-friendly features as well. Therefore, this machine offers you good value for your money.

It can clear a big enough space of 20 x 27 inches, which makes it the ideal unit for you to be used in your large pavements or sidewalks.

It offers you good control and grip while blowing and clearing snow, thanks to its heavy-duty steel frame & excellent chute operations.

Therefore, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t invest in this unit if you are looking to get a good 2-stage snow blower without loosening your purse strings too much.