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Top 5 Best 2 Stage Snow Blower Under $1000

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The arrival of winter brings a winter storm and living in an area that gets several feet of snow can turn out to be a nightmare. If the area around your house gets completely covered with snow then instead of being unprepared and worried about removing the snow, it is better to buy a snow-blower.

Many people wonder whether it is worth to spend a whole amount of money on a snow-blower. The question is how you can buy the best quality snow-blower in less amount of money. Keep reading this article to learn about the best 2 Stage Snow Blower Under $1000.

Poulan Pro PR241 24 in. 208cc LCT Two Stage Electric Start Snow Blower 2 - Best 2 Stage Snow Blower Under $1000
Poulan Pro PR241 via

What Is the Need For 2 Stage Snow Blowers?

Winter can prove out to be a tough season for people. The worst part of the season is cleaning the snow-covered trails. Picking the right best quality equipment is very important.

Snow blowers are used to throw or remove snow from an open area such as a driveway, a pavement, a railway track or a runway. Personal experiences of my friends prove that the method of cleaning snow with a two-stage blower is much superior as compared to other methods.

The working mechanism of a snow blower is similar to that of a lawnmower. You just have to start it and steer it in the direction of the snow, without any physical efforts.

Even a single-stage snow blower is quite effective in removing snow at a rapid pace. Hence, using a two-stage snow blower will help you in saving a lot of valuable time.

The modern snow blowers come within a lot of varieties and features. It becomes difficult to select the right one. So, let me make it a little easier for you by discussing some of the major qualities of a snow blower.

How to Choose The Right Snow Blower?

Choosing the right type of snow blower can prove to be a difficult task. There are a lot of factors that you should consider before buying a snow blower like the size of your place and the area from where you have to remove the snow.

There is a blizzard of features offered by the new models available in the market.

A single-stage snow blower is called a snow thrower as it picks up the snow and throws them. They are not well built to handle a high volume of ice. They are light and easy to handle which can be used to clear snow from small driveways and they can clear around 8 inches of snow.

A two-stage snow blower is designed to push and throw snowfall depths up to 12 inches or so. Most of them are self-propelled and they move with multiple speeds.

They are manufactured with a larger auger and engine which makes it easier for them to clean snow in a less amount of time. These blowers are quite powerful and they come with engine-driven wheels so that they can handle rough and uneven terrains with ease. 

The Negative Impact of Snow Blowers on Environment

Snow blowers make our life easier and are very convenient to use. But do you think about how they impact our environment? According to studies, a snow blower produces about one pound of toxic Carbon Monoxide every hour.

While using a snow blower, you should take precautions regarding the spilling of fuel or leaving the fuel in the snow blower for a long time. This results in the emission of strong nitrogen oxide gases.

However, the use of a snow blower is seasonal, should try your best to look for efficient and planet-friendly snow blowers. Currently, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), four-stroke engines are much better as they burn less fuel and take less time to complete a job.

The company Honda is trying to develop a hybrid engine for snow blowers which might help in reducing the excess amount of emissions. But these snow blowers also come with a disadvantage of being a lot more expensive than the gas-engine ones.

Top 5 Best 2 Stage Snow Blower Under $1000

After my thorough research on the net, I found these 5 products to be quite useful for cleaning snow. Since a lot of people are worried about the high cost of good quality snow blower, I am reviewing the products which are under $1000.

1. YARDMAX YB5765 Two-Stage Snow Blower, 6.5 hp, 196cc, 22”

YARDMAX YB5765 Two Stage Snow Blower 6.5 hp 196cc 22 - Best 2 Stage Snow Blower Under $1000


  • This snow blower comes with 6 multiple speeds which are offered by self-propelled drive – 5 forward and 2 reverse.
  • Easy to start as it comes with a 196 CC engine power.
  • It comes with a dashboard that is appropriate for chute control and gear shifting.
  • It is ideal to use for long driveways as it is equipped with serrated steel augers.
  • As compared to the other two-stage blowers, this product is quite affordable.


  • The motor size of this snow blower is smaller as compared to the other snow blowers.
  • The model’s one of the biggest disadvantages is it comes with a 2-year residential warranty and only a one-year commercial warranty.
  • According to the reviews on Amazon, the pull rope of this blower is fragile and might break often.

2. Briggs & Stratton 24″ Dual-Stage Snow Blower w/Electric Start and 208 Snow Series Engine, 1024 (1696610)

Briggs Stratton 24 Dual Stage Snow Blower w Electric Start and 208 Snow Series Engine 1024 1696610 - Best 2 Stage Snow Blower Under $1000


  • This snow blower comes with a friction disk drive system of 8 speeds.
  • The motor engine of the snowblower is about 208 cc which makes it quite powerful and practical to use.
  • This model of the Briggs and Straton brand can clear heavy to heavy snow in just a few minutes.
  • It is a professional grade model and comes with a warranty for 3-years.
  • One of the great features of this model is that it is very quiet which makes it suitable to use without disturbing your neighbors.


  • The only issue with this snow blower is that it lacks headlights, making it impossible to use in the dark.

3. Snow Joe SJ618E 18″ 13 AMP Electric Snow Thrower

Snow Joe SJ618E 18 13 AMP Electric Snow Thrower - Best 2 Stage Snow Blower Under $1000


  • This snow blower is quite versatile to pick up snow from small to mid-sized driveways and pavements.
  • Easy to start and maintain as it uses no gas or oil.
  • Equipped with a plastic 2-blade auger which provides an abrasion-resistant experience.
  • The motor engine of the snowblower is powerful and it can move up to 550 lbs of snow.


  • The warranty is only for two years.
  • Connected with a rope which restricts its movements.

4. ​​Poulan Pro PR241, 24 in. 208cc LCT Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

Poulan Pro PR241 24 in. 208cc LCT Two Stage Electric Start Snow Blower - Best 2 Stage Snow Blower Under $1000


  • Equipped with a powerful engine of 208 cc Poulan pro engine.
  • It comes with a limited warranty of 2 years and an extended warranty of 4 years.
  • Manufactured with a strong auger which easily breaks into snow and ice.
  • Remote console-mounted chute deflects the snow easily to the area you want to move it to.
  • Ideal for use for larger pavements, graveled areas, snowy sidewalks.


  • The plastic dashboard is fragile and might crack after a year of use.

5. ​​PowerSmart DB7624E 24 in. 212cc 2-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

PowerSmart DB7624E 24 in. 212cc 2 Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower - Best 2 Stage Snow Blower Under $1000


  • This gas-powered equipment has a powerful motor engine of 212 CC which makes it quite easy to clear even dense snow.
  • You just have to press a single push button to start the gas-powered snowblower.
  • Well-equipped to clear 24inches of snow at width and 21 inches of snow at depth.
  • It comes with a 6-speed drive system – 4 for forward and 2 for reverse.


  • It has small tires that keep getting stuck in heavy snow.


All the above-mentioned products are under $1000 and are easily available on As per customer reviews, all the 5 products are suitable for removing snow from pavements and sidewalks.

The one product which I felt might prove to be a good 2-stage snow blower is Poulan Pro PR241, 24 in. 208cc LCT Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower.

The snow blower has quite an exquisite appearance and it is known for completing its job flawlessly. It is powerful enough to absorb snow from large pavements, sidewalks, and gravel driveways.​

If your area is covered with a lot of snow, then the feature of remote chute rotation is very useful. The snow blower has an adjustable handle height, which will keep you away from back pains. The company Poulan is a famous organization which has decades of experience in the outdoor equipment industry.

This snow blower has advanced features which lessen the chances of accidents. For eg., the improved version of friction disk transmission.

In spite of being enriched with so many advanced features, this snow blower is affordable to be bought at

The only disadvantage of this product is that it is quite a huge snow blower and it might become difficult to assemble it. You can opt for this product if you are looking for something valuable at a low price.