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Guide to Select the 5 Best Brush Cutter for Small Trees

Isn’t it irritating when small trees and hedges start growing haywire and spoil the aesthetic look of someone’s beautiful garden?

Everyone likes a garden which has nicely trimmed bushes and is maintained well, but sometimes in the midst of a fast moving professional and corporate life, trimming our bushes isn’t the first thing that is always on our mind and this can lead to neglect implying a nightmare of a garden.​

You may or may not come to face this issue, but believe it or not, the ruckus created by such minute issues can have a huge impact on the overall look of your garden.

In this article, we will focus on some of the 5 best brush cutter for small trees that are available in the market and we will see why and how they have been able to become some of the most widely used and popular brush cutters from small trees and bushes. Let us begin!

What are Brush Cutters?

Brush cutters are also very widely known as clearing saws or brush saws. They are electrically powered tools used for agricultural purposes like trimming bushes and getting rid of pesky weeds and trim small trees into shape.

A brush cutter basically does the job that a regular rotary mower or a lawn mower is unable to do because of its huge size and heavy weight. It has a flat structure which is blunt and not precise.

What Are Different Types of Blades?

There are various kinds of blades that are available in the market which can be attached to the structure of a brush cutter.

These brush cutter blades work differently, like some may be more useful for some weeds on the ground, which require higher precision and some may be blunt for cutting a peripheral misshaped small tree.

Let us look at some brush cutters which will definitely make it a pleasure for you to work in your garden and make it beautiful!

Top 5 Best Brush Cutter for Small Trees

1. Renegade Blade (Razor/Hybrid), Carbide Brush Cutter Weed Eater Blades – 203 mm in Diameter

Renegade Blade Razor Hybrid Carbide Brush Cutter Weed Eater Blades – 203 mm in Diameter - Best Brush Cutter for Small Trees


This brush cutter is appropriate for using on the patio, lawn and garden. It weighs 11.4 ounces and is very reasonably priced at $23. Although it comes with a straight and aligned shaft trimmer, it has an inch big hole for inserting a curved shaft too.

These blades can be universally fitted in any other handle structure which makes them one of the most adjustable blades for the purpose of brush cutting.

It is seen to create a lot of value for money since it does not cost as much as stainless steel but at the same time it has the quality which is 10 times superior than stainless steel.


  • It is able to cut small weeds as easily as small saplings
  • It does not stutter in the middle and gives a smooth cut to the weeds and saplings
  • The Renegade Blade comes with a small 20 mm washer
  • This brush cutter works better than a chainsaw for cutting branches


  • You cannot sharpen these brush cutter blades, so if the blades hit some stones or rocks, some teeth of the blade will get spoilt and they will inevitably get blunt.
  • Constant usage of this brush cutter blade can result in frequent kickbacks of stones and pebbles
  • It is not very helpful for trimming grass

2. Rotary Razor Max Brush Cutter Blade

Rotary Razor Max Brush Cutter Blade - Best Brush Cutter for Small Trees


The Rotary razor blade weighs 1.37 pounds and is generously priced at $24.67. It is designed specifically for the easy and fast process of easy cutting of bushes, small trees, thick weeds and grass too.

The blade works very well with gas and electricity powered trimmers and the engines that come with brush cutters are of 30 cc and more. It has a maximum operation limit of 10,000 RPM. Unlike the first one, it can be sharpened easily with chainsaw file.

This also comes with a 1 inch hole that is designed to adjust other types of handle structures so that there is no wastage of money in buying other kinds of handles or blades for the process. This size of a brush cutter blade comes with an aligned shaft and is not really suitable for the curved or flex shafts.


  • It is very smooth and hence very fast. You can cut down saplings and branches of width 2 to 3 inches within a minute
  • It can be sharpened using a regular chainsaw sharpener
  • It is a great investment


  • It does not fit all trimmers, but unfortunately the online description and the user manual does not say so, resulting in a wrong purchase
  • If you hit the ground too many times with this product, the teeth of the blade will start getting blunt and will start breaking. Sharpening them will not help in case of breakage

3. KIPA 2 Brush Cutter and Trimmer Blade

KIPA 2 Brush Cutter and Trimmer Blade - Best Brush Cutter for Small Trees


This particular brush cutter weighs 1.64 pounds and has a price of $25.99 which is a great deal for a pack of 2 blades, as per my opinion. The blades are made from a material named Carbide, which is known to last 10 times more than regular steel and thus are more economically viable.


  • They are easily able to cut saplings that are as short as one or one and a half inches
  • The blades are very long lasting and easily last you till about 8 months to a year on an average
  • They do not make a lot of sound and are relatively quieter than regular brush cutters


  • They can often kick back after a long usage, thus it is imperative to be more careful about how you use the brush cutter and the technique you adopt
  • The KIPA brush cutter and trimmer blade is not compatible with all the kinds of handle structures and users can have some basic problem in looking for the perfect fit

4. ​​Blue Cat 10 inch Carbide Tip Blade

Blue Cat 10 inch Carbide Tip Blade - Best Brush Cutter for Small Trees


This blade comes along with a washer adapter and the blade is primarily for the purpose of weed eating. The weed eater can eat saplings and weeds which are even as short as 1 inch and on top of that, the material used for making these blades is carbide which one of the world’s strongest alloys.

The diameter of the blade is approximately 255 mm which is about 10 inches, with a blade width of about 20 mm or 0.8 inch.


  • It can thoroughly clean up any weeds or small saplings that are unwanted in a garden
  • The blades are extremely sharp and do not need to be sharpened time and again. They can easily work well for a few months at a stretch
  • The blades are very durable and get the job done in a much lesser time


  • It does not come with washers of different sizes which can sometimes result in inconvenience if the standard washer is not able to do the job well.

5. ​​ATIE 10 inch Carbide Tip Brush Cutter with 100 teeth + Weed Eater Blade and Trimmer

ATIE 10 inch Carbide Tip Brush Cutter with 100 teeth Weed Eater Blade and Trimmer - Best Brush Cutter for Small Trees


The ATIE Brush Cutter Blade has a price of $8.64 and weighs merely 1 pound. It contains a 20 mm reducer washer.

However, this blade does not fit all kinds of handle structures, so it is important that you carefully go through the material information and the user manual to see if the handles structure you have is appropriately fitting your blade.


  • This is the one brush cutter blade that clears heavy bushes too, along with the regular weeds and the saplings.
  • It has a lot of strength in its motor and thus, it is able to move faster than other regular blades.


  • It has a lot of kickback of mud, dirt and stones that you need to be very careful of not hitting any kind of stones otherwise it could result in injury.


After having a brief glance at all of the brush cutters that have been mentioned above, I believe that all the brush cutter blades have a superior quality of design and the ability to do the required work with ease and comfort.

It is a great deal to buy these brush cutters and trim your lawn into beautification yourself rather than hiring someone to do the task from scratch.​

On a personal basis, I highly recommend the KIPA 2 Brush Cutter and Trimmer Blade since it comes in a pack of two which makes it very economically priced in comparison to those that comes in a pack of 1 but are still of the same or a similar price.

It weighs a mere 1.64 pounds, which makes it so sturdy and light weight too, and it is made of carbide which has the power of being 10 times stronger than regular steel. All these factors make the KIPA Brush Cutter my top choice as a brush cutter.