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5 Best Planters In 2024 – How to Decorate Your House?

Finding The Best Planters

Everyone loves to decorate their house using attractive decorative pieces. When it comes to decorative items, adding live plants increments not only the elegance but also gives a healthy environment.

You can place them in handcrafted and specially designed planters to enhance the overall look of your house.

Be it indoors or outdoors; you will find one that suits your needs, space, and taste. Let’s have a look at some of the best planters available in the market.

Buying Guide About the Best Planters

There are various aspects you need to consider before you invest in the best planter. Peruse on to find out more.

What Is A Planter?

Not sure what a planter is? It’s a container made of different materials and is generally used for placing unpotted or potted plants.

You will find diverse options with unique features in the market. Based on the size, you will be able to place more plants in them. This varies with the plant size as well.

How To Choose The Best Planters?

Here are the factors you need to consider before you make the final pay.

1. Design

The perfect planter acts as the perfect decor item by concealing the lesser aesthetic pots. Hence while purchasing opt for ones that come with an excellent design framework. Planning to place them indoors?

Go for items that complement the rest of the interiors. It’s the same if your planning to keep them outdoors on your patio or home garden. Make sure that they are light in weight and portable like the hanging planters.

Best Planters Hanger

2. Practicality

While buying, see to its that in addition to offering elegance, it’s a practical one. If the assembly and maintenance is a daunting task, the item will end up being burdensome. As it’s used for adorning your living space, make sure it does it turn to be a burden for you in the long run.

3. Quality

Based on the materials used and intricate design, the quality of the item varies. Make sure that you are getting a high-quality product before you make the final pay. This will keep it for longer without wearing off soon.

4. Dimensions

It is essential to find out the size of the planter before you make the purchase. Make sure that it is spacious enough to place your plants inside without squishing it.

This is because some are small in size, whereas the rest are tall and wide in size. Go for a larger size to place larger plants. As for the small herbs and succulents, choose the smaller options.

5. Materials

The materials used determine the longevity of the product. Various options made of plastic, metal, and wood are available. If it has a sturdy framework, you can place bigger and heavier plants in them.

For lighter and fragile options, you can keep smaller plants like succulents. Metallic items have more exceptional durability but may rust over time.

Benefits of Best Planters

Now that we are aware of the various features let’s have a look at the benefits associated with this item. Here are some of them.

  • By using the larger options, you can grow different plans at the same time.
  • If they’re equipped with the appropriate irrigation system, then it’s more convenient to use.
  • They act as an attractive decoration that will boost the overall appearance of your house.

Different Types of Planters

Hunting for that perfect planter to adorn your house? Well, you will find that each one differs based on the type of material used.

While purchasing, you need to consider video aspects like the durability, cost, and space you’re planning to keep it.

You also have to keep an eye on the weight of the object. Peruse on to find some of the commonly used materials.

1. Ceramic

This material is commonly used while making pots. You’ll find that they are suitable for making planters as well. It’s best suited for regions that have humid and hot climates.

Since they are porous, you may have to water a lot compared with the other materials. They tend to break easily and are quite heavy, so it is advisable to handle it carefully.

2. Wood

This one offers you a wide range of aesthetics. You can either opt for the original shade of the wood or go for a deep, painted or stained option. Planning to keep it outdoors? If so, you may have to treat to keep the insects and microbes away.

3. Metal

Metallic options have a very appealing aesthetic value. However, they do not last for as long as it tends to rust quickly.

Best Metal Planters

4. Plastic

Plastic options are light in weight and available in various shapes and colors. In some instances, they look quite similar to wooden and ceramic items. Mostly they’re treated with a protective coating to prevent fading or wearing off while exposed to direct sunlight.

5. Glass

Glass options are not that popular; this is because they are very delicate and fragile. However, they are best when it comes to elegance and appeal.

6. Fiberglass

These are light weighted and have excellent durability. Moreover, they can withstand extreme temperature conditions.

Check the link below for more details.

Detailed Reviews of the TOP 5 Best Planters

1.Great Metal: H Potter Tall Planter Antique Copper Patio Deck Indoor Outdoor Garden Flower Planters Review

Best Planters H Potter Tall Planter Antique Copper Patio Deck Indoor Outdoor Garden Flower Planters Review


Are you in need of a planter that is suitable for both outdoor and indoor gardening? H Potter Tall Planter Antique Copper Patio Deck Indoor Outdoor Garden Flower Planters is the perfect option available. Moreover, it comes in as a set of two and will suit well into your space.


  • These tall planters come with an antique and unique special copper finishing.
  • Suitable for placing in any space.
  • These are durable options handcrafted using high-grade stainless steel components.
  • They are solid and have sturdy construction.
  • Since they are best suited as vertical planters, they have drainage holes in addition to the plant inserters present.
  • As it can be easily removed, you can plant your favorite flowers or seedlings easily and take care of them
  • These eye-catching options are huge, making it the best choice for bigger plants or flowers.
  • You can place them either on your patio, deck, backyard, or home garden.
  • Comes with carrying handles, making it easy to carry or move around.
  • It has a light weighted design framework.
  • Construction is such that it will last for long.


  • Some users reported that the container had dents in them.

The larger pot has 13” sq width and 35” height. As for the smaller pot, it has 29” height and 11” sq width.

2. Sturdy Framework: Voluntary Purchasing Group Inc. 32145 4 lb. Muriate Potash

Best Planters Veradek Midland Self Watering Tall Square Planter


Looking for a planter that has a self-watering system? Veradek Midland Self-Watering Tall Square Planter is one such model. This one is a great option and has a square shape making it a perfect fit for corners.


  • It’s designed in numerous shades so that you can choose from the various options and get one that goes well with your house decor.
  • It has a sturdy framework that’s coupled with a light-weighted design.
  • Comes with a removable shelf that makes it convenient to plant your favorite flowers or garden plants.
  • As for the single wall-mounted construction, it’s made using high-grade components that include high-quality polyethylene composite.
  • Due to its sturdy construction and high-quality materials used, this item will last for a more extended period.
  • You can also use this during the winter season as it’s resistant to the frosting.
  • Made using recycled materials and has excellent assistance to all sorts of impact.
  • This flexible framework consists of a self-watering shelf.


  • In some instances, the interior shelf was missing.

The size of the pot determines the type of plant and how many you can grow them. This container is square, with 32” height and 16” width making it a suitable option for most individuals.

3. Versatile Choice: Deep Reservoir Round Planter Pot By HBServices USA Review

Best Planters Deep Reservoir Round Planter Pot By HBServices USA Review


Wish to have a planter that allows you to take care of your plants easily? Deep Reservoir Round Planter Pot By HBServices USA is a great choice. They are available at an affordable price range, and you don’t have to worry about emptying your wallet.


  • Comes with a 6-inch self-watering can that has sufficient drainage facility.
  • Helps in preventing the formation of soil fungus, mold, and root rot.
  • Suitable for planting succulents, herbs, and much more.
  • Best suited for placing outdoor, indoors, and at windowsills.
  • Made using BPA free and UV stabilized plastic materials.
  • This construction consists of an integrated self-watering facility in the container.
  • The deep reservoir prevents the roots from flooding with water. It eliminates the common issues related to over flooding.
  • The presence of open slats allowed the free flow of air through the soil and roots, preventing the formation of fungal growths.
  • Each product has a clip-on watering attachment that is easy to use. It helps in watering the plants efficiently.


  • Some users reported permanent smudges and scratches on the item.

You will find the hollow legs are long enough to reach into the reservoir. It permits the soil to absorb moisture naturally while keeping the plant above water.

4. Large Size: H Potter Tall Planter Large Outdoor Copper Antique Flower Pot Review

Best Planters H Potter Tall Planter Large Outdoor Copper Antique Flower Pot Review


On the lookout for a tall planter to adorn unit patio? H Potter Tall Planter Large Outdoor Copper Antique Flower Pot is an excellent option. With its high versatility, you would surely love to have this around.


  • As for the construction, it’s made using stainless steel components.
  • The use of high-quality materials makes it resistant to most of the weather conditions.
  • Due to the presence of the wire base, it has a steady and stable framework. It, in turn, prevents it from falling quickly.
  • When it comes to finishing, it’s made using antique copper materials that are capable of brightening up any space.
  • It’s spacious and large enough to plant various types of flowers and plants.
  • You can place this light-weighted item anywhere. Be it your balcony, garden, patio, or other ideal locations.
  • As for the classy and sleek appearance, it perfectly blends with any space.
  • The materials used are sturdy and will last for long.


  • Some may find it quite heavy to move around.

With its incredible beauty and elegance, this handcrafted stainless steel item is further coated with clear lacquer as the topcoat. Due to the presence of the ripped metal, you will find that it blends well with your home decor.

5. Great Choice: Mkono Macrame Plant Hanger Indoor Outdoor Hanging Planter Basket Review

Best Planters Mkono Macrame Plant Hanger Indoor Outdoor Hanging Planter Basket Review.


Wish to create a cozy area where are you can breathe some fresh air? Mkono Macrame Plant Hanger Indoor Outdoor Hanging Planter Basket would be a great add on to your living space. You will find that this adds a touch of the natural environment to your house.


  • You can hang your favorite flowers or vines using this hanger as per your convenience.
  • As for the construction, it’s made using primary materials that contain 100% cotton cord, which is organic.
  • This item has four legs with a length of 41 inches.
  • The materials used do not contain any artificial ingredients or toxic chemicals.
  • This vintage design is carefully handcrafted to give it a sturdy framework that will last for long.
  • As for the hangers, they are entirely handcrafted for displaying your beautiful pots and plants.
  • They’re capable of enhancing the beauty of your balcony, patio, or any other space in your house.
  • The woven design of this item allows you to hold planters of various sizes and shapes.
  • Weights around 4.8 lbs.


  • Some found the length to be too short.
  • The rope wears off over time.

Due to its premium quality, this hanger is well appreciated by users. Moreover, it is highly versatile, making it suitable for hanging from either the ceiling or wall.


To have a natural green environment in your living space, you will find different types of planters in the market. There are versatile and portable options that is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Opt for a high-quality garden planter so that you can use it for long.

Our best choice goes to H Potter Tall Planter Antique Copper Patio Deck Indoor Outdoor Garden Flower Planters. This is because it has an elegant finishing made of antique copper and stainless steel.

Moreover, its light in weight and durable. It comes in as a set of two and is the perfect decor that can be easily placed either on your patio, backyard, or home garden.

Its best suited for outdoor and indoor uses. It makes an incredible appearance when sunlight falls on it.

Found the information in this post helpful? If so, share it with the other avid gardeners. Also, feel free to write your valuable feedbacks in the comments below.