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5 Reasons to Love Chinese Lilac. Yes, Beyond Your Imagination!

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“….Every sense is gratified, even that of touch, when the delicate plumes of the fragrant Lilac blossoms brush your cheek as you walk through its path; there is no spot of fairer loveliness than this Lilac walk in May.

It is a wonderful study of flickering light and grateful shade in midsummer….The very spirit of the Lilacs seems visible, etched with a purity of touch that makes them sentient, speaking beings, instead of silent plants.”

– Alice Morse Earle

Chinese lilac (botanical name Syringa x chinensis) is one of the common flowers you see in many Western communities. It blossoms with cool scent that signifies the beginning of spring.

The vibrant color of the flowers brings positive effect that can be contagious. It’s definitely a good plant to have in your surroundings, most particularly your own yard, don’t you agree?

If you are interested in adding some Chinese lilac flowers in your premises, the first thing you should do is to have an in-depth knowledge of this plant.

The more you know about it the better decision you will make in the end whether this is something you do want or probably need. And if you are that very keen in having some beautiful lilacs outside your house, learn the basics of garden care.

Chinese Lilac

The contents of this article feature overview of the plant as well as ways to plant and care with ease. That means by the end of reading this, you’d be persuaded enough to consider planting lilacs in your yard because this is super easy to maintain.

A more good news is that you can find Chinese lilacs at any flower shops at $15 to $20. It depends whether you go for a baby shrub, cuttings or seeds. Does this sound very exciting to you? We hope so!

Watch: Baby Border Chinese Lilac

5 Reasons to Love Chinese Lilac

#1 Chinese Lilac Blooms And Spreads Gracefully

Let’s face the fact that a home without any plants make it look dull and uninviting, whereas flowers create a lively environment. But when it comes to a full-grown, wide spread foliage, Chinese lilac is one of the few best choices.

You are probably wondering why when there are other beautiful flowers to choose from. You have a point there but Chinese lilac has that unique Parisian and Shakespearean feel. Plus, it is enticing to see clusters of rosy purple flowers.

Moreover, it spreads from 10 to 12 feet tall and wide (possibly 15 feet too), which is enough to cover the sides of your driveway or exterior walls. Other than patio and sidewalk, its landscape uses also include hedge, mixed border and specimen.

#2 Chinese Lilac Smells Good

Also known as Rouen lilac, Chinese lilac that belongs to Oleaceae family is a deciduous shrub that provides a good fragrance. Don’t you love to wake up in the morning of spring and smell a pleasant scent from your porch?

#3 Chinese Lilac Attracts Birds And Butterflies

The sighting of colorful butterflies and hummingbirds is whimsical. That’s one sign of beauty as nature agrees to it. It makes your garden look even more beautiful.

#4 It Takes A Quick Minute To Plant Chinese Lilac

There’s no difficulty planting this type of lilac. Even first timers won’t have an uneasy time dealing with it.

Chinese lilac relies on alkaline (high pH) soil that must be moist and well-drained. You can start planting in a pot for the meantime. Besides, it takes awhile before it can fully grow. This kind of shrub may take 3 to 4 years before it can be transferred in a new soil that must be intentionally permanent.

#5 Maintenance is Low

Since Chinese lilac is a type of shrub with seasonal flowers, you may think that taking care of it can leave you scratching your head. Surprisingly, it requires low maintenance. Once it’s set in a permanent soil, it should be exposed in full sun for 6 hours daily.

So you must consider a place where it can have direct sunlight. In addition, there must be a good air circulation as this helps ward off diseases.

Like most plants, this should be watered every day. The most crucial time that needs watering is during summer obviously. In most days, the amount of water is average. This is supplied by you, of course, and nature at times when it rains.

With this kind of plant, pruning and propagation are crucial. Every summer, check layers that need softwood cuttings. After all flowers are gone, start pruning. This process is repeated before winter starts.

The purpose of pruning is to ensure the entire plant has no dead, diseased or damaged branches. The last thing you want for your plants are bad microorganisms that can gradually eat every inch of leaves, flowers and stems. Otherwise, that would make your effort and time caring for it useless.

Be aware of powdery mildew, leafroll virus, aphids, bacterial leaf spot, anthracnose, mycoplasma-like organisms, Verticilium wilt, root knot nematode, dieback, scale, borers and even caterpillars. All these are culprits that can create problems with the growth of Chinese lilac.

For more tips on how to plant and take care of lilacs in general, watch these short video clips:

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