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6 Of The Best Backpack Blower For Leaf-Free Grounds!

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Sadly, like many of you, I have a tight schedule that won’t always let me wax meditative on the fallen, rust and coffee-colored leaves of fall.

So, since using a broom or rake will take hours of work, my best backpack blower is my helpful friend. However, like a true friend, I had to search for a top-notch and reliable backpack blower thoroughly.

​If you’re also looking for one, I’ve reviewed in this article 6 of my favorites and the factors you’ll need to inspect. You won’t just get a great leaf blower; you’ll enjoy using it too!​

A Quick Primer on Backpack Blowers

Leaf blowers, or simply blowers, come in different types and moving capabilities. However, since we’re looking to move mounds and heaps of leaves, clippings, and debris over a wide area, a backpack blower will be our tool of choice.

These blowers are the most powerful of the blower types and are ideal for heavy-duty work.

Best Backpack Blower

Moreover, a good backpack blower is perfect for tidying up over extended periods of time due to the ergonomics that the backpack provides. In short, you can quickly clean up more debris over a longer period. Ultimately, the right blower will save you time, money, and effort.

Thinking of getting a handheld blower? Sure, those blowers can be effective as well. However, light-duty blowers are simply air brooms and will not be ideal for moving heavy or compact debris such us big leaves, dirt, sand, and snow. 

Elements to Look For

Make sure to check the following factors when choosing your next backpack blower, so you’ll get the one that perfectly fits your needs.


The engine power in backpack blowers is measured in CCs. In other words, the higher the rating, then the more powerful the engine will be.

Best Backpack Blower 2

Additionally, an engine can either be a 2-stroke (cycle) or a 4-stroke engine. Note though, that these two engine classifications do not dictate a difference in engine power.

For a little more info on these types as well as their individual strengths and weaknesses, you can check the “2-Cycle Engines vs. 4-Cycle Engines” section in this article.

Air Volume Velocity vs. Air Speed

When you check blower specifications, you’ll notice that miles per hour measure its air speed. Although some manufacturers will boast of their products’ air speed as a gauge to its efficiency, this measurement is incomplete.

For example, a blower rated at 200mph may sound powerful, but if that fast air is coming from a thin and small tube, then you won’t get anywhere.

Hence, the best backpack blower isn’t just about sporting the fastest output of air from its nozzle. It’s also about the amount of air that the blower delivers.

Best Backpack Blower 3

Makers express this volume of air released in cubic feet per minute or CFM. In other words, the higher the volume of air, the more leaves you move at a time.


First things first, no matter what blower you get, if its noise rating is around or above 70 dbA, then you need and should use a form of hearing protection.

Naturally, blowers with higher dbA or A-weighted decibels will be noisier than those with lower ratings. Typically 4-stroke blower engines are quieter in comparison to their 2-stroke counterparts

Useful features

  • Simplified choke operation–Easier startups on gas-powered leaf blowers
  • Variable Speed – allows you control over airflow
  • Vibration Reduction – a combination of design features that improvescomfort, such as ergonomic handles, backpack padding, and others.
  • Translucent fuel tank – allows you to monitor the amount of remaining fuel in the machine easily.

7 Best Backpack Blower

1. Poulan Pro PR48BT – $


If you’re looking for the affordable backpack blower that does not sacrifice power, then the Poulan Pro PR48BT is for you!

The P48BT is the most affordable blower on our list yet its 48cc 2-stroke engine blows out air at a staggering 475cm at 200mph! Also, at 22 pounds, you won’t quickly tire from using this blower.

The Poulan Pro allows you also to control its speed as well as a nifty cruise control feature!

  • Powerful output
  • Variable speed as well as cruise control features
  • ​Great value
  • Heavy duty frame
  • One of two blowers that top the noise rating on our list
  • Bulky design
  • Confusing instructions

#2 Husqvarna 130BT- $$


Putting on the Husqvarna 130BT, the first thing you’ll notice is its markedly light weight. At 14.55 pounds, the 130BT is one of the lightest backpack blowers around. However, this lightweight also means the 130BT blows out the least volume of air and relatively slower speeds with its 30cc 2-stroke engine.

On the upside, though, the X-Torq engine is quite easy to start and also reduces emissions up to 60% which makes this model CARB compliant.

  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic handles as well as comfortable design
  • Compact CARB-compliant engine
  • Relatively the weakest air output on this list
  • A high noise rating despite its smaller engine

#3 Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC- $$


Next on our list of the best is the powerful buy relatively quiet Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC. Its high torque engine reaches speeds of 150 mph while pushing at 500cfm of air. Despite this powerful 32cc engine, the TB4BP’s 4-stroke design allows it a noise rating of only 72 dBA.

Additionally, at 21.8 pounds, the Troy-Bilt is the lightest in our middle-priced blowers. Also, the Troy-Bilt is one of the most comfortable to use owing to its suspension system as well as itspadded design.

  • High air volume velocity
  • Well-balanced and also very comfortable to use
  • Relatively quiet operation
  • Fuel efficient engine
  • Easy pull start and also maneuverability
  • Variable speed control as well as cruise control
  • Air speed is relatively small for a blower at this price point
  • Durability can be better, in comparison with the five other blowers on our list.

#4 Echo PB-580T – $$


Don’t let the low 70dBA rating fool you. The professional-grade Echo PB-580T has a monster 58cc 2-stroke engine which blows out 510cfm of air at an incredible 215mph! You’ll surely make quick work of those autumn leaves, whether they’re wet or weighed down with dirt and stones.

Moreover, the 4-point vibration reduction system means you won’t quickly tire from using the Echo along with its padded straps and backrest, as well as comfortable grips!

  • Compatible with any 2-stroke oil
  • Variable speed control
  • Vented backrest as well as padded straps
  • Vibration reduction system
  • Relatively low fuel efficiency

#5 Husqvarna 350BT- $$


As the big brother of the 150BT, the Husqvarna 350BT also features the fuel-efficient X-Torq which reduces harmful emissions and gives it CARB compliance.

With a smooth start 50cc 2-stroke engine, the 350BT delivers 494cfm of air at 180mph which of course you can control with its speed settings. This Husqvarna model is also comfortable to use with its vented load-reducing harness and wide shoulder straps.

  • High fuel efficiency with low emissions
  • Ergonomic backpack design, including hip belt
  • Carb compliant
  • Variable speed control
  • High noise ratings
  • Handle design can be more comfortable

#6 Makita BBX7600N- $$$


As the most expensive blower on our list, you may wonder if the Makita BBX7600N is worth its price. Personally, I find that the BBX7600N as the best blower on the market. The only reason why I would choose the Echo over the Makita is that I don’t have that big a yard.

You don’t have to take my word for it, though. You can let the Makita’s commercial-grade, 75.6CC 4-stroke engine speak for itself. When you do, it’ll give you 526cfm of air at 195mph but not with a roar since it’s noise rating is only at 74 dbA. If anything, this machine is a quite giant.

If you own a large property any have to deal with the occasional mess of leaves and clippings, the Makita will be an excellent investment!

  • Powerful as well as fuel efficient engine
  • Compact and also comfortable design
  • Padded back support
  • Relatively quiet operation
  • CARB compliant
  • High price


There you go, the six best backpack blower at three different price points. A tight budget shouldn’t limit you in getting a great blower. However, always remember safety First! Make sure to wear the right protective gear when using leaf blowers.

As always, happy gardening!