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Allium Summer Beauty (6 Caring Tips and 2 Propagating Methods)

Allium summer beauty is a plant that has one of the most heartwarming foliage colors you will ever see. They grow with upright stems that support the sensitive foliage that dances with the air.

The foliage color is in itself a thing of beauty. We highly recommend you to buy these plants if you want to fill your garden with mesmerizing colors.

The beauty of this plant is recognized all over the world as these plants are gold medal winners at Pennsylvania horticultural society. We advise you to plant them in clusters to get the most out of their ornamental features.

These plants also attract butterflies, so plant them inside your garden and forget about adding anything else to enhance the beauty.

Allium Summer Beauty
Allium Summer Beauty – via Flickr

Characteristics of Allium Summer Beauty

Getting basic knowledge about the characteristics of your plant is always the right step before growing them. For that reason, we have listed down some characteristics that would help you understand your plant better.


They have glossy green foliage that combines perfectly with attractive flowers. The stems of the plant are strong enough to resist strong winds. They hold the flowers and the foliage while they whirl and twirl with the wind.


They produce lavender-pink flowers that last for quite a long time compared to other flowering plants. The bell-shaped flowers are the main highlights of the plant, so make sure that you take good care of them once they start developing above the stems.

Ornamental features

These plants can be used as beds and borders, cottage gardens, and in containers. We highly recommend you to grow these plants if you are looking to cover a large surface with beautiful plants. Grow them close to each other to make the perfect balance of colors for your plant bed.

Height and width

These plants can grow up to 30 to 45 cm high and 45 to 60 cm wide. Make sure that you take good care of their watering and lighting requirements and watch them thrive and flourish with astonishing colors.


They can be toxic, so make sure you train your pets to keep a distance from your precious plant. The grass-like foliage can attract horses in the field, so we recommend setting boundaries to protect the plant.

The ingestion of foliage can cause pain and irritation to your pets. Consult a doctor immediately if they show any of the symptoms mentioned above.

Hardiness zones

These plants grow in hardiness zones 5 to 8. The regions in which they grow best are Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, west, Midwest, and Pacific Northwest. Keep the climate conditions as similar as possible to these zones if you live out of the mentioned regions.

Allium Nature Plant Flower Bloom Blossom Purple
Allium Summer Beauty – via Maxpixel

Caring tips for Allium Summer Beauty

These plants are quite easy to care for, but their requirements are a bit different from your outdoor plant. We have provided all the necessary information that you need to keep your plant healthy and strong for its lifetime.


They require bright direct sunlight to thrive, so let them get a good amount of light for 6 to 7 hours every day. They can also survive under the partial sun, but the growth will not be as good.


These plants are drought-tolerant, so we advise you to use well-drained soil for the ideal growth of your plant. We recommend adding grit to improve drainage if you are using clay soils. They enjoy growing in sandy, neutral to slightly acidic soil mixes.


Keep the soil moist by watering, but ensure that you do not water the plant for too long. Moreover, please do not leave the plant’s roots soggy as it can damage them severely. These plants prefer dry soil, so water them only to keep the soil moist for a short period.

Best Planting time

We advise you to plant your Allium summer beauty in the season of spring or summer. Planting them in these seasons allows the plant to grow at a good speed. These plants have a moderate growing speed, so wait and give your plant enough time to show what it has to offer.


Pruning can be done to remove dead flowers after the flowering season. It also encourages the growth of the plant’s leaves.


They are resistant to pests, making them one of the most durable perennials in the market. They can adapt to different environmental conditions, so you do not need to worry about your plant’s foliage getting damaged with changing temperature conditions; however, extreme temperatures can adversely affect overall plant growth.

Propagating Allium Summer Beauty

You can propagate these plants by planting seeds or using the division method. Both methods are quite easy to perform, but there are some steps that you need to perform carefully for the best results.

Seed planting

Seed planting is quite easy, but make sure that you place the seeds at some distance from each other. It would be best if you plant the seed in well-drained soil. Keeping the soil moist is another essential element that most people miss after planting, so water the soil to provide them with enough water to grow roots.

Division method

The division method can also be used to propagate your precious Allium summer beauty. The first step is to remove the plant from the soil and break it into more than one part. Make sure that the roots of the plant remain safe during the process.

Most of the plants produce suckers, rhizomes, stolons, bulbs, or tubers that can be separated and planted in a different pot for propagation.


Allium summer beauty is a magnificent perennial plant that produces one of the best foliage colors. The flowers combine perfectly with the leaves to enhance the overall look of your garden.

Their caring can be tricky sometimes, so please follow all the tips provided to you in this guide carefully to ensure the good health of your most charming and mesmerizing plant ever.