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Alocasia Pink Dragon (7 Caring and 6 Propagating Tips)

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Alocasia Pink Dragon belongs to the Araceae family. They are considered one of the best plants for ornamental purposes. The unique colors and leaves pattern combines to form a perfect plant to enhance the beauty of your garden.

These plants are quite easy to handle and care for, but make sure that you follow all the tips provided in this guide to ensure the healthy growth of your precious plant.

We highly recommend you to grow this plant if you are a beginner with little knowledge of plants and looking for something that does not ask a lot from the caretaker.

Alocasia Pink Dragon
Alocasia Pink Dragon – via Etsy

Characteristics of Alocasia Pink Dragon

Identifying the right plant for you requires basic knowledge about its character. We have listed down some characteristics of the Alocasia pink dragon to help you understand the plant better and differentiate between its look-alikes.


These Plants contain arrowhead leaves with glossy dark green color that makes the whole environment lit up in no time. The underside of the leaves has a burgundy shade with light green veins that further intensify the whole beauty of the plant.

We advise you to please keep the plant hydrated to allow their leaves to retain the beautiful foliage color for a longer period.


The stem of the plant is a whole different mood. It contains a pink color that balances perfectly with the light green veins on the leaves.

All the colors combine to form a perfectly constructed plant that is one of its kind. All the stems contain one large leaf attached to them, so don’t worry if you are concerned about the bushiness of the foliage.

Height and width

These plants can grow about 8 to 10 feet tall, so make sure you provide them with a good space to grow freely. The leaves can grow about 20 inches in length. Proper plant care can help it achieve a good mature height with a strong base and leaves.


The origins of these plants are in the south pacific island of the Philippines. They grow better if you provide them with similar conditions to their origin lands.  


These plants are not life-threatening if consumed, but ingestion can cause swelling of the mouth and tongue, irritation, or severe pain. We advise you to keep your plant away from children and pets.

Keeping them at a height where your children and pets cannot reach them would be ideal, but make sure that all other plant requirements are met.


Guttation is the process by which the plant balances the water provided to the roots by pulling excess water up and releasing it through the leaves.

If you find tiny water droplets on the leaves of your plant at night, do not worry, as it is completely normal. We recommend you not to change your watering routine as this process has no link with over or underwatering.

Alocasia Pink Dragon 2
Alocasia Pink Dragon – via Etsy

Caring tips for Alocasia Pink Dragon


These plants love to grow under a bright natural light from the sun, but putting them directly under the sun in an unfiltered light can cause the burning of plants’ leaves.

Bright, indirect sunlight is ideal for these plants to grow. We recommend you place your plant near a west or south-facing window where sunlight gets filtered from the glass on the way through to the leaves.


Watering the plant regularly without leaving too much-standing water on top of the soil would be ideal for these plants.

Overwatering is one of the most common reasons for root rot, so make sure that you have a good drainage system that allows the excess water to escape through the holes before they damage the roots.


Well-drained soil is a must for these plants. We recommend a mix of peat and perlite for soil preparation. Keep the soil moist all the time but don’t leave the roots soaking in water.


Feed the plant in the growing season when it is active. Most of the plants have high energy expenditure during the summer season when the temperatures are higher, so boost the growth of these plants by feeding them with a good quality fertilizer.


The ideal temperature range for these plants is between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. They prefer stable temperatures to thrive.

If you live in an area where temperature changes occur regularly, then make sure that you keep the plant inside a room where the outside changes don’t affect the temperature inside.


A high humidity level is always preferred by plants that belong to tropical regions. You must keep the humidity level high with the help of misting when required.

Pest and other diseases

Mealybugs, spider mites, thrips, whitefly, and scale are some of the most common pests that can infect your precious plant. We recommend you use good quality insecticides to protect your plant; moreover, please remove the infected leaves as soon as you identify them.

Propagating tips for Alocasia pink dragon

You can propagate your Alocasia pink dragon easily by separating the growth clump. The process can be executed easily with the help of a few important steps.

  • Remove the plant from the current pot and separate it from the soil.
  • Find a clump and separate it from the plant using a sharp knife or scissors.
  • Make sure that your scissors or knife are cleaned properly.
  • Prepare a new pot and fill it with the recommended soil.
  • Plant the new clump into the soil.
  • Water to keep it hydrated.

You can also place the separated clump in a container with water, but make sure that you do not drown the leaves intact with the clump and the water is filtered.


Alocasia pink dragon is one of the most eye-catching beauties of the plant world. Thanks to the easy propagating method that allows the separation of clumps within no time, you can gift them to your friends and family.

We have provided you with a complete guide to growing one of the most mesmerizing plants of the modern era.