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Anthurium Balaoanum (7 Caring Tips and 3 Propagating Methods)

Anthurium Balaoanum is one of the best indoor plants that you can choose to enhance the beauty of your room. These plants have a unique character that sets them apart from all the other plants of their genus.

These plants can cover the whole space in no time, so make sure that you have enough space in your room for these plants to grow freely.

They are quite easy to care for, with their exceptional foliage color making them one of the favorite indoor plants for plant lovers. These plants are quite adaptable, but make sure that you keep these plants under specified conditions for healthy and strong growth.

Anthurium Balaoanum
Anthurium Balaoanum – via Etsy

Characteristics of Anthurium Balaoanum

These epiphytic plants have a beauty of their own that does not require the support of a companion plant to look attractive. Some of the key features of this mesmerizing beauty of nature are as follows.


They have smooth thin leaves with light green color that never fades away regardless of their grown season. These plants have quite thin foliage similar to the width of tissue paper, so handle them with care and make sure that you follow all the tips provided later in this article.

Height and width

These plants can reach a maximum height of 30 meters in their natural habitat; however, they can grow about 2 meters tall indoors.

The lighting conditions and environment are the main factors that affect the overall growth of the plant, so make them as similar as possible to their natural habitat to make your plant grow ideally.


The origin of these mesmerizing plants is in Ecuador, so make sure that you check all the lighting and temperature requirements for these plants to grow ideally.

Ecuador is a country with different climate conditions, depending upon the season. For that reason, these plants can thrive while keeping their color under a lot of temperature levels, whether it’s hot or cold.


Anthurium plants can be toxic to your children and pets. These plants can cause a painful burning sensation in the mouth upon ingestion, so please keep the plant at a place where your pets and children cannot reach the beautiful foliage of your plant.

If you find your children or pet near the plant with a swollen mouth experiencing severe pain, then please take them to the doctor as soon as possible.

Hardiness zones

These plants grow in hardiness zone 10 or above, so make sure that you keep them in a climate that encourages them to grow faster; however, they cannot survive harsh temperature conditions for too long.

Climbing nature

These plants have a climbing nature, so make sure that you control their growth and give them a path to climb. We recommend that you prune the plant occasionally for better shape and size; however, they would still look magnificent if you let them grow naturally.

Anthurium Balaoanum 2
Anthurium Balaoanum – via Etsy

Caring tips for Anthurium Balaoanum

Anthurium Balaoanum is an evergreen plant that does not require a lot of attention from the caretaker. The plant’s foliage never gets old, but they do require a few basic conditions that help them grow healthy and strong.


They prefer a bright indirect light from the sun, similar to the lighting they receive under the shade of tall green trees in the rainforests. We advise you not to place them in an open sun as the sun’s harsh rays can burn the sensitive plant’s leaves.

If you are looking to place the plant in your garden, make sure that you place them under the shade of the long leaves of its companion plants.


Water the plant to keep the soil moist. Please do not leave the roots of the plant soaking in water as it can leave them susceptible to pests and root rot.

Ensure that all the excess water drains from the drainage holes in the pot. If you notice the standing water on top of the soil, dry it out as soon as possible to protect the plant from any unnecessary harm.


A well-drained soil mixed with half organic matter is an ideal choice for these plants. We recommend you use composted bark, leaf litter, or peat moss as the organic matter for your soil. Keep the soil moist all the time, but make sure that it is not soggy.

To keep the soil moist, you can mist the plant occasionally when the air feels dry.


Feed the plant with a standard houseplant fertilizer every two weeks during the growing months. A ratio of 10-10-10 would be an ideal choice but make sure that your fertilizer does not have a high nitrogen level.

Pests and other diseases

Check the plant regularly for any pest invasion. You can use pesticides to protect the plant from diseases; however, make sure that you don’t use sprays containing oil-based pesticides.


These plants prefer to grow in the temperature range of 65 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit. Please do not keep the plant under extreme temperature for too long.


 A humidity level of 70 percent is always preferable, but it is always difficult to maintain such a high level at home. To solve this problem, we advise you to mist the plant every two days, ensuring that the water does not stand in the leaves.

Propagating Anthurium Balaoanum

You can propagate your Anthurium Balaoanum by three methods of propagation.

  • Stem cutting
  • Air layering
  • Seed

The fastest method to propagate your Anthurium Balaoanum is by using the stem cuttings method. It can be performed by simply cutting the stem off with a few leaves intact. After the roots develop, treat the cut with a rooting hormone, and plant the stem into a new pot.


Anthurium Balaoanum is an attractive indoor plant with an exceptional foliage shape and color; Moreover, they have evergreen leaves that require very little maintenance to grow healthy. We have provided you with a complete guide on how you can maintain your plant with ease.