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Moiz Atiq

I am Moiz Atiq, a plant lover—who is willingly trying to make this world a bit better.
Plain and simple, I love writing.
I am passionate about creating clean, unique, and elegant content—the writing you love.
I am always excited to know more and more about different plants, and ready to take on new challenges. Do you have one for me?

As autumn approaches, many people in Kentucky look forward to the festivities that come with the season, including pumpkin carving and pie making. However, to enjoy a bountiful harvest of pumpkins, it’s essential to plant them at the right time. Knowing when to plant pumpkins in Kentucky can make all the difference in the success …

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Potatoes are one of the most versatile and joyful vegetables. It’s not only a versatile ingredient of different dishes but also a good source of nutrients with zero cholesterol levels. Isn’t that impressive? Regarding all the benefits, many gardeners love to produce a good yield of potatoes in their gardens. And perhaps you are also …

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Maintaining a lush, green lawn in Colorado can be challenging due to the state’s semi-arid climate and unpredictable weather patterns. However, with the proper care and attention, you can achieve a healthy and vibrant lawn that makes your neighborhood jealous. Sounds interesting?

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California is a land of sunshine and abundant produce. Nothing quite encapsulates this more than the annual orange season. Every year, locals and visitors eagerly anticipate the arrival of juicy, sweet oranges from California’s famed orchards. But when exactly does the orange season begin in the Golden State?

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Are you struggling with large cracks in your clay soil, hindering the growth of your plants and making your lawn look unsightly? When this occurs, you may need to take some corrective actions to balance your soil’s composition. To maintain a healthy and good-looking lawn, it is necessary to prevent clay soil from cracking.

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Venus fly traps are cool, creepy, and unique plants commonly known for their ability to prey on insects. Venus fly traps are carnivorous plants that attract, catch, and digest different insects. Many plant lovers enjoy having such plants around them, but getting a new plant when you are a cat owner would require some research …

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Tomatoes are one of the most popular homegrown vegetables. They are comparatively easy to grow and can be used in various foods. But growing tomatoes don’t come without problems. One of the biggest problems is that the indoor sown seeds grow tall and spindly instead of short and bushy. Yes! They are leggy, which leaves …

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Crepe myrtles are beautiful, flowering trees that produce lovely blooms during the summer season. I know that these flowers are charming and provide you with a feeling of joy when you look at them. However, Crepe myrtles are prone to aphid infestation. What are aphids? Aphids are tiny insects that suck the sap out of …

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Ammonia is an excellent source of fertilizer for your lawn. Oddly enough, it also has a great potential to destroy the lawn if not used properly. So, will ammonia kill grass? That thought probably runs through your mind because you notice that your grass is gradually dying, and the only thing you feed your grass …

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Due to their attractive foliage and minimal maintenance, Pothos are one of the most popular houseplants grown worldwide. Although their heart-shaped leaves and climbing vines are considered pretty hardy, these undemandingly manageable plants can sometimes experience problems like drooping and wilting. The fact that you are here means you are going through the same problem.

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Did you know that sunflowers are more than just vibrant and showy flower heads? These hardy plants are also packed with nutritious seeds that offer various health benefits. However, most people only use them for ornamental purposes. Sunflowers are highly adaptable, can grow in various environments, and attract butterflies, bees, and other pollinators to the …

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A man doesn’t grow a plant for himself but for prosperity. As it is said, “To plant a tree is to believe in tomorrow.” But it brings sorrow if these plants are dug up frequently. You are probably facing the same issue—whenever you wake up in the morning, your garden has been plundered. It is …

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