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Begonia Darthvaderiana – 6 Caring Tips & 3 Propagating Methods!

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Begonia darthvaderiana is a rare plant with its name taken from the famous star wars movie character Darth Vader. It is a plant that grows in the rainforests under the shade of big green trees.

Begonia Darthvaderiana
Begonia Darthvaderiana via Reddit

Characteristics of Begonia Darthvaderiana

Their unique characteristics make them one of the rarest plants discovered to this day. A few reasons that make this plant fan favorite are

  • It has dark black foliage with an astounding red flower, making it one of the most gorgeous plants ever.
  • These plants can grow up to 2 feet high, allowing you to place them anywhere inside your house.
  • They have a unique tropical feel to them.

Begonia Dathvaderiana Caring Tips


Watering this plant is a job that must be done very carefully as it can cause several diseases and pests to attack. Ensure that you water it as much as the plant requires, as wet and soggy soil can lead to root rot.

Once the plant gets infected with the disease, it becomes almost impossible to bring it back on a healthy growing routine.

Begonia darthvaderiana are also vulnerable to fungi, so make sure that you avoid overwatering the plant at all costs.

Keeping the plant dry is as dangerous as overwatering it, so please ensure that the soil has moisture in it all the time.


The Ideal temperature for begonia darthvaderiana to grow at its maximum pace is between 68 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. They require an environment that isn’t either too cold or too hot, as freezing winters can cause the plant to go dormant, while hot summers can cause its leave to burn.

If you notice the temperature going beyond the resistance level of the plant, we advise you to take it inside the house and create the desired environment.

It is recommended that you mist the plant daily to create moisture around the plant if you live in a dry area, keeping in mind that the water should not stay or drop on the plant’s leaves.

Begonia Darthvaderiana 2
Begonia Darthvaderiana via Reddit


Well-drained soil is a must for these plants, as it allows the plant to keep the soil moist while eliminating any risk of overwatering. A soil with a mixture of peat moss sphagnum, perlite, and sand if recommended, as they are the best content for retaining moisture in your soil.

If you cannot get your hands on the ingredients mentioned above for your soil, we advise you to use coco coir mixed in your regular soil to have similar effectiveness.


We recommend you fertilize the plant only once every month in the spring season. The plant usually grows in the month of March till the end of June, so make sure that you boost its growth with a good quality fertilizer.

You can choose any nitrogen-rich, liquid, organic fertilizer available in the market. Mix the fertilizer in water and feed the plant to ensure its healthy growth.


Begonia darthvaderiana requires indirect light and partial shade to thrive. Please avoid placing them in direct sunlight outside your house, as the sensitive leaves can burn or get spots on them that are almost impossible to fix.

They belong to the tropical rainforests, where they grow under very low light conditions, as most of the direct sunlight gets blocked by the long leaves of the trees above.

To make a similar environment, place your plant inside the house in any room where indirect sunlight hits the beautiful foliage of the plant to enhance it even more in the growing season.


The best time to repot your plant is when you notice its roots coming out from the bottom of the pot. It requires repotting on random occasions, depending on when the roots demand a completely new pot to survive.

Propagating Begonia Darthvaderiana

There are three easy methods by which you can easily propagate your begonia darthvaderiana. Make sure that you follow each step with caution as these plants are very expensive, and you would not want to damage them during the process.

Root division method

The root division method is easy, but it requires you to work with soft hands as the roots of the plant are quite sensitive. Following are the steps for properly propagating your plant.

  • Take the plant out of the pot it is currently in by removing the soil of the pot.
  • Remove the dirt from the roots of the plant by using water, making sure that the water pressure is not too high for the small sensitive roots.
  • Divide the roots with your hand carefully.
  • Look for any dead roots and remove them as soon as possible. Bad roots can cause other roots to die.
  • Let the roots dry and prepare another pot for planting.
  • Use the soil recommended in this guide above, and make a pot with a good drainage system.
  • Plant the roots carefully into the pot with new soil.

Leaf-cutting method

Another method that you can use to propagate your plant is the leaf-cutting method. It would be best if you cut a leaf about three inches below the point where it is attached to the stem. Please ensure that the pruning shears you use for the cutting are sterilized.

Place the cutting in the new pot after treating it with a rooting hormone.

Stem cutting method

It is one of the fastest methods of growing your plant, as you simply need to cut a stem and put it in the water. Observe the roots of the stem until they are two inches long. Plant them in the new pot with soil mix once they reach the desired size.


Begonia darthvaderiana is a rare type that can be quite expensive with high maintenance requirements, as they can die very quickly if not taken care of well.

To help the owners increase the life of their extremely sensitive and beautiful plant, we have provided you with 6 care-taking tips and 3 easy propagating methods for the healthy growth of your plant.