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5 Best Axe For Cutting Down Trees (Comprehensive Buying Guide)

The axe become the important tool, which is used in chopping, cutting, pruning, splitting, and shaping down trees. It make work easier due to the convex shape of the wedge.

The best axe for cutting down trees has a special coating that reduces friction and protects the head from corrosion. Likewise, the handle is ergonomically shaped and sometimes covered with the rubber material. To ensure a comfortable grip, soft rubber is used at the clasp. 

The rubber material offers several benefits, including non-slip, shock absorption, and deformation reduction.

You will get different axes with the curved handle that merges into a kind of handle at the end. Hence, this ensures that the cutting axe fits well into the hand and cannot slip out when pulled.

The hickory wood is the popular material that make axe because it is both stable and resilient. Likewise, the fiberglass plastic material is lightweight and feature a practical and non-slip handle end.

The head of the axe for cutting down trees is also characterized by the fact that it has different angle, which significantly increases the cutting force and bring wood already with an impact.

Also, the head is made of hardened and highly durable metal, which make it sturdy and durable. Those who want the best axe for cutting down trees can continue to read this article.

Eletorot 14.5 Inch Wood Cutting Axe Best Axe For Cutting Down Trees 2
Eletorot 14.5 Inch Wood Cutting Axe Best via Amazon

Factors to consider when buying the best axe for cutting down trees


For the potential buyer who want to buy the best axe for cutting down trees should consider the blade. You should check the material of the blade as well as its construction.

Usually, different steel is used to make the blade. Besides the construction material, you should check the fabric of the blade cover.

You should also check the quality of the edging. The axe with a straight or convex blade is always desirable. Sharpness is another crucial factor to consider when choosing an axe blade. 

A good quality blade stays sharper for a long time. It depends on both the craftsmanship and the quality of the blade material.

Shaft or handle

This is the second thing a potential buyer should check to determine the best axe. Material, construction, and length are the main parameters to be checked on the axe handle. 

Here there are these three essential parameters to consider. Usually, wood or fiberglass is used to make the handle. Both of these materials have certain advantages and disadvantages. 

The design determines the flexibility of use, and the length determines the ability to control the axe during use. Remember to check the structure in the grip position of the handle. 

The length of the handle and the user’s height must be matched; otherwise, you will not be able to control the axe.

Length of the handle

When choosing an axe, pay attention to the length of the handle. For tourist hatchets, it is short to about 20 cm, which lightens the weight and makes the axe compact. 

It doesn’t take up much space in your backpack and can also be hanged on your belt. In the case of tree felling or firewood chopping, the length of the axe can be 35 to 50 cm. This provides a good swing and allows you to strike with great force.

Weight of the tool   

How much the axe weighs will determine the convenience of its use and carrying. Undoubtedly, it is easier to swing with a light axe, and your hands will also get less tired during prolonged work. 

But it is not a fact that you can cope with a large log with the help of such a tool. The weight of the axe primarily affects the strength of its impact on the material; that is, the heavier it is, the more decisive the blow. 

Of course, it is easier to swing an axe with a weight of 0.5 kg, but you have to make a lot of blows before the log breaks. Taking a heavier instrument weighing more than 1 kg, you can cope with this task in just a couple of strokes. 

Lightweight models are more suitable for carpentry, cutting off branches, making grooves, and taking on hikes to cut wood for making a fire.

Handle material

When buying the best axe for cutting down trees you need to consider the handle material. Metal is solid but corrosive, weighs a lot, and resonates with shocks.

Wood is a good shock absorber and much lighter than metal, although it is inferior in strength. It swells with moisture, over time, requires such tricks as driving in wedges and constant adjustments to the fit so that the axe does not fly off during operation.

Fiberglass is durable and non-corrosive, absorbs vibration well, and does not deform under substantial impacts. Likewise, the plastic is lightweight and effectively absorbing shocks, but not as reliable as fiberglass.


Comfort depends on the shape of the axe. Most axes have a bend in the handle to provide a secure grip. Make sure that the handle is not too bent.

Otherwise, it will be the most vulnerable to impact and the axe may crack. The end of the handle is usually slightly widened to prevent the axe from falling out of the hand if it accidentally slipped. 

Additionally, it guarantee that the axe does not fall out if provided by the presence of a hole in the handle for threading the string. By locking your wrist in the loop, you will be more confident that the risk of injury is minimal while working.


First, you need to decide which material is preferable. Traditionally, the handle of the axe was made of wood and today this material is the most popular. 

Most often, birch, oak, ash, and other dense species are used, from which an elastic handle is obtained that can absorb a blow. When choosing an axe with a wooden handle, you need to pay attention to the direction of the location of the fibers – they should go along. 

The material should be free of defects, for example, traces of knots or cracks. This ensures that the handle will withstand heavy impacts and will not crack. 

The only drawback of such axes is that the handle may darken from dampness or dry out over time. Therefore, if you choose an axe for work in such conditions, it is better to prefer a model with a handle treated with paint or varnish.

Additional accessories

When buying the axe, make sure that the blade has a rubber or plastic guard. It not only covers the sharp edge, making the axe safe to carry and store, but also prevents the blade from dulling or rusting. Also, many manufacturers include a cover, most often a tarp, with the axe. 

It performs the same functions as the protective pad, which is to cover the blade and the whole working part. 

Some models have a loop for hanging the tool on a belt. This is very convenient when hiking because the axe must be at hand, and at the same time, it will not lost in the way.

5 Best Axe For Cutting Down Trees

1. Eletorot 14.5-Inch Wood Cutting Axe

Eletorot 14.5 Inch Wood Cutting Axe Best Axe For Cutting Down Trees

If you are looking for an axe that can be used for chopping, cutting, pruning, splitting, and shaping firewood, kindling, logs, and timber, go for this product from Eletorot.

It is designed with a total weight of 1.76lbs. Likewise, its increased swing speed increases power and user productivity. The blade is manufactured using a patented sharpening technique. 

The blade is coated with a low friction coating to extend the blade’s life. A sharper edge contributes to better contact and a cleaner cut.

A clever design increases blade cutting efficiency and maximizes user productivity. Splitting wood is more enjoyable as it takes less time, effort, and hand strain.

The wooden handle is designed with an ergonomic design that makes it safe and comfortable to use and hold. There is the forged carbon steel head, which is tempered and hardened for durability.

In the same case, it comes with a hickory shaft that is securely fixed with the steel ring and timber wedge. It has a blade nylon protective cover and rubber protective sheath for safe carry and storage.

  • It has a robust construction
  • Safe and comfortable to use and hold
  • It is well balanced in weight
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Minimal hand fatigue
  • A thin rubber protects the blade when transporting it
  • It is lightweight
  • It provides incredible durability
  • It is very sharp
  • The handle breaks easily

2. Gränsfors Bruks American 31-Inch Curved Handle Axe

Gransfors Bruks American 31 Inch Curved Handle Axe Best Axe For Cutting Down Trees

The Gränsfors Bruks product is the professional axe for people who need to work in a forest traditionally. The axe is fit for felling large trees because of its long and broad edge of 4½ inches.

In like manner, the length and weight work together well. Thus, it can provide easy splitting of wood through leverage and power.

The blade’s edge is hand sharpened, and you can cut wood with comparatively less force. More importantly, the handle is made of high-quality material, durable and long-lasting.

This fiberglass handle’s bend has impact reduction, so you don’t have to go through the bitter experience of joint problems.

You can keep the ax in any extreme weather conditions, and you should be fine with it. Besides, you can work well with a cleaver only when it has a good grip, a strong handle, and a sharp blade. 

The rubber material is used to improve handling and control. What is more, the long handle and heavy head also give considerable power when cutting.

  • It has a warranty
  • It has a broad edge
  • The long handle offers enough power to cut a wood
  • Protective leather sheath
  • It has a sturdy design
  • It is lightweight
  • It is durable
  • It has poor quality

3. Gbivbe 15-Inch Outdoor Hatchet Wood Cutting Axe

Gbivbe 15 Inch Outdoor Hatchet Wood Cutting Axe Best Axe For Cutting Down Trees

This axe from Gbivbe is the universal tool because it provides enough power for small and light chopping and cutting operations. This means cutting branches, firewood, and logs is a breeze.

For one thing, it has a thin hatchet blade to give a sharp cut when using by applying minimal effort. Also, it provides the cumulative contribution for branches, logs, and shrubs.

Its long handle gives the added benefit of creating extra power. This makes it ideal for offering timber for campfire hiking, camping, and outdoor activities.

Since the handle is made of wood, it needs special care. Do not store it in heat or cold. In hot weather, wood shrinks, and in cold weather, it absorbs moisture and, as a result, swells.

Similarly, it has a leather cover and a rubber sleeve attached to a blade to offer comfort when working with it. On the other hand, the edge of a blade is sharp and can break the cover when transporting it.

Even more, the head of a steel blade comes with a protective coating, which makes it durable and long-lasting.

  • Easy to grip
  • Sharp blades offer a cumulative cutting contribution
  • Easy to use
  • The blade doesn’t rust
  • The wooden handle don’t rot
  • It is shock absorbent
  • Easy to maintain
  • A thin plastic cover reduce any risk of injury
  • The blade is durable
  • It has wide application
  • Anti-slip handle with a comfortable grip
  • It has poor quality

4. sanyi 15” Splitting Hatchet Wood Splitting Axe

sanyi 15 Splitting Hatchet Wood Splitting Axe Best Axe For Cutting Down Trees

Whether splitting firewood, gathering kindling for the campfire, or clearing the low branches from the path, the sanyi axe is the tool. It is excellent at breaking hardwood and thick lumber. 

The relatively shorter handle combined with its superb head and handle combination is genuinely admirable. Length and weight work together well. Thus, it can provide easy splitting of wood through leverage and power.

The blade’s edge is hand sharpened, and you can cut wood with comparatively less force. Shock vibration is a common problem when splitting wood. 

This reduces the efficiency of the wood splitter. The grip of the model can reduce shock vibration. The steel material of the head is more durable and lasts longer than other wood chopping axes.

Additionally, the handle is curved, making it easy to use and grip. Swinging the axe with the curved handle feels a bit more natural.

In the same way, it comes with a one-handed design that can make it worthwhile for minor and light-duty splitting and chopping. Also, its size makes it fit to bring along on camping trips.

5. NedFoss 13-Inch Outdoor Bearded Axe

NedFoss 13 Inch Outdoor Bearded Axe Best Axe For Cutting Down Trees

If you want to chop barks or twigs, the NedFoss Axe is a perfect choice. For one thing, it is suitable for logs, firewood, branches, kindling, and more.

It comes with a forged heat-treated carbon steel blade that can quickly increase density and make the camping. This is because it produces smooth, quick, and sharp splits and remains sharp longer.

Furthermore, the handle has durable and high-quality Beech wood material, which is well polished to withstand wear and shocks.

Likewise, the handle is designed with an ergonomic design to make it safe and comfortable to use and hold. Thanks to the curved design on the handle, which makes the hand feel more natural.

The blade has a fully-polished finished edge that can be re-sharpened easily with the axe sharpening stone. On the other hand, it has a weighted wedge design, making chopping firewood and logs a breeze.

The full grain leather can ensure durability and long-lasting life. Also, the blade is sharp and robust, which eliminate any strength and durability concern after you buy it.


The best axe for cutting down trees are known for having outstanding features. Improvements in the design and technology have created a thriving cutting experience by countless people worldwide.

The head and handle are firmly connected and provided with a handle guard. In the case of wooden axes, there is usually a double wedge of the head and handle, while others often use steel bushing that is pressed under high pressure and is insoluble.

The handle is ergonomic to prevent slipping, and can be comfortably used without gloves, although keeping the fingers in one position can be restrictive.

Eletorot 14.5-Inch Wood Cutting Axe is the best-selling one because it has the coated layer on the blade to extend the blade’s life.

Besides, the head has the carbon steel material, which is hardened for durability. This product has attained the above features because it comes with the coated layer on the blade to make the blade durable and has the carbon steel material to facilitate durability.

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