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5 Best Bermuda Grass Seed – Detailed Reviews!

Growing grass from seed is an affordable option for almost any budget. But success in this business depends on the choice of good seeds.

It is a mistake to think that any seed and proper care will provide a uniform green lawn without weed contamination. Soil gaps, weeds, freezing out of the grass, and frequent overseeding throughout the season are the consequences of the wrong choice of seed products. 

Bermuda grass seeds are the best because they are resistant to heat and drought. They can be used for lawn, tennis, golf, garden, treadmill, and all-purpose blend.

When you plant Bermuda grass seeds, you can expect high grass. They require very simple care, maintenance, and mowing. The variety and quality depend on the seed products.

They are usually coated and hulled that removes the natural protective coating from Bermuda seeds. Also, this helps to speed up the process of germination.

Typically, the coating becomes a combination of dye and fungicide. When growing these seeds, the beds need enough water to germinate. On the other hand, they are drought tolerant and can be grown in various soil types.

Pennington One Step 10 lb Complete Bermuda Grass Seed Best Bermuda grass seed 2
Pennington One Step 10 lb Complete Bermuda Grass Seed via

The Type of Bermuda Grass Seeds

  1. Blackjack

Blackjack is a warm-season dark green grass available as seed. It has a carpet-like density and a very fine structure. Likewise, the growth is strong and withstands excellent cold even in the winter regions. The color remains the same throughout the summer, offering a dense green lawn.

  1. Ormond Bermuda grass

This grass is greenish-blue and has a medium-density and texture. It can withstand various leaf diseases but cannot survive cold. Essentially, it is used primarily in playgrounds, sports fields, and golf courses.

  1. Jackpot Bermuda grass

It is suitable for the baseball fields but requires good care for proper growth. Jackpot Bermuda grass’s quality depends on the source locations. In Georgia, for example, it is very poor compared to the average grass.

  1. Oasis blend

Oasis blend is famous for its ease of maintenance and rapid growth. It is green and is widely used in sports fields, parks, home lawns, golf course fairways, etc.

  1. Yuma

It is the dark green grass that can form a dense lawn. Typically, it’s developed from forage grass. Today, it is used in the most luxurious golf courses. It has good resistance to salt and drought.

Yuma is a slow-growing species, which needs sunlight and is dormant below 60 degrees. But recovers rapidly when the temperature rises. Although it is generally grown from grass, it is available in improved and standard varieties.

Outsidepride Hybrid Arden 15 5 LBS Bermuda Grass Seed Best Bermuda grass seed 2
Outsidepride Hybrid Arden 15 5 LBS Bermuda Grass Seed via

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Bermuda Grass Seeds

  • Soil testing

Even expensive seeds do not guarantee a good result if the soil does not meet the pH standards. Most Bermuda grass seeds grow in well-aerated soil with a neutral pH of 6 to 7.

If you are planning to grow a quality lawn, do a soil test. This procedure can be done independently using a unique test indicator. 

If the soil is too acidic, the pH is below 6, add ground limestone to the soil. If the soil is too alkaline, add compost, manure, or sulfur to the soil with a pH above 7.

  • Wear and tear on the lawn

It is essential to consider how the Bermuda grass seeds will be used. Choose seeds without small fescue if you have a family with young children who like to swim in the pool and jog on the lawn. For these purposes, choose the more suitable one.

  • Climate

Bermuda grass seeds fall into two general categories: warm and cool seasons. Warm-season grasses reach their peak growth in mid-summer. 

They usually require a lot of suns. Warm-season seeds grow best in hot summers with mild winters. Cold season grasses do not require warm summers to grow and tolerate cold winters. So, consider the climate when buying Bermuda grass seeds.

  • The amount of light

Bermuda grass seeds differ depending on the amount of sun exposure on the lawn. Shade-loving seeds tolerate darkness well without losing their decorative qualities.

Sunny grasses are suitable for sufficiently lit areas and are drought tolerant. Universal grass mixtures can coexist in both lighted and dark areas. 

  • Suitable period

The time of planting Bermuda grass seeds is also important. For cold season seeds, the best time to sow is in spring or early fall. Warm-season grasses are best planted in early summer. 

In mid-summer or winter, planting Bermuda grass seeds can kill them as they may not survive extreme heat and cold. Quick mixes can be planted at any time and will help repair damaged lawn or sow gaps.

5 Best Bermuda Grass Seed

1. Outsidepride Hybrid Arden 15 5-LBS Bermuda Grass Seed

Outsidepride Hybrid Arden 15 5 LBS Bermuda Grass Seed Best Bermuda grass seed

This Bermuda grass seed from Outsidepride is unique because it produces high-quality grass with early spring green and excellent color.

With the ideal conditions, germination can begin within seven days. In the same case, maximum coverage can be attained between four to six weeks under ideal conditions.

Proper drainage and full sun are crucial for fruitful establishment and development of healthy and mature green. This grass seed is a hybrid variety with fast time coverage and improved cold resistance than many other Bermuda grass types.

You can use this grass seed on the commercial golf course tees and create the home putting greens, as it is resistant to crushing and durable.

The Outsidepride product has a moderate color retention level during the colder seasons and can come back effortlessly when the weather becomes warm in the next season.

Each season, the Bermuda grass grows again with similar medium-dark green color as the previous year. What is more, it maintains healthy leaf density at the mowing height of under 1.25 inches after being mowed with the reel mowers.

  • It is versatile
  • Hardy hybrid variety
  • Durable and rich dark green color
  • It has a soft texture
  • Grow faster than other products
  • Resistant to crushing
  • Great in warm areas
  • Fine leaf texture
  • It is coated to retain and spread moisture
  • Offer healthy putting green
  • Faster coverage time
  • It is cold resistance
  • It has a report of failed germination

2. Scotts Turf 5-lb Bermuda Builder Grass Seed

Scotts EZ 10 lb Bermuda Builder Grass Seed Best Bermuda grass seed

Many people go for this grass seed from Scotts because it is excellent for grasses confronted by a long period of scorching southern drought and heat.

For one thing, it aggressively spread to grow a durable and thick lawn within 5 to 12 days. The unique WaterSmart PLUS coating technology keeps the seeds moist two times longer than the uncoated seed.

I appreciate this grass seed because it feeds to jumpstart growth and assist in protecting seedlings against diseases. It comes with a fine-bladed texture, and it is high drought tolerance.

Likewise, it is popular with renters and homeowners living in cry climates, which receive a small amount of water and struggle with making their grass healthy.

When it comes to spreading, this grass seed spreads aggressively, making a barren lawn get thick and luxurious grass quickly.

After the Bermuda grass has grown, caring is easy because it requires watered sometimes a day. It can be found in three various bag size options, which include 1lb, 1.5lb, and 5lb. Also, you can use a 5-pound bag to cover about 5,000 sq. ft. of soil.

  • The seed spread aggressively
  • Healthy and durable
  • It can withstand a long period of drought
  • It can withstand scorching heat
  • Fine bladed texture
  • WaterSmart PLUS coating absorbs two times more water
  • Grows quicker and thicker
  • Easy to care
  • It requires less water in a day
  • Ideal for hot and dry climates
  • Available in different package sizes
  • It contains nutrients
  • Sometimes the seeds can fail to grow
  • Requires consistent and frequent watering when planting

3. Princess 77 Hybrid 2-Lb Bermuda Grass Seed

Princess 77 Hybrid 2 Lb Bermuda Grass Seed Best Bermuda grass seed

The Princess 77 grass model is the fine-textured and dense F1 hybrid grass variety available in seeded. In the overall commercial seeded varieties internationally and the U.S., it is of high quality. It should be planted when the soil temperature is consistently above 18 °C.

For the best results, you need to take the soil sample and follow the fertility recommendations before planting. In a like manner, this Bermuda grass seed is high tolerance to drought, sun, and traffic.

It is of high-quality hybrid, which can give you bright green color and dense turf. Likewise, it comes with a fine, medium leaf texture and the best fall color retention.

A two-parent clone hybrid competes with other turf grasses in leaf texture, color, density, and grass quality. The seed thrives well during the spring though it can be grown if the condition allows. It requires 1/8-inch soil depth or less covering the whole seed.

  • Outstanding drought tolerance
  • High leaf density
  • High tolerance to drought, sun, and traffic
  • It has the best fall color retention
  • Fine leaf texture
  • Relatively easy to care
  • Quick germination
  • Intense green color
  • It can withstand high foot traffic
  • It makes a powerful environmental
  • It may contain weeds
  • Germination rate is about 60 to 70% range

4. Pennington One Step 10-lb Complete Bermuda Grass Seed

Pennington One Step 10 lb Complete Bermuda Grass Seed Best Bermuda grass seed

Are you looking for the Bermuda grass seed that can repair the bare spots within pet-damaged or thin areas for three weeks or less? Then the Pennington model is the right product to have.

It comes with a combination of wood mulch, professional-grade fertilizer, and premium Pennington grass seed. In like manner, it grows into beautiful, thick, and healthy grass.

This pre-mixed and easy-to-use product offers everything you require for quick and straightforward lawn repairs. The Penkoted seed technology can protect the seed from disease, hence ensuring healthier and better seedling growth.

It spreads vigorously, forming the robust root system swiftly, which makes it resistant to dry conditions.

The texture is soft and fine-medium, but the established grass can be resistant to wear from the foot traffic and durable.

The grass seed spreads on the ground quickly and does not grow very tall, making it easy to maintain and mow. Similarly, it can germinate very fast, averaging between 7 and 21 days.

  • The seed germinates quickly
  • It has a fine-medium and soft texture
  • Easy to maintain and mow
  • It grows beautiful and healthy
  • Resistant to foot traffic wear
  • It is durable
  • Easy to use
  • Tolerant to colder weather
  • Penkoted technology stimulate rapid and effective growth
  • Spreads quickly
  • Thrives in a hot climate
  • It comes in small bags

5. Hydra Mousse Liquid 17500-6 Bermuda Grass Seed

Hydra Mousse Liquid 17500 6 Bermuda Grass Seed Best Bermuda grass seed

This Hydra Mousse product is exclusive in terms of basic application because it is liquid grass seed.

Essentially, it uses the Spray N’ Stay technology, which attaches the soil to the seed and reduces the water surface tension, allowing more water absorption. The grass is excellent for dog spots, shade, and high-traffic areas.

The unique thing about it is that it blends perfectly with the existing lawn. The unique sticking solution and the soil conditioner work to loosen the hard soil and prepare the seed for germination. Besides, it is aimed to be used in areas with direct sunlight or little water for an extended period.

You can find it in areas, which are susceptible to frequent droughts. Thanks to the revolutionary patent-pending system that coats, blends, and treats premium quality grass together with a magic mousse formula.

On the other hand, it has rye that can maintain growth, covering about 100 square feet. It is also easy to use because its container can be attached to any ordinary garden hose that makes it convenient, simple, and cost-friendly.

  • Easy to use
  • Blend seamlessly into pre-existing grass
  • Cost-friendly and simple
  • Easy the grass
  • It maintains growth covers
  • Simple and convenient application
  • It grows thick
  • Absorbs maximum water
  • Ideal for drought-prone areas
  • It can stain hands

How to Grow a Lawn from Bermuda Grass Seed

Bermuda grass is relatively easy to grow from seed. These seeds take two to three weeks to germinate, and you will need to water them a little before and after your lawn settles.

  1. Begin by soil preparation. For a large area, the rudder will do this quickly and easily. For a small area, you can use a garden fork. Loosen the soil to about six centimeters so that the roots can quickly grow into it.
  2. Add compost in the earth to give Bermuda grass seeds some additional nutrients for strong growth.
  3. Rake the ground surface smooth.
  4. Sow the seed. Sow Bermuda grass seeds at a rate of 2 to 3 pounds per 1,000 square meters using a seed spread to help distribute the seeds evenly.
  5. Gently rake the soil to cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil.
  6. Water well, keeping the soil moist evenly until the seeds have germinated. This can mean watering several times a day in warm weather. After budding the Bermuda grass, you will need to water whenever the top inch of soil is dry for the first few weeks to ensure it settles nicely.

What does Bermuda Grass Look Like When It Grows?

When it first emerges, the Bermuda grass grow with the brownish-purple color. This makes it challenging to see as it mixes into the soil. 

The color will remain until it grows and begins to sprout the leaves, which will be the green color of the actual lawn. Bermuda grass has a fine and thin texture. Again, once the leaves (grass blades) begin to grow, they will develop a broader texture.

Pests and Diseases That Attack Bermuda Grass

Some pests and diseases are normal in the Bermuda grass. This include:

  • The brown patch is the fungal disease, which is indicated by places of dead grass, which often grow to form donut-like shapes a few meters in diameter.
    • This disease is most common in grasses that receive excessive irrigation and fertilizers. 
    • Proper management can prevent disease outbreaks, but lawn fungicides are an effective treatment if they become a problem.
  • White paws, which are the larval stage of several species of beetles, are one of the most annoying pests in the grassy lawns of Bermuda.
    • They are short, thick-bodied white worms that feed on the roots and make the grass very thin if a heavy infestation occurs. 
    • Various pesticides are available to treat white tongues, although the Bt bacterium, a natural bacterium, is an effective treatment.
  • The dollar spot is similar in appearance to the brown spot, but the size of the dead spots is usually only a few inches rather than a few feet.
    • It can also be treated with fungicides, but it is best kept at a distance with proper lawn management.
    • In this case, insufficient fertilizers and moisture lead to disease.


If you live in a warm and dry environment, these Bermuda grass seed products become the perfect choice. They form lush and green grass, and some are tough enough to be used on sports fields and golf courses.

Likewise, they are designed to grow quickly and withstand drought and heat so well, making them used in playgrounds, pastures, and hayfields.

The best-selling one is Princess 77 Hybrid 2-Lb Bermuda grass seed because it can withstand drought, sun, and traffic. Likewise, it can do well during the winter period.

This product has attained the above factors because it can do well in drought and sunny areas and thrive in the winter.