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5 Best Bonsai Books In 2023 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

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Gardening is an excellent place to relieve body and mind stress. Many people love going to the landscape behind their homes to build small shelters to enjoy peaceful times.

However, this can be possible for people living in small buildings or apartments. Bonsai is a Japanese garden technology that grows to small trees in the pots and provides them the total growth and shape of the trees.

Bonsai trees are cosmetic beauty, but they create from the beginning the new gardening. If you want to build a Japanese garden, you can find it in the Bonsai books, and this should be done mainly by beginners.

Go for the best Bonsai books because they include a wide variety of photos that can assist you in understanding the plants’ growth at each stage.

There are lists of Bonsai plants with more than 180 species that can inspire future achievements. Their compact size makes one visit the Bonsai gardening nurseries and centers as a reference for the next complete project.

More information on Bonsai, dimensions, fertilizers, shrubs, pruning, trees, and potting can be found there. The authors have kept the balance between experts and friendships. Likewise, the instructions are the stated way that everyone can understand.

These best bonsai books have shown Bonsai style, potting, display, wiring, and other information. In addition to cultivating trees, there is a fertilizer and maintenance guide. To get the best Bonsai Books, continue to read this article.

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Factors to consider when buying the best Bonsai books


If you’re a person who has no good idea of ​​Bonsai and started with gardening, you should think about a book written specifically for beginners. For example, if you are a beginner, you need to go for the book that tries to tell one how to grow these plants also what they need.


Famous authors usually print their books in different languages. This fact may often be ignored, especially if you buy online. Therefore, make sure you choose the correct language while buying a book.

If you choose to buy the translation, go to the publishers who could have invested in a good translation. Otherwise, you will buy a poorly translated book that one cannot understand.

Customer reviews

We understand all the significance of the customer reviews when buying the Bonsai book. Make sure you check the reviews online and see what customers say about it. Therefore, this is crucial to consider when buying the best Bonsai books.

Popular opinion

Of course, you have to bring your opinion to what you need, but take a look and see what other people think about a book. If you see many people recommend a particular book, it’s an excellent opportunity to like it too.

Level of expertise

If you are a beginner at Bonsai, you need a book. Regardless of what is suggested or famous, if a book is specified for a high level of experts, it will not be necessary to you if you are a beginner.

In particular, the book should be evident in the level of expertise. It is not enough that the writer of your book is a specialist bonsai if they cannot communicate their expertise. Find a book with friendly language with very few confusing or jargon terms.


Since particular facts are true in the world, you will get that the correct way to take care of the Bonsai depends on where you are.

Typically, the place where the author works or lives influences things like if the book uses metric or imperial measurement units and if the species mentioned can thrive in your environment.

In some cases, using the care tips of Bonsai in another environment from which the author intends will help it thrive or even result in its death. If the book was written in another geographical position, which is not your location, it does not help so much.


If you are a beginner at Bonsai, you may not know that you’re finding information from a particular Bonsai book until you notice this was what you wanted to know all the time.

It is essential to have a book that has a layout. You need something with a detailed, comprehensive index and table of contents.

Some great books written by great experts, which resemble novels, will not have the information you may need. This is not what a bonsai book for beginners is supposed to be.


The photos are important for beginners in a bonsai book. If you read the explanation of Bonsai or the signs showing a good or a lousy bonsai, you will end up having the wrong picture in your mind. You will need an actual image to add to the description.

How-to guides

The diagrams are important for each book, which tries to create step-by-step instructions for caring for Bonsai. Once again, the general paragraph can be thought of and be ok to the experts of Bonsai book, but for beginners, step-by-step guides are indispensable. Find a book that has a complete guide.


If you are a beginner to Bonsai book, it is good to buy the encyclopedia or at least one general and comprehensive book. If you are more proficient, you may look for more expert books if need be. But for a start, you require a book with all the information needed.

5 Best Bonsai Books

1. Kitaro Takagi How to Care and Cultivate for Beginners Paperback Bonsai Book

Kitaro Takagi How to Care and Cultivate for Beginners Paperback Bonsai Book Best Bonsai Books

You can unearth the pleasure and joy of the delightful and ancient art of growing the Bonsai plants using this Bonsai from Kitaro Takagi. It has given the information how this plant has managed to be relatively intact through the centuries.

In the same way, it explains how the practice of growing Bonsai has become popular across different countries and empires due to its evergreen and sheer novelty.

Similarly, This Bonsai book has stated that growing Bonsai is therapeutic and is typically regarded as a relaxing meditation form.

The major problem is the lack of clear information on how to grow Bonsai. The book has given five elementary bonsai styles, and other exciting shapes spring from the five styles.

Besides, the Bonsai book has given the cultivation tips and techniques you cannot afford to ignore and how to properly choose a bonsai tree that suits your needs.

In a like manner, it covers the tools you need to get a thriving bonsai tree growing. It has stated how to care for the bonsai tree as per the season correctly.

  • It has given how to care for this tree as per the season
  • It is comprehensive
  • It gives a complete step-by-step guide
  • It is fantastic
  • The knowledge is clear and simple
  • Easy to follow
  • Easy instructions
  • Not very detailed

2. Yukio Hirose Ultimate Bonsai Handbook Bonsai Book

Yukio Hirose Ultimate Bonsai Handbook Bonsai Book Best Bonsai Books

Many people are going for this best Bonsai book from Yukio Hirose because it has more than 1,000 photos that demonstrate every step involved in caring for and raising about 70 types of bonsai plants.

The book can serve as the unending reference to cultivating maples, pines, fruit, and flowering bearing trees and other varieties.

This book has given a comprehensive guide in information on various types of bonsai trees and how you can choose them.

Equally important, you will get the details about the tools, containers, and soils needed when growing this plant. On the other hand, the book gives the basic shapes of the tree and how to show them.

Furthermore, this Bonsai book by Yukio Hirose is fantastic because it guides how transplanting, watering, fertilizing, and root trimming are done.

It demonstrates how propagation, wiring, pruning, and support can be done in every step. Even more, it takes you through the essential management tips for this Bonsai plant.

  • It has over 1000 photos to demonstrate raising and caring tips
  • Clear tips and instructions
  • Easy to read
  • There is plenty of content
  • Great for all grower levels
  • It has the nice pictures
  • Instructive, well written, and beautiful
  • Incredible detailed
  • Interesting ideas
  • It is very accurate
  • It has educational illustrations
  • It has many step-by-step instructions

3. Peter Chan Art of Keeping and Growing and Miniature Trees Paperback Bonsai Book

Peter Chan Art of Keeping and Growing and Miniature Trees Paperback Bonsai Book Best Bonsai Books

Everyone from starters to masters needs the essential full-color guide on how to grow, groom, and care for the bonsai tree. This means you need this book from Peter Chan because it gives the complete guidance needed for growing this plant.

In all honesty, it defines Bonsai as the science and art of growing shrubs and miniature trees in decorative pots.

The book contains many mystiques surrounding the growth of Bonsai that many people face, including those with green fingers. It shows how Bonsai is stopped by what seems to be a lengthy and very complicated process.

More importantly, you will get the information on choosing the right tree for you and the supplies and tools to ensure the Bonsai prospers.

This book comes with hundreds of photographs, colored and easy-to-read explanations, and directions on different subjects. Also, the book gives information on how to maintain and start your beautiful bonsai plant collection successfully.

In like manner, you will detail how to shape Bonsai into various styles and how various pots affect bonsai growth.

  • Easy-to-read explanations and directions
  • It is educative
  • It has a significant detail for caring Bonsai
  • Very comprehensive
  • Beautiful history and photos
  • Give information on every species
  • Great illustrations
  • Very informational
  • Easy to read and understand
  • It has terrible editing

4. Dan Barton Definitive Illustrated Guide Bonsai Book

Dan Barton Definitive Illustrated Guide Bonsai Book Best Bonsai Books

Dan Barton’s Bonsai book is a beautiful, authoritative, and full-color book that presents inspirational and practical. Dan Barton, who has the expert knowledge of two decades researching Bonsai, is written.

The book gives detailed step-by-step fascinating insight and horticultural instruction into the creative Bonsai process.

Furthermore, it offers genuine insight into the subject. You will get the crucial descriptions of stock, primary care, training techniques, and equipment.

Likewise, the book gives the new methods for quicker results and a Bonsai calendar, which shows the routing tasks every month. Also, it has the ways of making a start, repotting, and potting up.

The information on composts, feeding, fertilizers, and watering can be found in this book. In the same way, there is a guide on multi-trunk variations, seeds, propagation, cuttings, and grafting.

Typically, it is beautifully illustrated throughout the book with strikingly instructive and original photographs, working schedules, and line drawings. Equally important, it gives information on pests and diseases, including bacteria, viruses, and insects.

  • Beautiful and full-colored
  • It has fascinating insight
  • Offers genuine understanding about the subject
  • It has instructive and original photographs
  • It has nice illustrations
  • Easy to understand
  • It has many pictures for illustrations
  • Very nice resource
  • Amazing and comprehensive
  • It is very detailed
  • Easy to read
  • Clear instructions on repotting, pruning, etc
  • It gives more emphasis on pines than others

5. Ken Norman The Complete Practical Bonsai Encyclopedia Book

Ken Norman The Complete Practical Bonsai Encyclopedia Book Best Bonsai Books

This book from Ken Norman is interesting because it captures the strength and beauty of shrubs and trees in miniature. It explains the importance of bonsai proportion, size, and aesthetics.

In the same way, the book gives some detail with essential advice on containers and pots, display stands, accent planting and accessories, and how to exhibit Bonsai outdoors and indoors.

The beautifully illustrated section looks at the growing seasonal Bonsai, starting from the cerise azaleas glory of in spring to flaming colors of autumn acers.

A photographic gallery provides stunning images of more than 40 mature bonsai specimens and the training method’s statistical information and age.

There is practical guidance on equipment and tools, soil types, propagation, and essential pruning, wiring, and shaping. You will also get the unique practical and inspirational section on bonsai tree styles described in the 15 most popular cultivation methods.

This is from informal and formal upright to windswept, slanting, and how-to instruction to achieve each example.

  • Excellent bonsai specimens
  • Provides horticultural information
  • Fully comprehensive reference
  • It gives seasonal maintenance and care
  • It has many colored pictures
  • Many great inspirations
  • Comprehensive guide to grow Bonsai
  • Lack of some information


a)      As a beginner, which is the right Bonsai tree?

Ficus Bonsai tree is one of the simplest, which can be grown outdoors and indoors. This plant is recommended for starters. It is resilient to submarines, making it perfect for those looking for a little maintenance tree.

b)      Should one mist the Bonsai tree?

Misting might be used within the air conditioning, and Bonsai heating can reduce the moisture content. Essentially, misting brings humidity to a certain level, offering an ideal condition for Bonsai to grow.

c)       Do Bonsai require sunlight?

Bonsai manufactures its food from direct sunlight. If direct sunlight is not there, this can lead to many issues, such as weak leaves. Make sure the bonsai foliage gets 5-6 hours of sunlight daily.

d)      Do Bugs attract bonsai trees?

Yes, the Bonsai tree can be attracted by bugs but for various reasons. One reason can be that you bought an already contaminated tree.

e)      How do you choose the Bonsai plant?

Each house has a work of art representing the style, and the Bonsai plant is each home’s favorite. The tree is fascinating. If you want to plant a Bonsai plant, consider the following points before buying it.

1. Space – Space is the primary and most important to consider when you want to plant a Bonsai tree. Choose your favorite area or corner where you want to put the plant.

2. Environment – Once you have decided on the space, you need to consider the environment. It is vital for the growth of the plant. Check that it is full of moisture, sunlight, dark, or any other. Select the bonsai plant depending on the temperature.


When buying the best bonsai books, you need to go for the above products. You need to know that they differ from one plant to another. Various types of Bonsai require different types of care.

Learning their development process is indispensable by these books, and this will become more like a Bonsai owner and an amateur farmer. There is more information in these books which can benefit a beginner. In addition, there are attractive photos that add to the experience.

You will get all the essential information you need to know about watering, arranging, pruning, planting, etc. If you like Bonsai, you should have this book, and you will receive much information.

Ken Norman, The Complete Practical Bonsai Encyclopedia Book, is the best-selling product because it has an illustrated section that looks at the growing seasonal Bonsai. Likewise, it has a photographic gallery that provides stunning images of Bonsai.

This product has attained the above factors because it has the illustrated section, which gives information on how to grow Bonsai, and the photographic gallery, which has stunning images.