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11 of the Most Useful and Best Bulbs For Containers

What are the practical, useful and best bulbs for containers? Through this article, we’re going to discuss some of the great choices of bulb plants that you can place anywhere in your home, not just in the garden.

Indoor home gardening is extraordinary yet very simple to develop and appealing to look at once they grow and bloom. This is also absolutely perfect for those who do not have a very wide space for an outdoor garden.

Developing the best bulbs in containers considers convenience. Some container cultivators bring their plants inside during cooler months to keep the plants alive all throughout the year.

The assortment of holders accessible to you permits you to structure your little scope garden and keep plants protected against weather not suitable for their growth.

To answer the question above, the following are the best bulbs for containers. 

11 Best Bulbs For Containers

1. Acidanthera

Best Bulbs For Containers Acidanthera

Also known as peacock lily, Gladiolus murielae, Gladiolus callianthus, Abyssinian gladiolus and peacock orchid, acidanthera features fragrant, immaculate white blossoms that are borne in clusters of 3 or 4 blooms on slim stems.

This is a summer-blooming bulb within the gladiolus family. The plant has upright, sword-like foliage with pretty and sweet smelling white lily flowers that bloom in late summer.

Acidanthera is one of the best bulbs for containers as it is easily grown and developed well in any holder. This plant likes ripe soil and settles right into a border but can be misplaced unless planted in bunches of 10 or more and supported by a dim leafed plant. 

2. Belladonna Lilies

Best Bulbs For Containers Belladonna Lilies

Belladonna lilies are late-summer blooming bulbs which are ideal to develop at home. This type of plant has long stems with trumpet formed blossoms in white, ruddy and pink colors.

The teardrop-shaped bulbs ought to be planted with their tips fair at the surface of the soil. These will develop well in a holder in full sun with well-drained soil. However, it’s still one of the easy and best bulbs for containers you can grow.

This plant requires exceptionally small consideration and makes a genuinely special show within the drop plant. Strangely simple to flourish, all parts of the plant are harmful; in this manner it is perseveringly overlooked by hungry deer, rabbits, and other critters.

3. Calla Lilies

Best Bulbs For Containers Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are known for their breathtaking blossoms and enriching foliage. The flowers come in a wide run of excellent colors from pink, yellow, orange and white among the popular best bulbs for containers. This lily is well known by flower specialists and enthusiasts since they’re so long-lasting.

Though it develops well in gardens, this can be grown in holders or containers, which makes it easy to move, particularly during cool climates. The beautiful flower lilies last for a month or more, and the foliage is appealing both sometime recently and after the blossom.

One of the characteristics of the plant is that it is very easy to grow. Care for this kind of plant requires simplicity and convenience. It is best planted in well-drained soil. It tolerates full sun or fractional shade in hotter climates. This plant typically matures within the spring.

4. Cannas

Best Bulbs For Containers Cannas

Cannas are a tropical plant showcasing the enormous, glossy and brightly colored, orchid-like blooms that draw in hummingbirds. This is a fabulous flowering plant which can be best combined with other annuals or summer best bulbs for containers.

With its noteworthy, enriching palmy foliage, canna lily can be best displayed on your patio, decks, entryways, water gardens and pool ranges.

The flawless cannas gloat gigantic, often-veined, paddle-shaped and sheathing leafstalks in shades of green or bronze. The flaunting sprouts stand tall on the stems.

5. Dahlia

Best Bulbs For Containers Dahlia

One of the most beautiful summer flowers and best bulbs for containers is Dahlia. Its blossoms bring wealthy colors to the plant. It comes in dim purple-red blooms and profoundly colored purple foliage.

The dull foliage gives a rich foundation for all the petals around it. This is often a daisy-type flower that gives numerous brilliant cut blooms and begins sprouting in mid-summer when planted in late spring.

Dahlias cherish parcels of warm and sun and appreciate a compost-enriched, well-drained cultivated soil, particularly loamy, sandy and acidic, for best execution.

Some of the advantages of this plant is its low maintenance as it’s easy to grow and the natural capability to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. In addition, this is widely used for cut flowers and compartment gardens.

Not to mention that it can be grown in small spaces. However, the tubers and leaves bring danger to dogs, cats, and horses if consumed in large amounts.

6. Elephant Ears

Best Bulbs For Containers Elephant Ears

Elephant ears, with a scientific name of Colocasia, are a sensational plant with huge heart-shaped leaves that gesture and influence in each passing breeze.

In cool climates especially winter months, this leafy plant can be transferred and developed in pots; hence, one of the best bulbs for containers.

This plant is around the estimate of a clench hand, but by late summer it can be 3 to 4 feet tall. The size of its leaves depends on the climate. The colder the climate is, the smaller the leaves they become.

It certainly cannot tolerate frosty climates. For this reason, it can be developed inside as well as out. This has a more spreading propensity and can effectively hold its own as a solo plant within an expansive holder. But this too can be combined flawlessly with other summer and annual bulbs.

7. Eucomis

Best Bulbs For Containers Eucomis

Eucomis is an exceptional summer-blooming bulb that merits to be more broadly developed. The plant has glossy, strappy leaves and long-lasting blossoms that are similar to pineapples, which is why it’s also known by the name pineapple lily.

These flowers can be white, pink or violet. The leaves may be green or burgundy, and the stems are freckled with differentiating colors.

This bulb can be grown with other plant, but developing it independently on a separate container makes it less demanding and ultimately makes you appreciate their intriguing flowers.

This can be propagated through leaf cuttings, bulbs, or even seeds. In cold climates, you’ll bring the pots inside within the drop and replant the bulbs in spring.

As one of the best bulbs for containers, this is simple to grow and you get to enjoy its long-lasting blossoms and alluring foliage.

8. Gladiolas

Best Bulbs For Containers Gladiolas

Gladiolas are cutting cultivated classics. Each blossom stalk is 3 to 4 feet long and shows 8 to 12 orchid-like blooms that open one by one from the foot up.

The flowers alone can be continuously the stars in summer blossom in your garden. Similarly, this is viable when planted in a huge container.

To expand the sprout time, plant gladiolus corms in bunches and dispersed for about 2 weeks. The corms ordinarily blossom 70 to 80 days after planting.

These classic bloom spikes have been embellishing midsummer gardens and bouquets for many years. Today’s cultivators can select from a wide run of bloom shapes, colors and statures, so there’s certainly a gladiolus for everyone’s taste.

And the interesting part is that you can grow them easily in a pot for it’s among the best bulbs for containers.

9. Hyacinth

Best Bulbs For Containers Hyacinth

Hyacinth bulb are another excellent choice for their lovely spring blooms that come in an assortment of colors including blue, purple, pink, cream and white.

This is one of the most straightforward spring best bulbs for containers to develop. In spite of the fact that this plant is tiny, it packs an enormous punch of bright colored and scented clusters of blossoms. This can be grown both outdoors and indoors as houseplants.

10. Tuberous Begonias

Best Bulbs For Containers Tuberous Begonias

Tuberous begonias are a perfect holder plant for shady gardens and patios. Select upright or cascading shapes, depending on the sort you need.

The expansive, waxy pretty huge flowers blossom openly like roses and in excellent colors. While most blossoming plants require at slightest a half day of full sun, this plant really leans toward the shade. Once it begins blooming, it sprouts persistently from summer to winter.

11. Tulips

Best Bulbs For Containers Tulips

Surprisingly, tulips are among the famous and best bulbs for containers or pots. Its flowers are big and brightly colored, usually white, red, yellow, or pink but depending on species, it produces different colors, sometimes mixed in 2 or 3 hues.


This plant is from the lily family with 75 species. It usually blooms during the spring time but turns passive during summer. Before planting, it needs to be adopted or exposed to cold weather first.

The most ideal time to grow this kind of plant is during early fall. Transplanting the bulb can be done if its flowers get faded.

Growing the best bulbs for containers is easy and is a fun way to brighten up your backyard, balcony or living room table.

From the list above, can you share which ones are your personal favorite?