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5 Best Dandelion Killer Spray For Your Lawns

Even the most impeccable lawns will have the occasional dandelion. Dandelions are weeds that spread with devilish speed and can choke your grass and flowers. If they’re not taken care of from the root of the problem (quite literally!), they can grow right back.

Thus, the best way to confront the dandelions in your lawn is to kill the whole plant, root and all. This cannot be done by just hand-plucking them off the ground since their taproots usually grow up to 3 feet underground.

Here’s where dandelion killer sprays come in handy. We would review 5 best dandelion killer sprays for your lawn.

What are Dandelion Killer Sprays and how do they work?

Killing dandelions with herbicide

There are two basic kinds of herbicides that can be used on dandelions: selective broadleaf herbicide and non-selective herbicide.

While working with herbicides, the most effective way to do so is before the dandelion actually develops flowers or else there’s a higher probability that the dandelion by then is far more resistant to the herbicide.

A broadleaf herbicide usually kills only broadleaf weeds such as dandelions and is good for usage in lawns since the herbicide only kills the dandelions and not the grass. The non-selective herbicide, however, kills any plant that comes its way. It is effective for spot-removal of dandelions.

Best Dandelion Killer Spray

Advantages of using a dandelion killer spray over other kinds of weed killers

Spray formulas, be it selective to a particular weed or broad-spectrum that destroys a variety of weeds, are intended to directly reach the target.

They are useful not only for lawns, but also for harder surfaces such as your driveway where cracks allow the growth of dandelions and other weeds. Spray formulas are additionally easy to use and maintain, though regular application of the formula to the lawn may be required in some cases.

Sprays also ensure that the dandelion seeds that are hidden to the naked eye are killed.

A pump sprayer helps in the even mixing of all of your contents in one place. The sprayer that’s attached to this pump makes the delivery of this concentrate a faster, easier and a more efficient process as it can be used over a range or made target specific depending on the user’s needs.

Sprays can also be used in addition to the traditional methods of hand-plucking the dandelions or other weeds to ensure better results.

What a typical pump-sprayer should look like

A good pump sprayer should have a sturdy body that doesn’t tip over. That is attached to a quality hose that doesn’t bend so as to ensure smooth flow of the substance to the end of the hose that is attached to a good quality nozzle that sprays the contents evenly and with the required stream strength.

The nozzle comes in many different types for various purposes. Many pump sprayers are now battery operated and can be recharged easily.

Depending on the requirements of the lawn, a user will typically have to spray the lawn every few months. Thus, a good dandelion killer sprayer would also require long standing materials and corrosion and chemical resistant coatings.

They should, typically, be as easy to store as they are to use. A common issue faced by spray users is a leaky nozzle but proper care and storage as well as regular replacement (if required) should do the job.

5 Best Dandelion Killer Spray

1. Scotts 190567 Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Pump Zero Technology Sprayer, 2 Gallon, White

Scotts 190567 Lithium Ion Battery Powered Pump Zero Technology Sprayer 2 Gallon White 2 - Best Dandelion Killer Spray


This has a tank sprayer that uses compressed-air and is designed specifically to spray solutions that are water soluble such as herbicides and pesticides, usually for prevention and remediation of weeds, pest control, watering and fertilizing. Its capacity is 2 gallons and is battery powered.


  • It encompasses a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable.
  • This electric pump-zero is devised to provide for a better alternative to traditional manual pumps by pressurizing the air above the fluid in the tank, resulting in the fluid to be automatically sprayed out of the nozzle.
  • Its three-in-one nozzle settings provides for fan-spray, cone-spray and steam-spray.
  • For long term resistance to chemicals, this spray machine has a 21-inch poly-wand with Viton which seals in shut-off.


  • The internal battery cannot be serviced so the entire pump has to be replaced.
  • It has weak stream strength.

2. Field King Professional 190328 No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer for Killing Weeds in Lawns and Gardens

Field King Professional 190328 No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer for Killing Weeds in Lawns and Gardens - Best Dandelion Killer Spray


This pump does the work of a piston or diaphragm backpack sprayer and its exclusive design helps keep your clothes dry while in use. The paddles keep liquids and powders which are water-soluble mixed in the solution and ready to use and spray.


  • The shut off is lockable and is made of premium brass components.
  • The pump fitting allows access for changing of seals in minutes and requires no tools.
  • There are 4 included nozzles which also accept Tee Jet nozzles – brass adjustable, 2 flat fans, and a foaming nozzle.


  • It does not come with a foldable handle so storage can be an issue.
  • It requires continuous pumping.
  • It gets quite heavy when strapping it onto your back.

3. Smith 190361W Professional Compression Sprayer

Smith 190361W Professional Compression Sprayer - Best Dandelion Killer Spray


This compression sprayer is a multi-purpose sprayer that can be used for cleaning as well as for the application of herbicides, insecticides and fertilizers to lawns.

This sprayer includes a shut-off that can be locked and a poppet for strength and precision. Additionally, it includes an in-line system for filtration that is easy to clean and maintain.


  • Its heavy-duty poly-wand is resistant to corrosion.
  • It has an easy-to-use safety valve to efficiently release pressure in the tank.
  • 4 nozzles are included for ultimate flexibility in usage: poly adjustable for steam spray, medium and low volume flat-fans as well as a foaming nozzle.
  • It has Viton-O seals which provide resistance to chemicals.


  • It sometimes has leaky spray tips.
  • The hose is not sturdy enough and bends which prevents the flow of substance.

4. Keyfit Tools AccuTip Weed Killer (4 Pack)

Keyfit Tools AccuTip Weed Killer 4 Pack - Best Dandelion Killer Spray


This product is an eco-friendly spray pump that is easy to use and helps prevent over spraying and also uses lesser amounts of solution in the process.


  • Works with most lawn pump up sprayers as well as backpack sprayers.
  • Helps prevent overspray and drift and thus keeps away dead spots.
  • Easy and direct application to the weeds such as dandelion.


  • Its foam applicator does not come with a sprayer wand.
  • This product sometimes has a leaky spray tip.

5. Field King 190571 Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Pump Zero Technology Sprayer

Field King 190571 Lithium Ion Battery Powered Pump Zero Technology Sprayer - Best Dandelion Killer Spray


This is a tank sprayer which uses compressed air and spray solutions like herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals usually for prevention and remediation of weeds. Its capacity is 2 gallons and is battery powered.


  • The compressor keeps a constant pressure of 20 PSI to ensure consistent application. This negates the need for pumping and allows for easy usage.
  • It contains a pressure release valve which allows you to safely eliminate the internal pressure before opening the sprayer.
  • The tank is tear-drop shaped which accounts for stability due to a lower center of gravity. It also includes a built-in nozzle along with its storage and protection.
  • 4 nozzles are included which also accepts Tee Jet nozzles: Brass adjustable, 2 flat fans, and foaming nozzle.
  • It consists of a 21-inch poly wand with Viton which seals in shut off to ensure long term chemical resistance.


  • After some usage, the wand loses its spray strength and range.
  • Pressure must be removed from the tank periodically.


Out of the five products discussed in this review article, I feel most strongly that number 5 which is the “Field King 190571 Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Pump Zero Technology Sprayer” would be the best choice. It has a number of advantages to it and very few cons.

It provides for 4 different nozzles which can be used for varied purposes according to the user’s needs and requirements of the lawn.

Additionally, it also uses a consistent sprayer technology which doesn’t require the user to put in as much manual effort in pumping as the other sprayers would require you to do.

It has a Viton poly wand which helps keep the instrument chemical resistant. The manufacturers of this product have also provided for a tear-drop shaped body which gives it the sturdiness it requires for its best use.

Furthermore, it includes a safety pressure release valve which aids in the careful elimination of internal pressure. It has very few drawbacks that can easily be fixed or replaced such as weak stream strength or the incessant removal of pressure periodically.

Thus, it would be a worthwhile investment to help keep those dandelions off your lawn so that your lawn and its plants can flourish.