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6 Best Garden Hose Filter To Protect Your Lawn and Plants!

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Garden Hose Filter

A garden hose filter is necessary to remove certain unwanted substances from the water you use in the garden. Some impurities like iron and excess chlorine can affect the balance between salts and water in the soil and plants.

These impurities can make the plants weak and drive their growth inconsistent. The best garden hose filter can improve the quality of water, which will affect the health of your plants and lawn.

When you want your garden to look its best, you have to put in some effort and invest in the best equipment. We share a list of the top garden hose filters with detailed reviews for you to choose from.

Garden Hose Filter Best 6 Garden Hose Filters 2

Plants require 2 simple things to survive: water and light. The quality and quantity of either of the two can affect the plants.

Many new gardeners think that there is no need to use a garden hose filter because they believe that the water is safe enough for the plants.

However, sometimes, due to various reasons, the water gets contaminated and can play havoc with your precious plants’ health. 

Even if the water is safe, the garden hose can be dirty and cause a reaction with the water. It is generally made with synthetic materials that may not be of the best quality.

The rusty plumbing can also contaminate the water. Using unfiltered can be risky and have a damaging effect on the plants. Some of these dangers can be

Unwanted chemicals in the water

Though it is convenient to use the normal tap water, as it is, and very cheap, you can get the water tested to check its purity.

It is common for the tap water to be full of artificial chemicals that can be harmful to the plants. Chlorine is used to kill harmful microorganisms, and it is suitable for humans but not necessarily for plants.

Many studies have found that more than 50 % of the harmful chemicals go undetected in the water, which can hurt your health in the long run.

Hard water

Water that contains a large number of minerals such as magnesium and calcium is known as hard water. Plants do need minerals, but any excess can cause a build-up, which can make them unhealthy.

Salt build-up

If a garden receives a lot of rainfall, it is generally watered with soft water, but soft water is treated with sodium chloride or salt. This excess salt in the water can make the plants unhealthy and cause severe growth problems.

Types of Garden Hose Filters

There are many varieties of filters available for garden hoses. How can you find the best? It is important to understand your needs first. If possible,

  • You must get the water tested to know accurately how good or bad it is. This is more of a necessity when you have an organic garden or are growing some exclusive plants.
  • The amount of money you are ready to spend on a filter. For some people, it may just seem like an extra accessory with no real value.
  • How big is the garden or area to be watered is a big consideration point. A hose may not be an ideal way to water a big area.
  • What kind of hose do you use? Synthetic ones do leach chemicals into the water and require regular maintenance.

Probably the easiest and convenient filter for cleaning hose water is the one you can screw onto the hose. They look like a regular water filter and have one outlet and one inlet.

Most of them fit with the standard size of most hoses. Inside these filters may differ

  • Some have a poly screen with a mesh which stops contaminants like sand and rust particles.
  • Some have granular activated charcoal, which can do much more. It can reduce chlorine, chloramine, pesticide, heavy metal, and herbicide residue.
  • How big is the garden or area to be watered is a big consideration point. A hose may not be an ideal way to water a big area.
  • Some filters have ion exchange technology, and they claim to remove bacteria, algae, mold spores, and several other chemicals. These are very efficient, and water thus purified is safe for animals and even humans in need.

Using a hose that is not made of plastic or other cheap materials and adding a filter can improve the hose water’s safety and make it safe to use for the garden.

Which Water Is Best For Plants?

Though different plants have different requirements, most plants welcome rainwater and find it most favorable. Tap water in most places is good enough for plants, but it is best to get tested.

Some special plants and lawn grass require more specific care, and water quality has to be good. By using a filter, many impurities can be removed or reduced from the water.

Even while using tap water, it is advisable to let it sit for approximately 24 hours before watering the plants. This allows the chlorine and fluoride in the water to dissipate before it is used.

Rainwater is good, but it is not possible to always get adequate rains in all regions. It is more difficult if you have a lot of houseplants.

Moving them in and out frequently is not an option. The one solution which is cheap, effective, and efficient is using filters for garden hoses.

Best 6 Garden Hose Filters

Finding the right garden hose filter is not difficult when you understand your requirements. Here is a list of 6 great water filters for garden hoses with detailed information for you to choose from.

Watch this video to learn more.

1. 3/4″ Garden Hose Thread Inline Filter 120 Mesh

3 4 Garden Hose Thread Inline Filter 120 Mesh Best 6 Garden Hose Filters


When you buy the Hose Inline Filter, you get peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about the water’s purity and safety you use in the garden. The filter has a ¾ inches female thread in the inlet and a ¾ inch male thread on the outlet side.

There is a 120 poly mesh screen, which is easy to detach. You only need to unscrew the female hose thread to remove the mesh screen.

Once you clean it, you can put it back. The filter can easily protect the drip emitters by stopping sand and rust from affecting the water. Impurities like sand can clog the hose and cause damage to it.

Using a filter, you can prolong the life of the hose and ensure that only clean and pure water reaches your plants.

  • The filter gives protection to drip emitters
  • Both male and female threads are 3/4 inches
  • Easy to clean with the detachable mesh screen
  • Filter screen is loose inside the housing and can drop out of the bottom

This is a multi-utility filter and can be used for a range of water sources like well water and devices like a washing machine. Protection from sand particles and rust can ensure a long life for plants’ hose and healthier growth.

2. Boogie Blue Plus Garden Hose Water Filter For RV And Outdoor Use

Boogie Blue Plus Garden Hose Water Filter For RV And Outdoor Use Best 6 Garden Hose Filters


A wonderful product, this Boogie blue garden hose filter removes entirely or reduces the levels of harmful elements like chlorine, other heavy metals, and herbicides from the water.

It does not take much effort to install the filter because it can fit into all regular size hose thread of ¾ inches. It comes with clear, assembling instructions. This product’s dimensions are 12 by 2.4 by 1.2 inch, and it weighs only 1.6 pounds.

It does a great job of cleaning the water, and your pets or livestock can also drink this water. Once purified, this water can be used for spas, hot tubs, RVs, and pools apart from the garden.

Hydroponic and koi farming will benefit immensely from this filter because you get chemical-free water. Designed with top quality materials, it cleans more than four times the amount of water than other filters.

  • Delivers 45000-gallon output, which is better than its competitors
  • 100 % refund guarantee for 90 days
  • Ideal for hydroponic gardeners
  • Maximum pressure is lower than other filters, between 20 and 30 PSI

An easy to install and efficient garden hose filter, this Boogie blue filter offers a durable and long-lasting solution for safe watering. Once installed, there will be no issues or even minor problems, and you can leave it outside in the sun, even with high temperatures.

3. Watts 520021 RV/Boat Single Exterior Water Filter with Garden Hose Fittings

Watts 520021 RV Boat Single Exterior Water Filter with Garden Hose Fittings Best 6 Garden Hose Filters


Preventing water contamination is easy with the Watts 520021 filter. It is very versatile, and apart from using it in the garden, one can use it in RVs (Recreational Vehicles) and boats.

You can get it with various garden hose fittings, so it fits easily with all types of hoses. One of its great features is that it comes as a complete set with a wrench, bracket, and housing. This makes it easy to install and use.

This is a high grade granular activated carbon (GAC) filter and can remove almost all impurities from the water. Apart from removing sediments and chlorine, it also gets rid of odors and improves water taste.

You will get a 2.5 GPM flow rate, which shows how much water flows out of the hose per minute. At 3.95 pounds, it is not very heavy and portable.

  • duces chlorine and bad taste and odors
  • A high-grade GAC filter is very efficient
  • Easy hose fittings make for leak-proof attachments
  • Thread on the connections can wear off easily

A high-quality product with granular activated carbon filtering can offer a great solution to poor water quality. It comes as part of a full set, and you won’t have to look for different components to install it. It can be used in a variety of settings.

4. Camco GardenPURE Carbon Water Hose Filter

Camco GardenPURE Carbon Water Hose Filter Best 6 Garden Hose Filters


A wonderful filter with sturdy fittings, the Camco Garden PURE is efficient at removing several impurities from the water. Well-designed to be completely leak-proof even with great pressure as well as flow.

Try it with hard water and you will see some noticeable differences in plant health. For plants like tomatoes and other vegetables, hard water can be very damaging.

Organic farmers and gardeners will find it especially useful. It is a multi-purpose filter and is equally good for other things like a pool, hot water tub, or spa.

Many people use it for the drinking water for pets and livestock. Attaching it to the standard water hoses is easy and it efficiently removes or reduces chlorine, chloramine, aluminum, hydrogen- sulfide, lead, and many other harmful elements.

Apart from these heavy metal traces, it also removes foul smells, bad taste, and cloudiness from the water.

  • Reduces or removes harmful contaminants and unwanted substances
  • Safe for a variety of uses apart from garden use
  • Easy to fit as no assembly required
  • Does not remove rust nor changes the alkalinity of water

This is an in-line design filter that streamlines the water flow while removing hard metal traces from the water. Quick and easy installation is possible as no assembly is required. It boasts of a 100-micron fiber barrier and has a vast body for higher flow.

5. Garden Hose Filter

Garden Hose Filter Best 6 Garden Hose Filters


Highly tested and tried product, the Garden Hose filter removes chlorine, chloramine, pesticides, and VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds from the water.

Powerful Catalytic Carbon is used to filter out the contaminants. With this technology, breaking the bonds between chlorine and ammonia becomes easy which ensures purer water.

Even better is the fact that coconut shells are used to make the catalytic carbon which is used in the process. So, it not only filters but also does the job in an ecologically sustainable way.

The dimensions of this product are 12 by 2.5 inches, and it weighs approximately one pound. This filter is highly effective, and once filtered, the water can be used in aquariums safely.

By removing chloramine efficiently from the water, your seedlings and plants will grow stronger and start to thrive.

You may find it a bit expensive, but it is worth every penny. In this price range, it is among the best filters that you can get.

  • Highly efficient and effective filter
  • Easy to install and use
  • Catalytic carbon is very powerful and eco-friendly as well
  • Has a 10000-gallon output, which is less than many others

This product is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. Gardening requires physical efforts and the right elements such as water, soil, sun, etc. With this filter, you can get pure and safe water for the plants and see them grow healthily.

6. LOVHO Sediment Filter Attachment

LOVHO Sediment Filter Attachment Best 6 Garden Hose Filters


This filter connects to any standard hose or water spigot with ¾ inches male and female inlet and outlet. As the name suggests clearly, it also efficiently catches the sediments like sand and metal traces.

By doing this, you can also prolong the life of the hose and pump. It gives a maximum of 80 PSI garden hose pressure, which is adequate for most small and medium-sized gardens.

Unscrew the filter head, after turning off the pressure washer, before rinsing it will ensure a longer lifespan for it.

Apart from using in the garden, it can be used in a variety of ways. People living in remote areas with only well water will find it effective for purifying the water.

The dimensions of this filter are 6 by 5.9 by 3.1 inch. This product works well with sprinkler systems and makes watering smoother.

  • Fits well with a standard garden hose
  • Has a rubber ring which prevents leaks
  • A see-through reservoir lets you monitor water quality
  • Not able to prevent many chemicals and contaminants

This filter comes highly recommended thanks to its various features and because it has been tested extensively. It is not difficult to install and maintain plus with its see-through reservoir, has a stylish look about it.


Ensuring that your garden is full of thriving and healthy plants is easy by just adding a filter to the garden hose. Safe and pure water is essential for the plants to grow strong.

There are different methods used to treat water but using a filter is the easiest and the most effective. Different filters in the market offer different things:

  • Some offer basic filtration
  • Some filters have more than one stage of filtration
  • Some filters promise to remove everything
  • Some filters can preserve the good minerals while removing the harmful ones

Which filter to choose will depend on your requirement. With the right information, you will be able to make a good decision. Feel free to use this information with others while making the right decision.

Contact us for more information, and we will be happy to help you. By choosing the right filter, you can make sure that flowers are always blooming and vegetables are tasty and healthy.