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5 Best Grass For Houston for 2023

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The grass for Houston is known because it can be planted on the playgrounds, sports grounds, and recreation areas. The varieties of the new selection have consistently high germination energy and varietal purity of seeds, tolerance to natural and climatic conditions. 

Typically, the grass for Houston provides the fast formation of strong and dense turf, which will provide a reliable basis for a healthy and beautiful lawn for years to come.

Each variety has a distinct shade, which allows you to choose the desired color of the future lawn. In addition to individual varieties of grasses, there are also mixtures based on various varieties of meadow bluegrass, ryegrass, and fescue. They also have specific shades of green. 

The interesting thing is the carpet pattern, which can be obtained by planting a couple of different grass mixtures in separate areas of the same lawn.

The grass requires systematic maintenance, and mowing approximately at different intervals will create a beautiful appearance. Likewise, regular maintenance can withstand intense and prolonged loads and pleases owners with an even green tone without spots and bald spots.

In the same case, their seeds provide fast formation of strong and dense turf, which will provide a reliable basis for a healthy and beautiful lawn for years to come. To get the best grass for Houston, continue reading this article.

Pennington 100526677 Tall Fescue Smart Grass Best Grass For Houston 2
Pennington 100526677 Tall Fescue Smart Grass via Amazon

Types of Grass for Houston

1. St. Augustine varieties

This warm weather-resistant grass grows in sandy soils, and that is why you can find them on the Gulf Coast and in the South. Typically, there are several varieties, which grow well in Houston’s climate. This is from coarse floratam to fine palmetto variety.

They all do well in hot summer temperatures. Typically, they can withstand shade, but they thrive best in sunlight. Various varieties have different levels of resistance to diseases and pests. So, if you are having problems with pests like bed bugs, you might need to switch to the more durable variety.

2. Bermuda varieties

Bermuda grass has become a very popular choice, particularly if found in many golf courses in the South. With proper care, the result is dense, green grass that saves a lot of water.

It is started easily from sod or seed. With the correct amount of fertilizer and water, Bermuda is a pleasant green in spring, fall, and summer and transitions to the dormant brown in winter.

Depending on water requirements, Bermuda becomes the most efficient alternatives of the four main types, consuming about half the water like St. Augustine and practically no water needed during the dormant months in winter.

Bermuda is an aggressive lawn, so you are required to keep an eye on it, so you don’t fall into your neighbors’ gardens, sidewalks, and patios.

It spreads in the long run, extending for several meters to form new plants. Even though it’s aggressive, it must be healthy to fight weeds.

Typically, Bermuda thrives in the sun but can struggle in shaded areas. If the shade is much in the yard, consider using a different type of lawn, or seeding shady areas into a more shade-tolerant lawn.

3. Zoysia grass

While zoysia grass is not popular like St. Augustine and Bermuda, it can be the best choice for Houston’s lawns. It is very resistant to salt and wears, but its maintenance is relatively low.

Since Bermuda and St. Augustine survive the full sun, zoysia grasses do best in the shade. They are also resistant to insects and diseases, making them popular in remote locations.

4. Ryegrasses

Grasses for Houston always dominate warm-season lawn but do not underestimate the cool-season lawn. You can find it on a lawn that already has thick grass in warm climates. Bermuda and St. Augustine hibernate when winter comes in, but ryegrass will continue to grow.

When cared for and mixed well, the combination will give you grass that looks well all year round.

Factors to consider when buying the best grass for Houston

  • Soil

Before buying the best grass for Houston, the first thing to do is check the soil. This will assist you in choosing the correct seeds for your grass as you will know the pH of your soil.

Turfgrass will survive in well-aerated soils with an acidic pH of 6 to 7.5. To analyze the soil, you can buy a test kit.

When you have bought the kit, you need to take enough soil and place it in a test bag. The price in every region can vary but expect a loss of $15. You can have to wait a few weeks to get the results.

  • Choose grass for the warm season

If you plan to plant in the warm season, harvest the perfect seeds for the season. The seeds that can be chosen are Zoysia, Buffalo, Centipede, St. Augustine, and Bermuda.

They usually grow at the beginning of the summer season. Make sure they stay in the sun because they still love the sun, although St. Augustine tolerates shade.

  • Choose grass for the cold season

If it is already a cold season or only lives in the country’s north, collect seeds for the cool season. These seeds are perennial ryegrass, red fescues, and Kentucky bluegrass.

Many cool-season types of grass are shade tolerant, so make sure they have at least some shade when you start planting.

  • Know the irrigation system

Knowing the irrigation system is another factor to consider when buying the best grass for Houston. People who live in dry and prone areas must choose grass such as buffalo grass, fescue, and zoysia, as they are drought tolerant.

If there is no problem with watering or the like, you can begin planting Kentucky Bluegrass, as these types of grass require regular watering to keep your lawn healthy.

  • Shade level

Because there are many grass seeds on the market today, some need shade. If there are trees on the lawn, that is fine. When planting shade-tolerant seeds, you are required to plant different seed types.

The reason is that if one of the seed varieties fails, the other seeds will begin to grow. Many seeds need sunlight and at least six hours of sunlight before they can live.

Therefore, if you do not have a shady spot on the lawn, you may have several planting options.

  • Know the time to use the mower

The mower is used to maintain your garden, but some seeds, including fescues, do not require to be mowed very often. Kentucky bluegrass seeds, alternatively, need to be cut regularly.

Like centipedes and Bermuda, Warm-season seeds may need to be pruned as often as possible to stay in good condition. Together with other seeds, Buffalo grass is dormant in winter or summer, so you should be aware that they need little mowing.

  • Fertilizing needs

Of course, you are required to make sure you know the fertilization requirements for the grass you choose. If you like organic fertilizers, you are required to make sure the grass you choose can do well with organized fertilizer.

If you do not have enough time to fertilize your lawn, it’s best to harvest grass seeds that don’t require much maintenance.

5 Best Grass For Houston

1. Pennington 100526677 Tall Fescue Smart Grass

Pennington 100526677 Tall Fescue Smart Grass Best Grass For Houston

Suppose you are looking for the best Grass for Houston with superior drought, disease, and heat resistance. With just 7 pound bag, you can cover your lawn to about 1750 square feet full of grass.

In all honesty, it has a lower growing blend that requires less mowing than the common fescues. The seed maintains a deep green color during the growing season.

Thanks to the penkoted seed technology, it can help improve each seed’s ability to grow into a healthy plant, resulting in a beautiful and thick lawn.

The unique thing about this grass is that it adapts to various soils that include poorly drained areas. You will get advanced technology, creating environmentally conscious, purebred, and drought-resistant seeds.

The grass is resistant to diseases, which creates confidence because you no longer worry about the grass anymore. Its seeds are mixed individually to customize for every region, so you can be assured that you’re planting the correct speed for your region.

Another good thing is that its seeds are different that are improved to help them thrive in areas, which are shaded.

  • It is superior drought resistance
  • It is disease and heat resistance
  • Maintains the deep green color
  • The penkoted seed technology help to improve each seed growth ability
  • It has purebred seeds
  • It has lower maintenance
  • You can save more water by about 30%
  • Excellent results during germination
  • Improved varieties its seeds
  • Its seeds are expensive when compared to others

2. Scotts EZ Controlled Release Technology Patch

Scotts EZ Controlled Release Technology Patch Best Grass For Houston

When you get the seed, it comes in a seed packet with a combination of fertilizer and mulch. The grass is designed specially to grow anywhere, including dense and sunshade.

With proper care, you are sure of getting a healthy and green seed. It absorbs six times its weight while water expands to surround the seed in the moist protective layer.

The Scotts product has the best and high-performance grass seed that can help to keep seedlings safe against harmful diseases, which can attack freshly planted areas.

I really appreciate the exclusive controlled and release technology that feeds seedlings to promote and jumpstart growth even in the dense shade.

This grass’s advantage is that it thrives in full sun, on slopes, and in high traffic areas. When planting the new grass seed to get the best results, it is important to water two times every day for at least three weeks.

On the other hand, it comes with a tackifier, which can help to keep seeds from washing away.

  • It has jumpstart growth
  • Blend very well with other prevailing grass
  • Controlled release technology promote growth
  • It can grow in dense shade and full sun
  • Resistance to disease
  • Can do well on slopes and in high traffic areas
  • It grows in a major drought
  • Great when absorbing water
  • Cover the bare space of your lawn
  • The product has a mixture of seed and soil

3. Rose and Branch Organic Easy to Grow Wheat Grass

Rose and Branch Organic Easy to Grow Wheat Grass Best Grass For Houston

The product from Rose and Branch has premium wheatgrass packed with good stuff. It can be grown, harvested, and packaged in Houston.

This wheatgrass offers an earthy flavor, a delicious, and makes a healthy treat. Equally important, it is non-GMO and organic, which is easy to become green compared to others.

It is easy to grow because the seeds grow to wheatgrass within 4 to 7 days. You can choose the garden soil, favorite flower pot, sprinkle in some seeds, and add water.

Within 4 to 7 days, it will grow to about 4 inches. More importantly, it features the EdgeGuard designed to ensure the seeds go to an area where you need them to be. 

  • It comes in high-quality wheatgrass seed
  • It ensures fresh batch growing
  • Resistant to insects, disease, heat, and drought
  • Easy to grow
  • Sprout quickly
  • It is BPA-free
  • Non-GMO and organic
  • It makes the healthy treat
  • Absorbs water twice more
  • Guarantees a faster grow
  • It dies extremely easily

4. Patten Seed Company Zenith Zoysia 100% Pure Grass

Patten Seed Company Zenith Zoysia 100 Pure Grass Best Grass For Houston

The Patten Seed Company product makes a very dark, dense green, handsome grass that is drought tolerant, tolerant of high heat, and cold hardy.

Notably, it is shade tolerant, which means it is far and wide adaptable to light shade and full sun. When the seed is grown in warm soil, mainly 60° or higher, it will sprout within 14 to 21 days.

When grown well, you will get dark green and medium-textured leaves. On the other hand, it creates a slow-growing, dense, and low-maintenance turfgrass, which can tolerate wear and traffic better than most warm-season lawns.

The grass is commonly used in residential and commercial landscapes, golf courses, sports fields, medians, and roadsides.

Exclusively, it tolerates extreme cold and heat and is the best for cooler climates. In like manner, it adapts well from the southern coast climates of Houston to the upper transition zone.

The grass can grow anywhere due to the combination of the growing material, which is premium release and super-absorbent to continuous lawn food. Even more, it has a tackifier that ensures the wash-away seed is reduced.

  • It has dark green and medium-textured leaves
  • It has a low-maintenance
  • Ideal for high traffic
  • Adaptable to light shade and full sun
  • It is drought tolerant
  • Absorbs water completely
  • It can withstand cold, hardy
  • Tolerate extreme heat
  • Survive winter and fall conditions
  • It is super-absorbent
  • Can grow anywhere
  • It cannot grow on the sandy topsoil

5. Scotts Turf Builder Low-Maintenance Grass

Scotts Turf Builder Low Maintenance Grass Best Grass For Houston

If you want the best grass for Houston that is perfect for withstanding in areas with light shade and full sunlight, then Scotts is the right product. It combines grass seed and mulch to grow a durable, tough, and low-maintenance lawn.

Typically, this extremely versatile product mix is 99.9 percent free of weeds. To get the best results, you need to water it two times daily for not less than three weeks.

Additionally, it has a medium-bladed texture with high to medium drought resistance. Its seed can start to grow in 10 to 21 days.

On the other hand, you can trim the seedlings once they reach two inches in height. The grass can endure eight hours of the full sun. Thus you do not have to be anxious if you do not shade them.

To get the best results, you need to add a thin Scotts Turfgrass soil layer after and before applying the seed. Typically, to grow grass quicker and thicker, apply Scotts starter turf builder food for the new grass after sowing.

For best results, you need to water it more or daily as required to make the soil surface wet until the seedlings attain 2 inches tall.

  • It is extremely versatile
  • Withstand light shade and full sun
  • Tough and durable
  • Thrives in drought, partial shade, and heat
  • It has low maintenance
  • Survives colder temperatures
  • Thrives in high-traffic locations
  • Overwatering can cause fungal infection


Each grass product for Houston has a distinct shade, which allows you to choose the desired color of the future lawn. 

In addition to individual grass varieties, it has low maintenance, can tolerate wear and traffic, and withstand better warm-season lawns in addition to individual grass varieties.

They have a unique pattern, which can be obtained by planting different grass products in separate areas of the same lawn. The grass can be used in residential and commercial landscapes, golf courses, sports fields, medians, and roadsides. They also have specific shades of green. 

The best-selling grass for Houston is Scotts EZ Controlled Release Technology Patch because it can grow anywhere, including dense and sunshade.

Besides, the irrigation schedule can be two times every day for at least three weeks. This product has attained the above factors because it can withstand dense and sunshade, and the irrigation schedule can be done two times every day.