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5 Best Grass Seed For Florida Reviews (Comprehensive Buying Guide)

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Florida is a great state to have fun, live, and grow. One of the things that make it beautiful is a landscape with the best garden. Its vegetation, the coast, and many other landscapes determine its uniqueness.

Among them are the lawns, which are essential in public spaces and residential areas like clubs or parks. So, it’s not surprising that you want the beautiful gardens suitable for the city in which you live.

This is possible if you choose the best grass seeds for Florida.

Patten Seed Company TifBlair Centipede 1 Lb Grass Seed Best Grass Seed for Florida 2
Patten Seed Company TifBlair Centipede 1 Lb Grass Seed via

These grass seeds can be grown and planted in parks, golf courses, and other commercial sites. They can grow on thick green grass within a short time when compared to other brands.

In addition, there is the seed coating, which can ensure germination even in adverse conditions. When the grass flourishes, it can tolerate extreme heat and drought.

Besides, these grass seeds for Florida are flexible to survive cold and sun and are the best in full sun. Also, they absorb much more water than other seeds, allowing them to be moisturized for a long.

If you are looking for the best grass seed for Florida, continue reading this article.

Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Grass Seed for Florida

Soil type

The soil condition becomes unbalanced quickly, and it is important to know the soil type. This can be achieved through the soil test.

The test kit is sold in many stores and is designed to help identify the issues in the soil. If you want the best grass seed for Florida, nothing can stop you today.

The market has a wide variety of fertilizers and seeds, so choose the right one for you and enjoy your garden. Always select the blends taking into account the weather conditions and the area you are living in.

Tear and wear

When buying the best grass seed for Florida, you need to consider tear and wear. Consider the seeds that are unlikely to be brown, dry out under certain conditions or patchy spots.

And you will not choose the grass seeds that are too delicate, too thick, or too thatch when doing your job.

Scotts Turf Heat Tolerant Builder Grass Seed Best Grass Seed for Florida 2
Scotts Turf Heat Tolerant Builder Grass Seed via

For instance, families with young kids who want to enjoy their grass with mini-pools or water sports should consider the right grass seed. This is because some grass resists patchy spots due to self-mending.

The creeping grass naturally fills in the holes through it needs frequent fertilization, timed watering, and more mowing if you want to get the most out of it. Take your time and consider tear and wear if you’re going to get the best grass seed.


When buying the best grass seed for Florida, preparation of the soil must be considered. This includes the existing garden areas that need repair to ensure consistency.

It would help if you stopped using the weed treatment on the yard that you want to plant the grass seeds three months before planting. Also, be careful when cutting the vegetation that’s already on the lawn.

There is nothing wrong with pulling down any weed or manually removing rocks or other objects, such as branches from the soil.

You can do this without gloves on the loamy soil to make sure nothing is missing out. Careful soil preparation must be considered though adding organic matter such as compost to increase overall fertility.

Also, it is the best idea to rake the place before planting grass seeds to ensure it is smooth and level. This gives you a reliable bed to grow your seeds and get the best results.


The composition of the soil and climate determines the drainage of your grass. For example, if you live in a place with much rain and the ground is clay, you will get the areas with stagnant water that need to be conditioned or leveled.

In the same case, sandy soils, dry regions, or newly planted areas near the septic tanks or water sources can influence the drainage. So, consider the drainage when buying the grass seed for Florida.

Site size

The size of the site has a significant impact on the type of grass seed and the amount of seed needed for a healthy lawn. Large areas on a tight budget are suitable for particular seeds.

You can also consider the PLS (Pure Live Seeds) percentage. This calculation measures whether the reduced price of seeds is affordable.

You can calculate PLS by taking the percentage of the pure seeds and multiplying it by the germination percentage. Then the product is divided by 100.

The acidity of the soil

When buying the best grass seed for Florida, you are supposed to know the acidity level. Strips and soil testing kits are accessible from online and local dealers, which can help to test the acidity level.

Even though many verdures can thrive in all soil types, this is not the case with grass seeds. Some types require neutral soil pH of between 6.5 and 7. Centipede and Zoysia are examples of grass seeds that do better in acidic soil, although not far below 5.


Planting grass seeds in Florida, as in other areas, has its challenge. The grass react as per the climate and each region has its own characteristics. If you do not choose the correct location, no matter how good the seed is, it won’t germinate.

First, you need to know that each region is unique. The main classifications are cold season and warm season and in Florida, it require warm season varieties.

In some areas, the drought and heat can be extreme, and in other regions, the temperatures can be mild or cold, making seed selection difficult. So, make sure you choose the correct area for your seeds.

Seed coating

The seed coating is the technology that makes the seeds more resistant to different conditions. This means you can get results with less risk and faster.

But these seeds can be a bit expensive. So if you have to make a budget, try them out first. Typically, this is because the seed coating can feed the seeds with additional nutrients while protecting them from pests and infection.

In addition, these seeds absorb more water than other seeds, which helps them stay hydrated longer.

Type of seed

If you want the best grass seed for Florida, consider the type of seed. Cold and warm-season grass seeds are usually sorted at the store.

The cold season can thrive in the northern areas, while warm-season ones can thrive in western and southern zones.

Cold season grasses are generally resistant to shadow. Also, warm-season seeds can be planted in early summer or late spring, while cool-season ones are best in the fall.


You need to make sure you choose the right type of grass seed that matches the texture of a particular soil patch you are planting in.

You can tell the loam soil texture simply by touching it with your hand between the forefinger and thumb. A quick test of the soil texture should be done and ensure you get the correct grass mix.

Shade level

This often affects the level of shade and sunlight exposure for which the lawn is naturally designed.

Some grass seeds, such as fescue, are best in partial shade, and others, like Bermuda grass, are best on total sun exposure. So, when buying the best grass seed for Florida, consider the shade level.

5 Best Grass Seed for Florida

1.  Patten Seed Company TifBlair Centipede 1-Lb Grass Seed

Patten Seed Company TifBlair Centipede 1 Lb Grass Seed Best Grass Seed for Florida


Patten Seed Company has come up with this grass seed for Florida, which is exceptionally available as both seed and sod. It is fit for roadsides, large landscapes, private and public parks, and home lawns.

Besides, it needs less mowing and stays greener longer earlier and during spring. In the same case, it is the most environmentally friendly and warm-season grass with the lowest maintenance.

This grass seed comes with the lowest fertility requirements, which can grow well on poor soil. In addition, it is tolerant of extreme cold and heat and well-adapted from the upper transition zone to the southern coast.

Thanks to the seed coating, which can help to improve germination. Every pound bag can cover about 4,000 square feet.

Besides, it is resistant to warmth and can thrive in shade areas. If you want the best outcomes, plant this grass when it gets warm, and do not add other plants until it is fully grown.

Despite the slower germination period of this grass, it is resistant to winter, provided you are patient and take time to monitor it during and after growth.

  • Resistant to warmth
  • It is drought tolerant
  • Needs less mowing
  • It is environmentally-friendly
  • It has the lowest maintenance requirements
  • Require the lowest fertility
  • It stays green for longer than other seed products
  • Can grow well even on poor soils
  • Resistant to winter condition
  • The Seeds are coated to improve germination periods
  • It is a slow-growing grass seed

2.  Zenith Zoysia 2-Lb Grass Seed

Zenith Zoysia 2 Lb Grass Seed Best Grass Seed for Florida


If the soil temperature is warmer or has risen to 60 degrees and there is a danger of frost, then this is the grass seed for this condition.

It can be used in residential and commercial landscapes like golf courses, sports fields, medians, and roadsides. Typically, it can make your yard dark green, very dense, and handsome, which is attractive to many people.

Similarly, it comes with a low maintenance cost and can tolerate traffic compared to other warm-season lawns. It is cold, hardy, tolerant of intense heat, and drought tolerant.

I really appreciate the shade-tolerant feature because it can be widely adaptable to light shade and full sun.

This grass seed does not require more nutrients or much water. Every two pounds bag can cover about 2,000 square feet. So even though its growing process is slower, the ultimate result is dense.

What is more, it adapts very well to extreme cold, which means you can grow it in any place in Florida.

  • Tolerant to extreme heat
  • It is shade tolerant
  • It is drought tolerant
  • Dense growth habit
  • It has a low maintenance cost
  • Tolerates extreme cold
  • It can be used on residential and commercial landscapes
  • Resistant to weed growth
  • It does not require too many nutrients or much water
  • Available in both sod and seed
  • The seeds take time to germinate

3.  Scotts Turf Heat- Tolerant Builder Grass Seed

Scotts Turf Heat Tolerant Builder Grass Seed Best Grass Seed for Florida


The Scotts grass seed is unique because it is designed for partial shade, high drought resistance, and full sun. It comes with a mix of tall bluegrass and fescue seed for durability and deep roots.

Every seed has a 4-in-1 WaterSmart PLUS coating that can absorb more water when compared to an uncoated seed. Also, it helps it feed on essential nutrients and protect the seedlings from diseases.

This grass grows quicker, greener, and thicker, guaranteeing your money back. In the same case, it can recover quickly from drought and heat and spread to repair the tear and wear.

Likewise, it can absorb more water than other seeds from the same grass type, which permits them to remain nourished for a more extended period.

The unique thing about this grass seed is that it grows thicker by 33% compared to ordinary tall fescue and other grass seeds of similar type.

Moreover, it recovers in a record time when it’s affected by extreme drought or heat and is subject to self-repairing. Thanks to the smart feature because it can help to develop deeper roots and improve its tolerance.

  • It is 33% thicker when compared to other seeds
  • Recover when affected with extreme drought or heat
  • Grow greener quickly
  • It is resistant to drought
  • The seeds are seed durable and deep-rooted
  • It is coated to protect the seedlings from disease
  • The seeds absorb more water
  • Germinate easier and faster
  • Feed additional nutrients
  • Remains moisturized for long
  • Requires daily watering
  • It can take some time to get established

4.  Jonathan Green Full Sun 10870 Grass Seed

Jonathan Green Full Sun 10870 Grass Seed Best Grass Seed for Florida


This grass seed from Jonathan Green is paramount because it provides high-quality grass. Usually, it is formulated to ensure a beautifully green lawn and give homeowners long-lasting grass they may take pride in.

In addition, it provides an option for people who are looking for a seed mixture, which can offer the benefits of different grass types.

I appreciate the entophytic varieties because they can aid in preventing harmful insect damage. It can withstand stressful sunny conditions in the same fashion, ensuring the highest quality and long-lasting lawn.

In warm areas, you can get this seed, which is available in various bag sizes, to serve the individuals who want to grow it.

The product is a valid option for people who want to make their bare areas beautiful, as it germinates faster and is easy to plant.

Moreover, it does not require much fertilizer and gives the dead patches of grass a green and fresh look. However, the downside is that it does not perform well in high-drought areas and extremely sunny.

  • Provides grass of high quality
  • Ensures a beautiful green grass
  • Aids to deter insect damage
  • Available in various pack sizes
  • Provides a long-lasting lawn
  • It does not require much fertilizer
  • Germinates very fast
  • Easy to plant
  • Cover dead grass patches
  • It does not withstand high-drought areas and extremely sunny

5.  SeedRanch Pensacola 10-Lbs Bahia Grass Seed

SeedRanch Pensacola 10 Lbs Bahia Grass Seed Best Grass Seed for Florida


The SeedRanch seed has a popular option in the southern region of Florida. It is versatile in applications from pastures to roadsides, parks, and lawns.

It is the warm climate grass, which prefers partial shade or full sun. On the other hand, it grows green and thick within a shorter period than other brands.

Despite its easy establishment and fast growth, you can have resistant grass, which can withstand heavy activities.

There is a low maintenance cost for this grass seed and establish easily, making it grow vigorously and quickly. I appreciate it because it can grow in sandy soil and does not need to be fertilized frequently.

This product is resistant to diseases and drought, loves sunny areas, and does well in areas with shade.

The advantage of having it in your yard is that it is a good traffic tolerance, where it can grow with other plants being in the same area. A 10-pound bag can cover about 1000 square feet.

  • It has low maintenance
  • Good traffic tolerance
  • Disease and drought resistant
  • Grows vigorously and quickly
  • Don’t need to be fertilized regularly
  • It is versatile
  • After 3 to 4 weeks, it becomes thick and green
  • Withstand dry heat
  • Only 10% of the seeds grow


Finally, you now know that putting beautiful and green grass in your yard is not a simple task. It appears attractive, but it can be a discouraging job for many people in Florida.

If you can’t pick suitable grass and take care of them, you can turn to professionals to help you choose the best grass seed for Florida for your lawn.

Patten Seed Company TifBlair Centipede 1-Lb Grass Seed is the best-selling product because it has a seed coating, which can help to improve the germination of seeds.

Besides, it can withstand shade areas. This product has attained the above factors because it has a seed coating that improves seed germination and can grow in the shade.