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5 Best Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig – Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

Plants need light to grow. It is during photosynthesis and chlorophyll, but it does not require the entire spectrum of solar radiation. The most helpful part of the spectrum is the blue and red parts.

Each area of ​​radiation is useful in plants and affects them differently. You need the best grow light for fiddle leaf fig because it has a blue light that accelerates protein synthesis, stimulates the growth of the green mass, and promotes the production of chlorophyll.

Compared to other lights, it has a significantly lower temperature, which ensures less heating of the soil, reduces the evaporation of moisture, and increases the interval between watering. 

In addition, it is safe to use and is more environmentally friendly. The best grow light for fiddle leaf figs is characterized by low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, and long service life. 

It is distinguished by high light intensity and a broad spectrum, which can penetrate deep under the crown, providing light to the lower layers. Also, it has high-quality material that effectively reflects light and heat and directs it to seedlings.

Best Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig
Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig – via Reddit

Factors to consider when buying the best grow light for fiddle leaf fig

Lighting modes

When buying the best grow light for fiddle leaf fig, you need to consider the lighting modes. At the initial stage of growing seedlings, the grow light is placed at some distance from the fiddle leaf fig seedlings. 

As the plant grows, the light source must be raised to a similar height, easily provided with an adjustable mount. Fiddle leaf fig seedlings should be at an equal period and the light mode. Each stage should be allocated some hours, but it is crucial to consider the presence of natural light.

Body of the grow light

You need to pay attention to the body of the grow light. It must be aluminum and by no means plastic because it is impossible to avoid this. Excess heat must be removed from the grow light so as not to overheat. And for this, you need a radiator and an aluminum body. The more powerful the model, the more massive it should be. 

If the body has the plastic material, then the opposite effect is obtained because plastic acts as an insulator, plays a thermos role, and does not allow heat to escape. Because of this, the growing light overheats; as a result, the luminous flux decreases and, therefore, burns out. The service life of such grow light is concise, and the efficiency is low.

Spectrum of diodes

It is well known that plants need sunlight for growth and development, consisting of waves of different lengths and colors. In the spring, during the period of growing fiddle leaf figs, when there is not enough sunlight, artificial lighting is usually used to illuminate the plants. 

However, their emission spectrum is limited and occurs mainly in the yellow and green color sectors. In addition, incandescent lamps consume a lot of electricity. Grow lights for fiddle leaf figs are more economical, and fiddle leaf figs respond well to response growth to blue and red colors.

Real and rated diode power

Diodes come in different power: 1W, 3W, or 5W. For the needs of the fiddle leaf fig, the most suitable is the grow light with a primary lens, which scatters light at an angle of 120 degrees. A 3W light with the correct emitted light and heat ratio is considered optimal.

To not be mistaken with the choice of the grow light, it is necessary to distinguish between the concepts of nominal and real power. Let’s figure out what they mean. 

Rated power is the power at which the diode operates at its maximum limit. This means that the diode’s life under such a load will be short. For the diodes to last longer, they are powered by half of their power; that is, a 3W diode will, in reality, show 1.5W. 

This is its real power. So, when buying the best grow light for fiddle leaf fig, you need to consider the real and rated diode power.

Distance from the grow light to the area of ​​illumination

At what distance from fiddle leaf fig should grow lights be placed? The answer to this question will depend on what room and how many fiddle leaf figs you will grow and the length of daylight hours.

For the lamp to retain its functions and the effect of such lighting does not decrease, it can be equipped with additional lenses to narrow the light beam. The area of ​​illumination will depend on the selected lenses. To not overpay for extra lamps and unnecessary power, it is better to pick them up with the help of professionals.

Desired spectrum

When buying the best grow light for fiddle leaf fig, you need to consider the desired spectrum. The Bicolor spectrum is the main spectrum for giving fiddle leaf fig the energy necessary for photosynthesis.

A grow light with this spectrum is recommended to illuminate any plants on the windowsill, balcony, and in places with minimal sunlight. It can be used to grow young fiddle leaf figs and illuminate adult fiddle leaf figs in a room with additional light sources.

The full spectrum has a wider range of peaks in the red and blue fields. It is versatile and will suit many plants. This light source is slightly inferior to the bicolor spectrum in terms of energy efficiency and spectral peaks. Still, the broader spectrum zone allows the fiddle leaf fig to receive maximum artificial light, similar in effect to the sun.

The multicolor spectrum is a unique grow light that combines red, blue, warm white, and far-red light. It gives the maximum stimulation of flowering and fruiting in many plants, including orchids and adeniums, and a large share of red and blue light for photosynthesis in the growth stage. 

A grow light with this spectrum is recommended for illumination of adult fiddle leaf fig, stimulation of flowering and fruiting, and growing indoors in the absence of sunlight.

Possibility to install additional lenses

The primary lens and the illumination angle of the diodes are 120 degrees. If you hang the grow light too high, then less light will reach the seedlings for fiddle leaf fig, increasing its dispersion. Such an application is ineffective. 

You can solve the problem by installing additional lenses at 15, 30, 45, 60, and 90 degrees. Their selection will make it possible to determine the height and maintain the power of the grow light for fiddle leaf fig.

The shape of the grow light

If you have a window sill, a table, a long shelf, and shelving, it is more convenient to purchase a linear grow light. It will illuminate fiddle leaf fig planted in a long row evenly. If the fiddle leaf figs are located on a radius stand, you need to highlight a miniature tree or a small area on the table, and it is better to use the model which is fit for it.

5 Best Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig

1. GHodec Tripod Stand Adjustable Grow Light for Fiddle Leaf Fig

GHodec Tripod Stand Adjustable Grow Light for Fiddle Leaf Fig Best Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig
Best Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig

If you want the best grow light for fiddle leaf fig that can meet all your necessities, even large and tall plants, then go for this model from GHodec. It comes with an adjustable tripod stand that can extend between 15 inches and 48 inches, where you only need to lock it at the desired length for the preferred use. You can put it on the floor close to the preferred angle as per the plant’s needs.

Similarly, it comes with ten adjustable brightness and three switch modes, ideal for various indoor plants at different growing stages. The USB connector makes it suitable to connect in the office or home. In the same way, you will set it up for lighting every three hours, nine hours, or twelve hours automatically every twenty-four hours once the timer is activated.

Additionally, it is easy to install because you only need to place the grow light on a tripod and then tighten the screws up to when they’re fully seated. Thanks to the iron stand, it is durable and robust, making it worth every penny you spend. What is more, it has a blue light, which is ideal for photosynthesis and assists in inducing carotenoid and chlorophyll.

  • The tripod stand is adjustable
  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to install
  • It is widely used
  • It enhances photosynthesis
  • Strong and durable
  • It offers an effective light spectrum
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is user friendly
  • Easy to use
  • It is lightweight
  • Timer is unreliable
Best Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig

2. GYTF 60 LED Auto On/Off 3500K Tri-Head Full Spectrum Grow Light

GYTF 60 LED Auto On Off 3500K Tri Head Full Spectrum Grow Light Best Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig
Best Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig

Whether in the greenhouse or indoor gardening, you can use this grow light from GYTF to keep the plants thriving and healthy. It is ideal for all types of house plants in every growth stage. The sturdy stand is close to the plants’ color, which can look more natural and comfortable when installed next to the plants.

You will get the flexible 3-light bar design that allows you to place the grow light in any direction to offer the top lighting angle to meet the plants’ cover. Every grow strip light has 20 pieces of super bright LED chips that provide the full spectrum, such as sunlight, to fuel the plant growth. Equally important, this model comes with three timing options, which enable you to put on the light for 4, 8, or 12 hours.

Moreover, there is the auto on/off button to adjust the brightness depending on your needs. On the other hand, it comes with the 360-degree adjustable tri-angle gooseneck that enlarges the space for efficient lighting. Also, it is equipped with rotatable bulbs and a flexible gooseneck, which is easier for you to change the distance and angle between the plants and light.

  • It looks more natural and comfortable
  • It fuels plant growth
  • Easy to install
  • High efficiency and wide usage
  • It has a warranty
  • Significantly impact photosynthesis
  • Easy to use
  • Improve the growth quality of the flower
  • Tri-angle gooseneck is adjustable
  • Easy to maneuver
  • It is sturdy
  • Adjustable and lightweight
  • Versatile and convenient
  • Not very bright
Best Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig

3. Lxyoug Remote Control 15-60 inches Adjustable Grow Light for Fiddle Leaf Fig

Lxyoug Remote Control 15 60 inches Adjustable Grow Light for Fiddle Leaf Fig Best Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig
Best Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig

Are you looking for the grow light to promote photosynthesis, germination, rooting, blooming, and fruiting? Go for this product from Lxyoug because it offers a broader coverage for indoor plants. It comes with a stable and durable tripod stand, adjusted between 15 inches and 60 inches.

There is a 360-degree flexible gooseneck that can be adjusted and set according to the different needs. I really appreciate the RF controller and line-in controller, which protect your eyes and make it more convenient to operate. In the same way, this product has ten brightness setting that range between 10% and 100%, where you can arbitrarily switch to find the suitable brightness for the plant growth.

Furthermore, it contains three spectral modes to deliver more highly-uniform light to promote plant growth. There is an RF controller that can help to control the light by about 30 meters.

There is no need to walk near the grow light to control it. It comes with the warm white spectrum, which stimulates the natural environment for the plant, promotes the plant’s healthy growth, and supplements the lack of natural sunlight.

  • Stable and durable
  • It has a broader coverage
  • Perfect heat dissipation
  • It offers a full universal spectrum
  • Promotes photosynthesis, germination, and rooting
  • It has a double control
  • Flexible and neat
  • Easy to use
  • Widely applications
  • Deliver highly-uniform light
  • The stand is adjustable
  • The lights are very bright
  • Promote plant growth
  • Convenient to use
  • The stand is wobbly a little
Best Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig

4. Craftersmark 420 LED 300W Auto On/Off Grow Light

Craftersmark 420 LED 300W Auto On Off Grow Light Best Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig
Best Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig

The Craftersmark product helps the plants grow with full-spectrum lighting at a low cost compared to the traditional HPS lamps hence extended lifespan and low heat waste. The light has 105pcs LEDs and 420pcs LEDs for every light bar. Similarly, the illuminated space is wider compared to other grow lights, and you can turn on or off every light bar separately.

There are four switch modes and ten levels of brightness, which can meet the requirement of your plants at various growth stages. You will get the red light that promotes fruit, flower, and leaf growth. In the same way, it has a blue light that encourages structural and vegetative growth. The purple light is available, which offers the plants energy and assists in development.

I appreciate the line-in controller because it is convenient to use. On the other hand, you can control the light from near or far from the lamp through the RF controller.

The adjustable tripod stand extends the height between 15″ and 62″. This is suitable for many indoor plants. Equally important, the flexibility of a gooseneck lets you put a light bar at different positions, and the stiffness is adequate to hold a light bar.

  • It is highly efficient
  • Encourages structural and vegetative growth
  • Convenient to use
  • The tripod stand is adjustable
  • It is widely used
  • Increase photosynthesis rate
  • It comes with a warranty
  • Provide a larger illumination area
  • Stimulates all growth patterns
  • Versatile and bright
  • It is energy efficient
  • Easy to set up
  • Not very sturdy
  • Falls over easily
Best Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig

5. ANYFONG LED Full Spectrum/Blue/Red Grow Light for Fiddle Leaf Fig

ANYFONG LED Full Spectrum Blue Red Grow Light for Fiddle Leaf Fig Best Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig
Best Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig

This best grow light for fiddle leaf fig from ANYFONG is reasonably efficient with the comprehensive spectrum combination. Notably, it comes with an adjustable tripod stand that can extend from between 45cm and 150cm by just locking it at the preferred length for the preferred use. It is perfect for breeding or seeding, gardening, potted plants, and flower show, especially for large and tall plants.

The red light promotes photosynthesis, and the blue light encourages the plants to absorb additional energy via chlorophyll synthesis to assist in germination. More importantly, warm light simulates sunlight, making it perfect for seed starting. Thanks to the 360° flexible gooseneck that has high-quality tubing to keep the fixed position.

Besides, this grows light comes with a metal clamp, which allows it to be placed any place in your office or home. On the other hand, it has ten dimming levels that can help to adjust the light brightness at will. Above all, the model comes with violet light, which has a limited plant growth effect, but it is useful when joined with blue and red light.

  • The tripod stand is adjustable
  • Promotes the plant rooting and germination
  • Promotes photosynthesis
  • Convenient to use
  • It is versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Nice and compact light
  • Easy to setup
  • Simple and practical
  • Easy to adjust to any angle
  • Flimsy and too dim
Best Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig


The grow light for fiddle leaf fig is ideal if you want to illuminate fiddle leaf fig and seedlings. It has a pleasant glow that is comfortable for human eyes and allows you to use it in residential areas. The body of the grow light is made of aluminum, which provides good heat dissipation and is essential during many hours of operation.

Go for the above products because they have unique features. For instance, they have an effective spectrum for different periods of seedling development: the formation of the root system, a set of green mass, flowering, and fruit ripening. 

The best-selling product is GHodec Tripod Stand Adjustable Grow Light for Fiddle Leaf Fig because it has an adjustable tripod stand that can extend between 15 inches and 48 inches. Likewise, it comes with an iron stand that is durable and strong to make it worth every penny you spend.

This product has attained the above factors because it has an adjustable tripod stand, which can be extended to different heights, and has an iron stand, which is durable and strong