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6 Best Hanging Planter Ideas For Your Home

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Growing plants is considered to be healthy for your mind as well as body. It helps in cultivating and restoring positivity and keeps the atmosphere safe for breathing in oxygen.

If you have an interest in making your own garden, you can look for some amazing tips to make your own. Apart from smoothening out your lawn and decorating the pathway with flowers and other plant species, Indoor plants must also be a priority.

In a world that is driven by excessive stress, plants can help you in releasing negative aspects of your life. Having indoor plants at home can make your space look more beautiful and green.

In order to make use of all your unused corners at your home, let us look at some creative hanging planter ideas that can totally transform your interiors

Best DIY Hanging Planter Ideas for Your Home

You can easily set up any plant species at home and start your hanging garden. Some of the coolest ideas that work magic to lift up your personal space are as follows:

1) DIY Bulb planters

If you have unused bulbs at home or you are about to throw one, then easily use it to create your own bulb planter. Simply take out all wires from the bulb and make a small hole at the end.

Use a small rope and insert it into the bulb in order to give the hanging effect. Open up the front of the bulb and choose a plant species to make your own DIY bulb planter.

You must have big round or square shapes bulb with you to successfully get this done. Keep the planter anywhere you like and let your guests appreciate you for your effort!

DIY Bulb planters - Best Hanging Planter Ideas
DIY Bulb planters - Best Hanging Planter Ideas

2) Birdcage planters

Birdcages are very popular not just in terms of casual decoration pieces but can be used for making simple and unique birdcage planters. In order to start with the process, you must have either small or large-sized cages, which are easily available in any decorative store.

Insert any plant species inside and hang it with the help of the small handle that is already attached.

This planter idea can also be used in your outdoor garden. You can keep this cage in front of your living room or even in your balcony. For a complete magical effect, you can insert small lights in it too. While this is completely optional, it brings another layer of fantastic presentation.

Birdcage planters - Best Hanging Planter Ideas
Birdcage planters - Best Hanging Planter Ideas

3) Glass jar planters

You must all be aware of small mason jars that are used for various activities. These are not just cute pieces for decoration but can also be used to set up your instant indoor garden at home.

In order to incorporate basic ideas, get hold of small plants and insert it into the Mason jar. This is really a versatile approach to keep the place all decorated.

While this idea is excellent, you have to clamp it up instead of hanging it. You can do so in any free wall that you like. However, in order to hang it, you can make two holes in the jar and then use a tight string to attach it. This can completely change your whole living space and uplift the sanctity of your home.

Glass jar planters - Best Hanging Planter Ideas

4) Plastic bottle planters

A very common yet fruitful hanging planter idea that most individuals are aware of is the plastic bottle planter. Anyone can make this at home with various sets of plastic bottles, which are left unused.

To start off, take a plastic bottle of any size and open the front part of it. Trim the edges and make two holes on its sides.

Now gently insert a strong rope and hang it. Instead of cutting the bottle halfway, you can insert the plant fully and hang it any part of the house.

The most favored plant to keep in water bottles is the money plant. This trick can also be applied to glass bottles and you can even paint it to make it look beautiful.

Plastic bottle planters - Best Hanging Planter Ideas
Plastic bottle planters - Best Hanging Planter Ideas
Plastic bottle planters - Best Hanging Planter Ideas

5) Tin can planters

Small tin cans that are left at home after painting renovation can be used for planter ideas. These cans can be used to grow plants of any kind.

Remove the lid that is attached to the can and insert a rope in its place. Clean the inner parts of the can and grow small plants and herbs inside.

This is one of the easiest hanging planter ideas that can be incorporated and safely carried out in order to completely enhance your personal space.

Tin can planters - Best Hanging Planter Ideas
Tin can planters - Best Hanging Planter Ideas
Tin can planters - Best Hanging Planter Ideas

6) DIY Hat planters

If you are looking for some quirky ideas, then why not try the DIY Hat planter solution? The hats can very well go in your own outdoor garden along with your indoor hanging option.

In order to start off with the recycling project, grab a few hats that you no longer use. Make some small holes in the hat if necessary and hang it with the help of a rope.

In another situation, you can simply use round cowboy hats and insert some colorful plants from outside. You can opt to hang it in your own room or even in the garden, as per seems to be appropriate.

DIY Hat planters - Best Hanging Planter Ideas

Forming your own hanging garden is a great way to reuse as well as recycle all your old and obsolete materials that you no longer use.

This is one of the best ways in which you can install hygiene in your house along with creating an eco-friendly environment. You can always change the ideas and experiment with new ones in order to refresh the spirit of your DIY hanging garden!


Since the methods of starting your own hanging garden are now clear to you, you can successfully arrange the plants and hang it at any place you want.

Use the balcony, your living room corners or even the stairway to keep it alive with fresh plant options. Make use of the best hanging planter ideas for your quick and easy successful home transformation!