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5 Best HPS Grow Lights On The Market – 2023 Reviews!

Grow lights have a special place in the lives of many people. Growing plants have been a tedious process that is rewarding in the end. However, if you want the best from your plants, you need the best HPS grow lights on the market.

These HPS grow lights have been a popular way to provide light to the plants. They are perfect for lighting up the space-saving grows such as small grow tents, closets, and anywhere you want plants to thrive without being seen. The hood reflector can be connected to the ventilation systems and cools the lamps to reduce wear and increase intensity.

Combined with a tempered glass shield, these models help trap and dissipate heat to reduce the impact on the plants. These best HPS grow lights on the market have air-cooling properties, which ensure your plants thrive without being stressed by heat.

Likewise, they have a built-in ballast that provides the light is safe for use and runs smoothly. The lightweight aluminum reflector is strong enough, easy to install and hang, and lightweight. Also, the reflector is powder-coated to prevent moisture buildup. To get the best HPS grow lights on the market, continue reading this article.

MIXJOY 1000W 120 240V Double Ended HPS Grow Light Best HPS Grow Lights On The Market 2
MIXJOY 1000W 120 240V Double Ended HPS Grow Light – via

Factors to consider when buying the best HPS grow lights on the market


The HPS grow lights on the market you want to buy should cover a large area of the plants. If the plants are growing in an environment of 3×3 and the grow light only covers a 2×2 area, it’s not worth it, or you will have to buy two of these lights.

Likewise, buy grow lights depending on flowering but not vegetative coverage. A 4×4 vegetative coverage provides a flowering range of around 3.5×3.5 as the light required to be reduced during flowering and would therefore cover a small area.

Power consumption

Power consumption is a crucial factor to consider when buying the best HPS grow lights. The more energy the grow light consumes, the higher the electricity bill. The growing cost of the plants increases when grow lights consume a lot of power. Always check exactly how much power the light draws from the socket before buying it.


In the case of HPS grow lights, these are chemical vapors that can sometimes be toxic. You must ensure that the light is safe and has all appropriate ratings and certifications from organizations like FCC and CE. So, you need to consider safety when buying the best HPS grow lights on the market.

Lighting details

You need to know the spectrum of the PAR values ​​you are getting and the grow light operates. The main idea applies when dealing with the lighting: the brighter, the better. Nevertheless, you can choose a less bright light if you are growing ornamental or succulent plants and a bright light if you are growing plants like marijuana. Therefore, make sure you get a light with the right type of brightness.

Durability and Design

The best HPS grow lights on the market are durable and well-designed grow lights. The light design should not be too heavy or too bulky. These lights must be strong enough to withstand the occasional scratch or bump in terms of durability. Waterproofing can be a big plus, but it’s rare with these grow lights.

Cooling ability

The best HPS grow light has a strong cooling mechanism. Considering how these lights tend to heat up compared to fluorescent lights or LED, you need to pay attention to their cooling ability. Typically, make sure the light has heat vents, strong fans, and other cooling features. Working temperatures must be kept low.


The HPS grow light to work efficiently must have a built-in ballast. Typically, there are several types of ballasts. One of them is the digital ballast, the most common option, which is compatible with most light bulbs.

It operates at relatively low temperatures, produces a high light intensity, and is energy efficient because it uses low electricity. The best digital ballasts are equipped with a full range of abilities, high-frequency protection functions, and bulb protection. It is also flexible in letting different power uses.


The reflector is crucial to increasing the best HPS grow lights on the market because it encourages the light focus, extending the bulbs’ life. There are generally two types of reflectors. The first one is the open reflectors, which are built so that the plants can receive light. Also, they have the adjustable feature, which lets you position the lights far or near the plants to ensure they get the best heat and spectrum.

The second type is the air-cooled reflectors, designed to trap hot air to prevent it from entering the plants. If the plants are grown indoors, for example, in a tent, the air-cooled reflectors can be the best option. So consider the reflectors when buying the HPS grow lights.

Double or single-ended bulbs

Another thing you need to determine is if the double-ended or single-ended bulbs are best for your needs. The single-ended grow lights are similar to a regular bulb, with the biggest difference of having a larger socket. Inside the glass, the tube is the arc tube component, whose main purpose is to produce light. Electricity is generated from the bottom of a bulb connected by the metal cable at one end.

The double-ended grow lights looks even more like a fluorescent light bulb. They have two wires at each end of the bulb that connects to the light fixture sockets. Double-ended grow lights are popular nowadays.

Day length of rated life

The important factor to consider when buying the best HPS grow lights on the market is the rated life of the light and how it fits into the budget, and the day length of the grow lights. Although some HPS grow lights have a rated life of more than ten years, the light warranties are typically 3-5 years.

The light’s durability is mainly determined by how you are using it. The last important feature to consider is the light’s rated life and fit your budget.


It is paramount to consider the HPS grow light construction. Although most HPS grow lights have metal material, you should choose one with durable and high-quality metal that can withstand normal tear and wear and excessive heat.

If the metal is very brittle or thin, the light will quickly break down, or worse, it can become dangerous. German hammered aluminum is the most durable material for the HPS grow light on the market

Heat dispersion

The heat dissipation is important when buying the best HPS grow light on the market. This kind of technology is designed to imitate the sun so that the lights would generate a lot of heat. For this reason, heat dispersion is essential. Ensure the HPS grow light you choose correctly disperses heat generated by the light to give your plants the heat they need and ensure safety.


The price of the HPS grow light varies widely. So think carefully about how much you need to spend before you take the step of buying one. Various factors affect the HPS light price, which can be size, features, power, and construction.

5 Best HPS Grow Lights On The Market

1. VIVOSUN 1000W High Stability HPS Grow Light

VIVOSUN 1000W High Stability HPS Grow Light Best HPS Grow Lights On The Market

Many people are going for the best Hps grow lights on the market from VIVOSUN because it has an optimized spectrum and superior quality to promote growth. It comes with 90% high reflectivity aluminum that can ensure the soonest flourish of the plants. High-pressure sodium bulbs give off the natural spectrum with a 2100k high-par value that is higher, promoting the fruiting and flowering phase.

Besides, it runs on a power supply of 120~240V and comes with a power cord of 8ft 120V, 600w, 750w, 1000w, or super lumens optional. Thanks to the 24-hour plug-in mechanical timer switch, it automates the lighting needs. Also, it encourages productive growth and brings convenience with lighting consistency. There is the heavy-duty construction and the timer mode, which can be switched off.

Similarly, this grow light has the sturdy braided polypropylene rope and reinforced metal internal gear that can ensure top safety. In the same case, it is ETL listed to provide maximum stability and security. The model is unique and facilitates overheating protection, short circuit protection, end-of-bulb-life protection, and ignition failure protection.

  • It promotes growth
  • It has consistent lighting
  • Encourages productive growth
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Reinforced metal internal gear ensure top safety
  • Stable and compatible
  • It is fully adjustable
  • Easy to set up
  • It has a longer service life
  • Tear and rust-resistant
  • Aluminum boosts reflectivity
  • It is multipurpose
  • Promotes fruiting and flowering phase
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sometimes the ballast fails

2. iPower 1000W HPS Digital Dimmable 24-Hour Timer Grow Light

iPower 1000W HPS Digital Dimmable 24 Hour Timer Grow Light Best HPS Grow Lights On The Market

iPower has come up with this Hps grow light with the dimmable level of 75 percent, 50 percent, and 100 percent. It has the photosynthetic active radiation and optimized spectrum, which ensure a healthy plant growth. You will get 15 feet built-in heavy-duty lamp cord with a standard hydroponic s-plug and E39 ceramic mogul socket.

Furthermore, this model has 95% highly textured reflective German aluminum, which maximizes the light reflected by your plants. This model can enlarge the lighting area and intensify light with the painted white panels. In the same way, this grows light can fit 250W, 600W, and 1000W MH or HPS grow light systems.

There is the grounded 3-prong design that is paramount to ensure safety use. On the other hand, it comes with ON/OFF program settings, which automatically repeat every 24 hours. You need to know that the system will generate much heat within the area it is being used without ventilation. So, adequate ventilation is required for the iPower grow light system.

  • Heavy-duty lamp cord
  • Promotes the soonest flourish
  • It ensures healthy plant growth
  • It is highly reflective
  • Enlarges lighting area and intensifies the light
  • Stimulates vegetative growth
  • Easy to set up
  • It runs quiet and cool
  • It has the dimmable options
  • Easy to use
  • It has an excellent design
  • Great customer service
  • Very fragile aluminum wings

3. MIXJOY 1000W 120-240V Double Ended HPS Grow Light

MIXJOY 1000W 120 240V Double Ended HPS Grow Light Best HPS Grow Lights On The Market

The MIXJOY model is a unique product adjustable to 600, 750, 1000, or 1150W output. It comes with a sturdy reflective hood with 95% reflectivity German aluminum with outstanding high quality and excellent color rendering. In all honesty, it has full-spectrum light, which provides 35 percent more available energy when compared to the standard HPS lamp bulbs.

Additionally, this model has precision-built components that precisely render the nourishing spectra for the plants. It has an optimized red and orange spectrum in the same case, which enhances fruiting and simulates flower growth.

I really appreciate the hooks because it an easy hanging installation of the grow light. There is a dual input voltage of 120 and 240 volts with the product dimension of 20.5″ x 10.6″ x 11.4″.

The 120V-240V high-frequency dimmable ballast is designed precisely for 1000W double-ended grow lamps. The model emits more UV and IR light to increase plants’ essential oils and potency. DE HPS 1000W bulb comes with a 1-year warranty, ensuring optimal performance because you can replace the bulb if there is any defect.

  • High-frequency dimmable ballast
  • High reflectivity rating
  • Excellent color rendering
  • Simulates flower growth
  • Outstanding high quality
  • It comes with a warranty
  • Easy to install
  • It enhances fruiting
  • It promotes photosynthesis
  • Optimum heat management
  • Longer lamp life
  • It looks healthy
  • Excellent lighting system
  • Excellent customer service
  • No outside packaging offered

4. iPower 600W 6-inch Cool Tube MH Digital HPS Dimmable Grow Light

iPower 600W 6 inch Cool Tube MH Digital HPS Dimmable Grow Light Best HPS Grow Lights On The Market

The iPower product is one of the Hps grow lights on the market, which automatically controls grow light to make the plant more convenient and help save money. Notably, it is set can resolve all problems you can have in the indoor gardening process. In like manner, it can support 120V or 240V input and has dimmable options of 75%, 50%, and 100%.

Likewise, it comes with an 8 ft heavy-duty power cord that offers a stable power output to guarantee no flicker. There is a high photosynthetic active radiation and optimized spectrum, promoting fast flourish and healthy plant growth. You will get high-frequency output resulting in less power loss with 30% more lumens when compared to the magnetic ballasts to ensure improved yields.

The model has 15 feet built-in durable lamp cord with the ceramic E39 mogul socket and the standard hydroponic s-plug. It comes with 95% highly reflective textured German aluminum that maximizes the light reflected. There is a grounded 3-prong design that can ensure safe use. Also, it comes with an LCD digital display, dual-outlet, backup battery included, and double and independent control capacity.

  • Heavy-duty power cord
  • Maximize the light reflected
  • Promotes healthy plant growth
  • Easy to use
  • Stimulates flower growth
  • It enhances fruiting
  • Stimulates vegetative growth
  • It ensures safe use
  • It is durable
  • No warranty service

5. UPDAYDAY UA5000 LED Dimmable Timer HPS CMH MH Grow Light

UPDAYDAY UA5000 LED Dimmable Timer HPS CMH MH Grow Light Best HPS Grow Lights On The Market

If you want to adjust the lamp brightness without regularly changing the light position, go for this product. It comes with a strip-shaped light bar design, which can offer more uniform coverage. In the same way, you can adjust the blue and red light ratio according to your preferences suitable for many kinds of plants.

Additionally, this product has more uniform coverage, which is ideal for 4×4 with a maximum space of 5×5. There is an aluminum material that quickly disperses heat without a noisy fan. Equally important, every light bar can be adjusted to about 45 degrees illumination angle to ensure the plants get light from different angles.

Moreover, a 1-23 hour timer can ensure hassle-free light cycling regulator, time reservation, and sunset and sunrise function. Blue light is available, which helps the plants to grow dense leaves and rhizomes during the planting period. Also, 740nm red light and IR are ideal for plants to yield healthier buds and more flowers to achieve the best harvest.

  • It offers more uniform coverage
  • High energy efficiency
  • It has low consumption
  • Adjustable illumination angle
  • Noiseless fan-free
  • It ensures dense leaves
  • It provides healthier buds
  • Good quality
  • It is bright
  • Poor customer service


With the best HPS grow light on the market, you can grow indoor plants successfully. The best options are listed above that help you achieve excellent results and are known for being effective for indoor growers who grow various types of plants.

For instance, they have the reflector hood, which comes with a tempered glass design and a glass lens to ensure that light falls on a reflector and then is reflected the plants.

iPower 600W 6-inch Cool Tube MH Digital HPS Dimmable Grow Light is the best-selling product because it has a heavy-duty power cord that offers a stable power output. Also, it comes with highly reflective textured German aluminum that maximizes the light being reflected.

This product has attained the above factors because it has the heavy-duty power cord to ensure stable power output and the reflective textured German aluminum to maximize reflected light.