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Choose the Best Oscillating Sprinkler from Top 5


There are many ways to water your garden: either by using a drip irrigation system, a garden hose, or oscillating sprinklers.

Typically, the oscillating sprinklers can be the best choice, which is known as the garden tools that distributes water evenly throughout the yard over a distance.

They are very efficient and allow you to spray plants anytime. The lawn maintenance can be made easy and saves water. Depending on the sprinkler size and the water pressure, these sprinklers can cover an area of 15 to 30 sq. ft.

These oscillating sprinklers have key features like the forth and back motion for the attached arm, which moves at a fixed speed. The pressure of the water provides the force to move their arm smoothly.

Also, the settings can be adjusted to control the width and length of the sprinkler to cover all parts of the lawn. There is a patented turbo engine that can ensure efficient coverage and adjustable control to change the sprinkler coverage between the small area and the large area.

In summer it is great for children to play with the splashing water which keeps them busy and active. If you want the best oscillating sprinklers, continue reading this article.

Dramm Green 15004 ColorStorm Oscillating Sprinkler 2 Best Oscillating Sprinklers
Dramm Green 15004 ColorStorm Oscillating Sprinkler – via

Factors to Consider When Buying the Oscillating Sprinklers

Lawn size

When buying oscillating sprinklers, you need to consider the lawn size. It helps you buy the sprinkler that minimizes the number of times you have to move and cover the whole yard.

The area of a garden or yard is determined by multiplying the width and length and use this area to buy the sprayer. For instance, a 50 by 75 ft. lawn would require a sprinkler, covering around 3750 sq. ft.

Because the oscillating sprinklers have a square coverage area, non-rectangular yards need multiple sprinklers to ensure full coverage.

A larger yard may also require multiple sprinklers to cover the whole area in a single watering session. Note that households with water pressure less than 30 psi will not have much pressure to meet the maximum sprinkler coverage.


The oscillating sprinklers are made from metal or plastic, and every material has its advantages and disadvantages.

The metal materials are more resistant to unintentional impact from the errant soccer or lawnmower and act as a more solid base for the sprinkler head.

Still, they’re more susceptible to rust and corrosion. Plastic materials, on the other hand, are easy to use and affordable but cannot withstand the impacts.

The oscillating sprinklers use the mechanism, which slowly moves the head forth and back. They keep this mechanism in a closed chamber, making them more durable when exposed to the elements.

Although these models are less expensive, dirt and debris can clog the bare unit’s gears and prevent the sprinkler from oscillating.

For this reason, a model with an open drive needs to be stored during bad weather to protect the moving parts.

Rotation control

With the oscillating sprinkler, rotation control is essential. The best sprinkler should fully adjust the width, pressure, and length of the spray.

An oscillating sprinkler, which is easily adjustable, can be better than the stationary or restricted model. The best control ensures the best lawn coverage.

Many simple sprinklers work by showering water forth and back in the fixed pattern, while some models have levers, knobs, or dials, which can be adjusted to control the flow, width, and length of the water.

Aqua Joe SJI OMS20 Indestructible 4400 Sq. Ft Coverage Oscillating Sprinkler
Aqua Joe SJI OMS20 Indestructible 4400 Sq. Ft Coverage Oscillating Sprinkler – via Amazon

Sled base

Unlike other types of oscillating sprinklers, the sled base is not attached to the ground, which can cause damage to the yard.

This design facilitates the movement around the lawn to cover various watering areas. Many sled bases have metal or plastic material attached at one end of the standard garden hose and the control.

Many models have a long sled base with a length of 15 to 17 inches and a width of 5 to 6 inches, although some sprinklers use a circular sled base of about 30 centimeters in diameter.

This wide base provides the stable base that can keep the sprinkler stable when the head is oscillating back and forth.

Number of nozzles

When purchasing the oscillating sprinkler, consider the number of spray nozzles it has. If the sprinkler has more nozzles, then it will have better coverage.

For an oscillating sprinkler, it must be at least 15 nozzles, but anything below that cannot be recommended.

So, when choosing the best oscillating sprinkler, you need to find one with 15 and above nozzles to ensure reliable coverage.

Spray range

The oscillating sprinkler will need more holes to cover a large area. If you need to limit the coverage to save water, you will need to choose fewer holes.

The right number of holes can be 18 in a bar. Look at the sprinkler handle to control the exact area you require the water to fall.

Evade buying the oscillating sprinkler, which produces more water than you need, as it makes no sense watering the neighbor’s yard.

Water pressure

Many oscillating sprinklers have the maximum water pressure coverage of 30 psi, which fits the standard range between 30 and 50 psi.

If the water pressure available is low, the sprinkler will not reach the maximum stated coverage. If the water pressure is very low, the water cannot produce enough force to rotate the oscillating sprinkler’s head. For people with water pressure that is below 30 psi, the sprinkler will have very low pressure.

The high water pressure can also affect the sprinkler’s performance negatively and cause water to evaporate as it exits the nozzle.

The pressure regulator connected between the sprinkler and hose can reduce the pressure. The right way to determine the water pressure in your home is to use the flow meter or gauge.

Water conservation

Since the oscillating sprinkler can use around 17 gallons of water every minute, it is imperative to look for the feature to direct more water to feed the lawn.

The sprinklers cover a very precise area, which makes it easy to place to the desired areas. This will help to save water and avoid wastage on sidewalks and driveways.

Some sprinklers have built-in timers, which allow the user to set them to shut down after a certain time. This is a great way of watering for those people who have no sprinkler control system.


When buying the oscillating sprinkler, you need to consider the durability, which may vary from one model to another.

Choose one that can withstand adverse weather conditions for years without a replacement. It is a good idea to choose the oscillating sprinkler, which contains more metal, such as cast iron or aluminum, than plastic.

Also, you need a model which is made of durable materials to resist tear and wear. When considering the oscillating sprinkler’s quality, look at the construction, design, and materials used.


Some oscillating sprinkler models have features, which can make them convenient to use. Typically, this includes adapters that connect to the hose’s end, making it easy to install and remove the sprinkler.

They eliminate a need to unscrew and screw the connector if you want to store the sprinkler and hose. Many models also have built-in filters that prevent dirt from clogging the nozzles and entering the sprinkler.

The latest generation sprinklers likewise feature flow controls, which allow the users to adjust the water output.

Top 5 Best Oscillating Sprinklers

1. Dramm Green 15004 ColorStorm Oscillating Sprinkler

Dramm Green 15004 ColorStorm Oscillating Sprinkler Best Oscillating Sprinklers


If you are looking for the oscillating sprinkler product to water the nurseries, avid gardeners, and greenhouse growers, this product from Dramm can be the best model.

It comes with 18 brass nozzle jets that can provide uniform watering and has a needle-plug, ensuring easy nozzle jet cleaning. Besides, it has an adjustable tab and dial that delivers different spray distances and water patterns for kids’ water fun and lawn care.

This product is unique because it can cover an area of about 3,036 sq. ft., which makes it good for a large lawn. I really appreciate these variable settings because they can allow watering to about 3, 036 sq. ft.

On the other hand, it comes with heavy-duty brass and metal construction, making it durable and long-lasting.

The eye-catching color accents and the sleek design of this model can make this model attractive to use. There is a flow control knob that can help to adjust the watering area for more precise coverage.

Also, it has an aluminum hose connector, which is heavy-duty and rubber-coated to make it durable and rust-resistant. Thanks to the cleanout pin located at the end of a spray tube that can be easy to use.

  • It is easy to use
  • It has a sleek design
  • The adjustable dial ensure various water patterns
  • It is durable
  • Has variable settings
  • Offer uniform watering
  • It stops oscillate with time

2. Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo 2-Way Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor 65074 AMZ XT Turbo 2 Way Oscillating Sprinkler Best Oscillating Sprinklers


This product from Melnor can be a well-known and reputable brand that can cover different watering needs. It has 20 precision nozzles, covering an area of 4500 sq. ft., making it perfect for small or large lawns.

There is an infinity turbo dependable drive motor that can offer smooth operation for even coverage that cannot puddle.

The width of a watering pattern can be controlled with the twin touch adjustment control to cover the narrow flower bed or an entire yard.

The model comes with a durable design, which can make it last season after season. Also, it has a quick connect system that can make disconnecting and connecting the watering tool a snap.

This model has water timers, which can prevent under or overwatering and offer the easy solution to keep your garden and yard healthy when conserving water.

It has the twintouch width adjustment, which can allow the independent side adjustment. Likewise, there is the adapter that makes it stay in place and easy to hold to the end of the hose when you require it.

  • There is independent side adjustment
  • Quick connect system make disconnecting and connecting easy
  • It is durable
  • It has a smooth operation
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to adjust
  • It is lightweight
  • Not reliable enough for night watering

3. Aqua Joe SJI-OMS20 Indestructible 4,400 Sq. Ft Coverage Oscillating Sprinkler

Aqua Joe SJI OMS20 Indestructible 4400 Sq. Ft Coverage Oscillating Sprinkler Best Oscillating Sprinklers


Made from Aqua Joe, this oscillating sprinkler has a maximum spray distance of 70 ft. It features 20 plastic and clog-resistant nozzles that can provide the optimal flow to ensure consistent watering.

Besides, it comes with the superior range control, which can cover about 4 400 sq. ft., may it the smallest or the largest lawn.

There is an extra-long and indestructible metal base that can provide enhanced durability and stability for tough outdoor use. Also, it can help to resists breaking, bending, and cracking.

I appreciated the metal fittings because they can provide a leak-resistant connection to the standard garden hose. More importantly, it has a built-in cleanout tool that can quickly clear the clogs to keep the nozzles clean for reliable and continuous operation every season.

There are leak-resistant connections, which make it fit the standard garden hose. The interesting this about this product is that it has customizable coverage patterns that can allow you to choose how watering your yard can be done.

Likewise, it comes with a water-powered turbo drive motor, ensuring the optimal coverage of up to 4,400 sq. ft.

  • Metal base resists cracking, breaking, and bending
  • It enhances stability and durability
  • Offer many years of consistent use
  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to set the water in different directions
  • Clog-resistant nozzles ensure consistent watering
  • It is clog-resistant
  • Easy to operate
  • Cover minimum area

4. Melnor XT360M XT Oscillating Metal Turbo Sprinkler

Melnor XT360M XT Oscillating Metal Turbo Sprinkler Best Oscillating Sprinklers


The Melnor can be the best quality product to cover a wide range of watering needs. It comes with smooth operating tabs, which can control the watering pattern length between 10 and 75 feet and the pattern position; left, center, or right.

The integrated flow-control dial is crucial because it can allow the micro water adjustment to optimize the watering pattern. This can prevent water wastage on your sidewalk or driveway.

There is a large volume tube, which can be filled with water to stabilize the oscillating sprinkler and provide a smooth and even flow.

I appreciate the water timers because you can prevent under or over-watering to keep your garden and yard healthy. More importantly, it has durable wands, which can handle all the watering chores.

This product comes with heavy-duty metal construction that can be durable to withstand different weather conditions. The turbo drive motor, on the other hand, is crucial because it can help to deliver consistent watering for about 3,600 square feet.

In the same fashion, it comes with brass nozzles that can deliver consistent watering for vegetable beds, lawns, or flowers.

  • Offer different watering patterns
  • It has a smooth water flow
  • The watering nozzles are durable
  • Deliver consistent watering
  • Easy to use
  • Has no troubleshooting instructions

5. Melnor TurboTek Turbo 65047-AMZ Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor TurboTek Turbo 65047 AMZ Oscillating Sprinkler Best Oscillating Sprinklers


You can keep your garden and lawn watered during the summer period with this oscillating sprinkler. It has 16 rubber nozzles covering about 2,800 sq. ft., making it easy to water the entire garden or a large yard.

I love the sliding range adjusters because they can make it easy to position water exactly where required without wasting any on a driveway or sidewalk.

The product comes with a clog-resistant design, which can work through the sediment so that water can continue to run evenly.

The turbotek motor is present, which can provide a smooth operation and ensure a long life of reliable use. You can experience a quick disconnect and connect in the sprinkler with the quick-connect product adapter.

There are water timers that can help prevent under or over-watering, ensuring the easy solution to keep your garden and yard healthy.

I appreciate the watering wands because they can help you tackle all the watering chores. Equally important, it has a 7-year warranty, making it convenient if there is any defect.

  • Turbotek motor ensures a smooth operation
  • It is easy to position because of the sliding range adjusters
  • It comes with a warranty
  • Can tackle different watering chores
  • Keep your garden and yard healthy
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Offer gentle watering
  • Easy to use
  • Stop operating with time
  • Hard to control spray


The oscillating sprinklers become the ideal choice for different people when watering their lawns because they are efficient and allow you to spray plants evenly.

They can help to keep the grass grow and green during the hot seasons. Most of them are versatile, and they can be used for watering or creating a conducive environment for children.

The above products can be the best models in the market because of their unique features.

Essentially, the best-selling one is Melnor XT360M XT Oscillating Metal Turbo Sprinkler because it has a turbo drive motor that ensures smooth operation.

Also, it comes with brass nozzles, which can help to deliver consistent watering. If you take into account the above buying guides, this product has attained them.

This is by having the turbo drive motor that can help run smoothly to ensure smooth operation and the brass nozzles that offer consistent watering.