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What Are the Best 5 Professional Chainsaw in The Market?

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Professional chainsaws are unique cutting tools that are designed to make the work ideal for professionals. They also make trimming and pruning of woods and other wood projects easy.

Their extensive maintenance is made faster and more comfortable, making these tools durable, easy to maintain and use. What are these outstanding features that make these machines professional?

There is a powerful engine that can tackle the most demanding cutting jobs. They are more balanced to withstand the long user period, hence improving stability and consistency during use.

Unlike ordinary chainsaws, these professional chainsaws can be disassembled and reassembled easily to facilitate repair, so you do not think of buying a new one anytime soon.

There is a higher performance-to-weight ratio, which can make them more portable and offer greater cutting capacity. Likewise, they have a chain tensioner that allows you to adjust the chain tension quickly.

The auto chain lubrication mechanism can allow for continuous chain lubrication. Also, they have high-quality material, which can increase functionality and durability.

If you can want the best professional chainsaws with outstanding features, continue reading this article.

Types of Professional Chainsaws

Battery-Powered Professional Chainsaws

The battery-powered units are used if you do not need to be tied by fuel costs or cables. They are lightweight and adaptable to small cutting work.

Their batteries have the voltage that indicates how much power you can expect. When the batteries have high voltage, you will work with more energy.

In many cases, the manufacturers use lithium-ion batteries because they provide more power and charge faster. Also, they use NiCad batteries, which are cheaper and work very well, except they take longer to charge.

Fuel/Gas-Powered Professional Chainsaws

Remington RM4618 Outlaw Gas Powered Professional Chainsaw Best Professional Chainsaw 2
Remington RM4618 Outlaw Gas Powered Professional Chainsaw – via

The fuel/gas-powered professional chainsaws are powerful machines widely recognized as the best professional chainsaws for heavy-duty industrial or residential tasks.

They are used for demanding jobs, like clearing land for real estate or farming and logging purposes. These models emit gases and are loud to about 105 decibels, but they work effectively and quickly to cut thick logs and branches.

Likewise, they have powerful engines that range between 24cc and 46 cc. They are lightweight but withstand bulkier and tougher equipment.

Also, you can work with them in remote areas to clear the land and cut hardwood like hard maple, dogwood, hickory, and oak.

Electric Professional Chainsaws

These chainsaws are smaller than the fuel/gas models but can do more work. You can determine the performance of a device by looking at the amperage.

The higher the amperage, the more energy is available for you. Also, these devices are suitable for the surroundings because they do not cause emissions.

The only disadvantage is that they can only work when connected to the power. This can be annoying when the light goes out.

Factors to Consider When Buying The Professional Chainsaw


The engine is crucial when buying a professional chainsaw. You want the model with a powerful engine that can handle the most challenging conditions easily.

Of course, the electric and battery-powered chainsaw can do that, but the gas chainsaw can do the heavy-duty tasks. That is why you are required to consider the engine and the power it provides.

When it comes to cutting thick wood or tall trees, you are required enough power output, which the gas chainsaw can provide.

When purchasing a professional chainsaw, it is necessary to evaluate the performance of the engine. You measure the output power in cc. If the cc is high, the chainsaw will be more powerful. A professional chainsaw should deliver a power of 35 to 80 cc.

Bar length

Any professional chainsaw can harvest the wood, but you do not expect the job to last forever. Low cutting speed can take a long time, making you wear down and your tools, consuming your energy and making the chainsaw’s lifespan shorter.

So, you are required to consider the kind of work you do if you need to buy the right model for the job.

Consider the tree’s average width you want to cut. If the bar is long, the chain will cut faster and more profound. Many models offer bar lengths that range between 10 and 24 inches.

Since a 10-inch bar length model can handle the average workload, extra-thick cuts require a model that measures between 20 and 24 inches.

Ease of use

Professional chainsaws are potent tools but can also be dangerous. You do not want to buy a model, which is very heavy, has complicated handles, or feel unbalanced.

The worse of it can make movement unstable and increase the risk of injury. To avoid this, find a model that is lightweight and easy to use.

Also, evaluate the feel of the instrument. You need a chainsaw, which looks balanced and centered. The tool needs to have ergonomic handles to keep you comfortable and steady.

Remember to use a professional chainsaw for hours every day. Considering these factors will reduce fatigue, increase efficiency, and enable you to maintain the best control over the power tool.

KIMO Cordless Auto Tension Professional Chainsaw Best Professional Chainsaw 2
KIMO Cordless Auto Tension Professional Chainsaw via


It is natural for the chainsaws used to cut large logs to tear and wear. If it is not checked, this tear and wear can shorten their lifespan.

In this case, there is a need for maintenance, which makes the professional chainsaws look new. You do not want to waste precious time fixing the tool.

Fortunately, these tools are designed with productivity in mind. Typically, they can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly.

This means you can replace a damaged or worn-out part easily and reassemble the device, and go back to the job. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure the model you choose is designed to easy maintenance.


Working with an uncomfortable tool can increase the risk of fatigue. It is important to have a comfortable chainsaw, especially if you want to use it for a long time.

Some of the factors that improve comfort include ease of starting, the handle position, and intensity of vibrations. Of course, your hands should be comfortable with a chainsaw; otherwise, it can lead to premature fatigue.

This condition is generally caused by the handle position in addition to its characteristics. Some chainsaws have to handle heating systems to offer a solution when working in the garden in winter.


The size is very crucial when buying professional chainsaws. Small and medium activities do not require industrial-sized models. It is more comfortable to work with a model that you can manage and control.

It is imperative to check the product’s size before purchasing to see if it fits the job. If you’re cutting big trees, you need the tool with a long bar to match the trees.


The size and weight are somewhat related. Smaller chainsaws are lighter and easier to maneuver but lack the strength to handle difficult tasks.

The larger models have larger motors, thus offering more power. When you consider the size of the work that can be done, you need to choose the model to adjust weight, even if you will work for a long time.


If it the first time you are buying a professional chainsaw, you should look for a model that has a warranty. This ensures that the advertised chainsaw meets the listed efficiencies.

For example, when working under challenging conditions with cold and hard materials, the warranty can make you feel comfortable as you will not worry about damaging the cost. Many professional chainsaws have a two-year warranty.

5 Best Professional Chainsaw

1.​ Remington RM4618 Outlaw Gas Powered Professional Chainsaw

Remington RM4618 Outlaw Gas Powered Professional Chainsaw Best Professional Chainsaw


Remington’s product can be a convenient brand because it is durable, comfortable, and robust for any season. It comes with a 2-cycle engine that can provide greater power with less vibration.

The product is designed with a low-kickback chain and premium 18-inch bar, cut through quickly and easily, even in the toughest wood.

The quickstart technology can allow you get to work on the lawn, yard, and other projects quickly, easily, and smoothly.

I really appreciate the durable die-cast chassis because it can enable it to withstand most of the prolonged and brutal cutting tasks. The isolated and cushioned handles can help to reduce vibration and increase control.

Maintaining command and optimal comfortability during operation can be achieved with the help of a 5-point anti-vibration system, which makes it easy to operate.

Thanks to the robust side-access tensioning system that makes chain tension stay consistent for a longer time, ensuring perfect jobs like the storm clean-up.

Likewise, it has the auto oiler system, which maintains the right amount of oil on the chain, making the chain sharp and saw cuts safely and smoothly. 

  • Easy to operate and maneuver
  • The engine has less vibration
  • Easy to cut the toughest wood
  • Lightweight and heavy-duty
  • Offer smooth and safe cut
  • It is durable
  • The handle has a cushion and anti-vibration
  • Easy to use
  • The chain gets loose easily
  • Has a poor quality

2. Craftsman 41AY4216791 S165 2-Cycle professional Gas Chainsaw

Craftsman 41AY4216791 S165 2 Cycle professional Gas Chainsaw Best Professional Chainsaw


If you want a product that can be easy to handle, lightweight, and effective without sacrificing power, then go for this product.

It comes with a low-kickback chain and premium 16-inch bar, making it cut through the toughest wood easily and quickly. There is the craftsman 2-cycle engine that can be crucial to provide less vibration and greater power.

The model features a polymer chassis, which can provide prolonged use and reliable performance, with minimal user fatigue. Besides, it has easystart technology, making wood slicing, yard work, and lawn care more comfortable and smoother.

I appreciate the bucking spikes because they can ensure easier and more controlled sawing. The tool-free access to spark and filter plug offers easy maintenance.

This product can make safety on top because it comes with an inertia-activated chain brake that stops the chain automatically. On the other hand, it has an adjustable automatic oiler, keeping the chain and bar in quality condition, ensuring less maintenance.

A 3-point anti-vibration system and the cushioned full-wrap aluminum handle are crucial because they can make the chainsaw maneuverable, comfortable to operate, and balanced.

  • The adjustable automatic oiler offer less maintenance
  • It is easy to maneuver and operate
  • There is less vibration
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Has ergonomic balance
  • The handle is comfortable
  • Engine delivers the steady power
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to handle
  • Has poor quality material

3. KIMO Cordless Auto-Tension Professional Chainsaw

KIMO Cordless Auto Tension Professional Chainsaw Best Professional Chainsaw


Forest cutting, woodworking, pruning, and ice cutting can be achieved effortlessly with this product from KIMO. It comes with the robust pure-copper motor, which can be powerful to ensure unparalleled and convenient maneuverability and cutting.

I appreciate the ergonomic and compact design that can make it lightweight to reduce fatigue and strain. Also, it makes it easy to carry, saving you time and enjoy the work.

The triangle handle can make this product outstanding because it reduces cutting vibration, ensure a smooth and comfortable operation.

The widened baffle can prevent hand injury from the sawdust splash and ensures safety when cutting woods. Also, the baffle can work as a brake to stop the chain on the kickback.

This model has a chain-brake guard that can stop the chain on kickback immediately and prevent the cutting debris from splashing.

The high-density protective film can play a significant role on the chain surface because it makes it durable. Likewise, it comes with a 20V 4Ah battery, which is upgraded with a quenched chain and 9-inch premium Oregon bar to make it run at the speed of about 15 Ft/s.

The product features a one-step tensioning system that can make you adjust the chain tension easily without any tool help. Also, it prevents can you from over-tensioning to ensure a flawless operation each time.

  • Has ergonomic design, which reduces fatigue and strain
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Comfortable and confident to operate
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safe for storage
  • Portable to carry
  • Easy to use
  • Hard to start with the hot engine

4. HUYOSEN 54.6CC 2-Stroke Professional Gas Powered Chainsaw

HUYOSEN 54.6CC 2 Stroke Professional Gas Powered Chainsaw Best Professional Chainsaw


Those people who want a professional chainsaw product with a fast cutting and a longer service life can go for this model. It comes with an excellent electronic ignition system and low-kickback function, improving the efficiency of the sawing wood.

On the other hand, the model has a 20-inch chain and bar that can easily cut wood, ice cube, and trees.

There is a filtration system that can reduce fuel consumption and ensure a longer air filter life. I appreciate an automatic oil supply system because it can automatically fill chain and bar oil in a machine, reducing the chain wear.

Besides, it comes with an ergonomic design paired with a non-slip and cushion wrap handle, which can be shock-absorbing and ensure long working hours without getting tired.

This product is equipped with a safety switch that can be stopped swiftly and help the users to use it safely. You can enjoy a faster heat dissipation with the help of the ring turbine design and thickened fins, ensuring rapid ignition, instantaneous discharge, and high voltage.

Also, it features the copper nozzle carburetor, which can ensure more fuel saving, uniform internal atomization, and more stability and power.

  • Has faster heat dissipation
  • It is wear-resistant
  • Comfortable and safety
  • The handle is shock-absorbing and non-slip
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty
  • Safety switch ensures more safely
  • Offer sharp and smooth cut
  • It is convenient and fast
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is lightweight
  • The chain oil leaks

5. ZNP Mini Battery Portable Cordless Professional Chainsaw

ZNP Mini Battery Portable Cordless Professional Chainsaw Best Professional Chainsaw


Do you want a product that can be easy to control and use, and lightweight? Then you can go for this product from ZNP because it weighs 0.7kg and has a total length of 13 inches.

It comes with a high-quality guide chain that can undergo the in-depth quenching process to ensure smooth cutting. I appreciate the wood tooth design because it can make the model stuck on a branch to ensure faster cutting.

There is the integrated guide plate, which can help to dissipate heat quickly and resist abrasion and falling. It has a non-slip handle design that can make the grip very comfortable.

This professional chainsaw boasts on the chain saw switch, which can help adjust the speed as per the strength. Also, it can help to adjust the cutting speed according to your operating conditions.

You can enjoy the adjustable baffle design, preventing you from being hurt by the splashing wood chips. The pure copper motor can be very powerful because it makes cutting efficiency faster.

There are the bar and chain sheath that can add the extra protection layer during storage. More importantly, it comes with the auto-lubrication system, which can keep the chain running smoothly.

  • The pure copper motor ensures a powerful and efficient cutting
  • The handle is non-slip to make it comfortable
  • Easy to operate
  • It has a smooth cutting
  • It works perfectly
  • Easy to use
  • It is lightweight
  • Not ideal for the beginners


If you are a gardener, a log jack, arborist, landscaper, or any other profession, and you cut down trees from time to time, you need professional chainsaws.

They are equipped with the features like powerful engines, sturdy and rugged casings, the chain bars, which make the job easier.

Usually, there are many professional chainsaw products in the market, and buying the right one can be confusing. The above products can be the best models, which you need to consider.

The best-selling one is KIMO Cordless Auto-Tension Professional Chainsaw. It comes with a robust pure-copper motor that can be powerful to ensure enough power for convenient maneuverability and cutting.

Likewise, it has a triangle handle that reduces cutting vibration and ensures a smooth and comfortable operation. When you consider the above factors, this product has fulfilled them because it has a powerful motor, which offers convenient cutting and a comfortable handle, which is easy to handle.