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5 Best Snake Repellent Reviews

Snakes live in almost every area where humans exist. They are often found at night, but they also appear during the day, especially if you live near a stream or wooded area.

However, snakes can be seen in desert areas. Due to the abundance and health risks that their bite can pose, homeowners recommend using snake repellants to intimidate them around the house.

These repellants have a shaker that can ensure a more uniform application, and their composition does not contain toxic ingredients.

They are effective as soon as they are applied to the areas where the snakes live. Thanks to the good smell, which is pleasing to pets and humans.

Made from durable construction, most of these snake repellents can be used comfortably outdoors and indoors because they can withstand harsh conditions. Likewise, they are very easy to install and use.

The snake stopper formula contains natural ingredients like cedar oil, clove oil, and cinnamon oil. That means they are environmentally friendly and completely safe for pets and children.

You will get the potent chemical formula made up primarily of sulfur, which is non-toxic. If you want the best snake repellents, continue reading this article.

Whemoalus Snake Repellent for Outdoors Pet Safe
Whemoalus Snake Repellent for Outdoors Pet Safe – via

Types Of Snake Repellents

1. Chemical repellent

This is the most commonly used snake repellent that uses chemicals, mainly naphthalene and sulfur. It is very effective due to the smell that blocks the snake’s sense organs and destroys them completely. However, it has a strong smell, which lingers.

2. Electronic repellent

The electronic repellent becomes the most popular type because of its ease of use. It works either through electromagnetic impulses, ultrasonic noises, or vibrations. It can be battery, solar, or electricity operated and is safe for pets or kids.

3. Natural repellent

The natural repellent is made up of a mixture of water and essential oils. Snakes appear to have a strong aversion to cloves, cedar, and cinnamon, so the natural repellent normally mixes these.

Factors To Consider When Buying the Snake Repellent

Operating range

This becomes the very crucial factor you need to consider when buying snake repellent. Most of the powerful repellents have a range of about 7,000 square feet.

Also, there are those with an operating range of 2,000 square feet. This will greatly influence your purchase as per your needs.

The brand

When buying something like a shoe, the brand may not be that important. All you need is something beautiful. Even if you get an unsatisfactory brand, you don’t care.

This does not apply to the snake repellent. If you buy an unreliable brand, you’re putting your life and of others at risk. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the brand.


To ensure that you will be using the product for a long, you need to study the construction. The best repellent must withstand adverse weather conditions. If the repellent comes with a good structure, it means that the protection of the lawn or garden will not have interfered.


Given that you want to remove the snake from your yard, you don’t want to compromise with the safety. For this reason, it is recommended to choose eco-friendly snake repellents.

These repellants are available humanely and safely as they don’t use toxins or chemicals. That’s why they make them friendly to pets, plants, and people.


Ideally, a snake repellent is supposed to work on some pests, including rodents or mice, as they are the main food sources for the snake. If it works for them, too, the snakes will stay away even though it wears off since they do not have a stable food source to feed them.


You choose always have some information for the product you select. This includes other people reading reviews who have used it successfully to repel the snakes.

With these reviews, you will understand the real experiences and find out how effective the product is. Also, you will know how long it lasts and whether the impact of the product is long-lasting. With this information, you will make a smarter decision.


Quality is always a factor when buying snake repellent. For many people, the high-quality product does what it says in a box by not harming you, kids, yard, pets, or your property.

If you find that the repellent has affected your property or yard for some important reason, consider investing in a new one.


Most snake repellents have ingredients, either chemical or organic. Many people believe that organic is the safest and best ingredient to go by. And with this repellant, it has shown to work very well.

Snakes are relentless, and the strong chemical product is a way to ensure they stay out of the house, but it is not good for humans. Using the organic product ensure it is cruelty-free and your safety is catered to.

Using organic repellent is the best decision if you have pets or small children in the garden. Generally, organic ingredients make the environment not fit for snakes and repel them without harm.


Some snake repellants are entitled to be weather resistant, but they can weaken when it is wet. It would help if you made sure the repellent you choose can withstand the conditions like snow, water, or other weather elements without reapplying it.


Snake repellents are different and in the way they are distributed. It would be best if you chose either vibrating machines, sprays, or granules.

Choose one based on the type of house you have, comfort level, needs, and snake problem size. All you need to do is make sure the pets and children are as far away as possible from the area where you apply this product.

The others should be easy to use, provided you watch out for trapped snakes and pallets. Maintain your compound and garden at all the time for the best effect.


Some snake repellants can resist elemental damage, while others are blown away by rain and wind. Make sure you get a repellent for your climate that is strong to make it more effective. Some formulas last even longer than others; therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the strength.


The effectiveness of a product depends on the number and the type of snakes it can repel. Some snake repellants work on a single snake, while others work on many snakes. In many cases, some formulas last even longer than others, whereas others must be reapplied.


Many people are more familiar with a certain product because of its durability. You don’t want to reapply the snake repellent to repel the snakes constantly. Choose the product because it is durable and highly concentrated, which means you will save money and time in the long run.


The price of snake repellents can vary widely. Some may cost as little as 8 dollars, while others may go to about 60 dollars. Why others are more expensive is because of being more durable and lasting longer.

When you are ready to buy the product for your home, check out the recommendation from Amazon to know their price.

5 Best Snake Repellent

1.Exterminators Choice Non-Toxic 32-Ounce Snake Repellent

Exterminators Choice Non Toxic 32 Ounce Snake Repellent Best Snake Repellent


Exterminators choice has come up with this snake repellent model that works on non-venomous and venomous snakes. It can keep the snakes out of doors, gardens, window areas, and lawns and repel any annoying pest from all the spaces.

Also, it can remove the snakes in the hiding spots greatly by reducing them and also bring snakes into areas that are food sources like small rodents and mice.

It is effective against all common types of snakes like garter snakes, copperheads, rattlesnakes, and many more. The repellent has a formula that includes clove oil, water, peppermint oil, and cinnamon, which the snakes hate.

These essential oils have a nice smell to humans and are safer than the most dangerous toxic pesticides. You will feel good because after spraying it near the children or pets, it cannot harm them.

There are non-toxic ingredients that can make this repellent safe when used as directed and cannot harm your garden or lawn when used outside. On the other hand, it is natural to clear away the snakes by confusing their senses.

The formula is perfect because it can last for one month after every application, giving you the confidence of the best results.

  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor use
  • Effective against different types of snakes
  • It is safe for pets and children
  • Easy and effective to use
  • It guarantees satisfaction
  • It comes with a pleasant scent
  • Easy to apply
  • Safe and natural ingredients
  • One application cannot cover a wide area
  • It has limited reach

2. Dwcom Effective Snake Powder Repellent

Bonide Products Ready to Spray 32 Ounce Snake 8752 Repellent Best Snake Repellent


This product from Bonide is designed specifically to drive out all snakes, iguanas, or lizards. It helps keep the snakes away from areas around the houses, ornamental garden, garage, shed, and more.

Being a deterrent, the model is not a trap, snake bait, poison, or killer, and it does not harm some animals. It is effective against non-poisonous and poisonous snakes that can make it the right choice for you.

This snake repellent is biodegradable and doesn’t damage the lawns, flowerbeds, gardens, or other desirable plants.

Equally important, it’s safe for the cat, dog, or other pets and kids around the repellent when used as directed. There is a snake stopper that can trigger avoidance or escape behaviour in reptiles.

I appreciate the active ingredients like cedar oil, cinnamon oil, clove oil and the inert ingredient sulfur because it can be used in indoors areas like a garage or shed.

Also, it works great outdoors around the ornamental gardens. In the same case, it has a pleasant and light scent, which can linger around the yard.

  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor use
  • Effective against different types of snakes
  • It is safe for pets and children
  • Easy and effective to use
  • It guarantees satisfaction
  • It comes with a pleasant scent
  • Easy to apply
  • Safe and natural ingredients
  • One application cannot cover a wide area
  • It has limited reach

3. Safer Brand 5951 4 LB Snake Shield Repellent

Safer Brand 5951 4 LB Snake Shield Repellent Best Snake Repellent


Are you looking for a snake repellent product that can start to work and repel the snakes immediately? Go for the Safer Brand because it gives you long-lasting protection against unwanted snake invasions. You can apply it in outdoor areas like yards, playgrounds, flowerbeds, and more.

The intense scent deterrent can start to work immediately and is not harmful when used around people, pets, and plants. It is chemical-free and comes with a unique blend of sulfur and natural oils that successfully repel snakes.

Thanks to the active ingredients, which induce a harmless and natural flight response to the snakes, hence keeping them away.

This product has a unique feature that disorients and blocks the essential communication of the snake, causing it to flee the area intuitively. The cedar or cinnamon oil creates an odor, which is unpleasant to snakes.

Likewise, the granules can spread around the property’s edges and form a barrier. Time-release granules are normally activated upon their application and offer long-lasting protection against snakes.

  • Starts working immediately
  • It offers a long-lasting protection
  • Safe when used around pets, people, and plants
  • It is chemical-free
  • It is environmentally-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable and effective
  • It has a pleasant scent
  • It is affordable
  • The rain can wash away the granules

4. Whemoalus Outdoors 12-Pack Snake Repellent

Whemoalus Outdoors 12 Pack Snake Repellent Best Snake Repellent


The unique thing about this Whemoalus product is that it automatically stop snakes from invading your garage, home, car, RV, or truck through time-release essential oils scent.

Typically, this creates an effective barrier, which can help to keep the snakes away. It comes with a fast-acting feature where the effect can be active for two months.

Many people go for this repellent because it starts to work immediately and prevents snakes from nesting, foraging, and entering. In all honesty, it has all-natural essential oils, which can successfully repel snakes, hence giving long-lasting protection.

Besides, it is safe for people, plants, and pets, for you can put the balls around the areas you desire to repel snakes, like around houses, trailers, cabins, sheds, flowerbeds, and garages.

It is amazing because it repels the snakes by irritating the main sensory organs. On the other hand, it is easy to use and has concise instructions because you only need to remove the product and place it on where the snakes love to live.

Even more, this snake repellent can protect your garden, lawn, flowers, feeders, and planters.

  • Starts working immediately
  • It uses all-natural essential oils
  • Safe for pets, people, and plants
  • It has multi-use
  • Easy to use
  • It is powerful
  • It comes with a concise instruction
  • Good quality and beautiful color
  • It is not effective as it seems to be

5. Nature’s MACE 7LB Safe-to-use Snake Repellent

Natures MACE 7LB Safe to use Snake Repellent Best Snake Repellent


Many people go for this product because it cannot be washed away during rain, normal use, or irrigation. You will get 100% all-natural ingredients, making it strong for help because of a scientific combination of odors and scents found in nature.

Thanks to the unique formula that can make it repel snakes completely from your garden, home, yard, among others. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and bio-degradable where it is safe for use around plants, vegetation, children, and pets.

When using this snake repellent, you feel confident in protecting the garden without the harmful chemicals that can affect fruits and vegetables. What is more, it can repel snakes at different seasons, may it spring, fall, summer, or winter.

The product effectively protects and covers about 3,600 square feet, keeping the snakes away from a large area. It is ready for use, which makes it the most competitive repellent.

Even more, if you are not satisfied, there is a money-back guarantee offer that can make sure your purchase is risk-free.

  • Powerful and effective
  • 100% all-natural ingredients
  • Bio-degradable and non-toxic
  • It is environmentally-friendly
  • It can cover a large area
  • It ensures year-round protection
  • Does not harm vegetables and fruits
  • Safe for use around pets, children
  • It is a money-back guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • The directions on how to use this product are not clear


Snake repellents are the simple but most effective way of repelling snakes. This ensures that the snakes and humans are not harmed.

With the above products, you are sure of having effective models that can repel the snakes. For instance, they have natural ingredients that can easily repel the snake from the garden or homestead.

Also, these ingredients are safe for use by children and pets and but unpleasant to snakes.

The best-selling one is Nature’s MACE 7LB Safe-to-use Snake Repellent because it can cover an area of 3,600 square feet, giving you wide coverage. Besides, it comes with 100% all-natural ingredients, which is completely safe for pets and humans.

This product has attained the above factor because it has a wide coverage and is safe for pets and people.