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5 Best Sod Plugger Tool – Comprehensive Buying Guide 2023!

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Maintaining a beautiful lawn may be a daunting task for the ignorant. Knowing that there is more than just mowing the grass as it grows is a significant first step. However, there is still much to be done if you need to improve the appearance of your lawn.

If you own a patchy lawn and there is no growth in certain areas, you need the best sod plugger tool. It is a robust tool that is hard to break. The device comes with an excellent measurement indicator to give accurate measurements.

You can use it while sitting, kneeling, or bending over without hurting your back because of the right height. The handle comes with a cushion grip that allows you to hold it firmly while you work.

Also, the handle is comfortable where it fits well in your hands. Likewise, it will enable you to release the selected plug from the ground automatically.

The tool is made of heavy-duty steel material that makes it sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. Besides, the plugs are fixed on the main pipe to allow you to take a few minutes.

Equally important, the entire body of the best sod plugger tool is enclosed in a weather-resistant coating that is both durable and attractive.

Walensee T Style Long Handle Sod Plugger Tool Best Sod Plugger Tool 2
Walensee T Style Long Handle Sod Plugger Tool – via

Factors to consider when buying the best sod plugger tool


When maintaining your lawn, you must assume a certain amount of hard work is used. But if your sod plugger tool is designed poorly, it will be unnecessary. Therefore, ergonomics is needed for a sod plugger.

Check for a thick and easy-to-grip handle. You should be able to push it down and out. You also need a stable place where you can step in to push it to the ground. This means you need to go for the tool with ergonomics.

Body material

When buying the best sod plugger tool, consider the body material. Sod pluggers are power tools designed for use in harsh outdoor environments. Therefore, the main body or shaft frame must always be strong.

Look for options with high-quality alloys that won’t break down even after repeated usage. When evaluating the quality and thickness of an exterior structure, check whether it is weather resistant. The weather-resistant coating significantly retards the sod plugger tool’s natural corrosion.

Plug release

Except for the Corona Sod Plugger, soil plugs should be pulled out of the ground with excessive movement or by squeezing the business action using a hammer. Typically, this is a challenge found on nearly all sod pluggers.

If you need to work for long in lawns and flower beds, opt for the sod plugger tool, which has the plug release. Each time you want to buy the model, check for this feature because it will help you choose the right product for your yard.


When you are thinking about buying the best sod plugger, versatility is a big plus. But if these other features negatively affect the usability of a device, they are time-wasting.

So, when it comes to versatility, you can ask yourself if you regulate the cutting depth or if you can you lift more plugs at once.

Once you are confident you have the most excellent sod plugger, you need to know if it can be maintained. A versatile tool is a victory. Therefore, when looking for the best sod plugger tool, consider versatility.


The size of the sod plugger tool varies greatly and can be an essential factor. This can be small or large. You must buy a tool that you feel comfortable with when using it.

So, it is crucial to match your height with the device as much as possible. The final thing you need is to get a sod plugger tool, which compels you to bend or requires you to lift your hand awkwardly.

Plug dimensions

Again, this is an important factor to consider when shopping for the best sod plugger tool. Some models have square business ends, and others have round business ends.

When looking for the best sod plugger tool, consider the plug dimension for gardening and match the requirements with your purchase device. Also, choose the right sod plugger tool for you.

Kneeling or standing up

If you want a sod plugger tool for heavy use on a big lawn, you will require one that can be used while standing up. Typically, this may help prevent you from hurting your back while working. Conversely, if you want a little easy planting, you can go for the tool you can use while kneeling.


This is an important factor to consider when buying the best sod plugger tool. The handle must be comfortable and easy to release and hold. Check for the model with a comfortable and sturdy handle and an easy release feature.


When buying a tool, you need to get one that will last longer. Durability and quality are more challenging to get than ever. But do not be discouraged. You can almost always find a sod plugger tool that is leading.

All you need to do is research and be patient with your purchases. Sturdy sod plugger tools are made from high-quality materials such as steel. Remember that most of the durable tools in the market are rarely inexpensive.

Work coverage

If you are working in a large area, you may need a lot of energy to finish the task. Using the planting tool may not work, as you must kneel to carry out the activity. On the other hand, with the sod plugger tool, you may work standing up for a wide area. Also, this will help to relieve back pain.

Grass variety

Every sod plugger tool has a unique design to provide the best, safest and fastest service. The same goes for these garden devices. Depending on the type of grass to be removed, make sure you choose the correct sod plugger tool. A wrong model can damage the lawn and the grass in general.

Sods in the grass

Depending on the plants to be moved, buy a sod plugger tool that digs the correct shape, depth, and diameter before planting.

Every sod plugger contains a particular function and offers effective search services for exceptional grass or plant types. The ordinary sod hole dimension is three inches x three inches.


The lighter the sod plugger product, the easier it will be to lift, use, and carry it. But be cautious not to finish up with the model, which is very light that you use more strength. For example, it will bend with heavy use if it is plastic. This is particularly true if you own hard clay soil.


When buying the best sod plugger, you need to consider its strength. An increase in weight usually accompanies an increase in power. So, go for the sod plugger tool made of sturdy and lightweight fabric. Steel is a common and widely used material.

5 Best Sod Plugger Tool

1. Yard Butler ISP-33 Sod Plugger tool

Yard Butler ISP 33 Sod Plugger tool Best Sod Plugger Tool

You can now stop buying cheap metal or plastic products, which do not go for long, by going for this model from Yard Butler. It is aimed to last for years, and if there is a problem with the tool, they can make it right.

It is ideal for types transplanting grass plugs of turf grasses like a centipede, Bermuda, St. Augustine, zoysia, and others, so you will choose the best product to repair the lawn. Equally important, it cuts a square soil or plugs sod of 3″ X 3″. This is the size for many commercial grass plugs.

Similarly, it can tightly fit into the prepared holes, ensuring better survival and growth for your turf. In the same way, you will get the easy ejector button that can help to eliminate bending over. There are cushioned handles that offer added comfort.

Thanks to the foot bar and sawtooth sod-cutting blade, they offer extra leverage, making pulling turf plugs manageable. Likewise, this sod plugger has heavy-duty powder-coated steel, is durable, and is built to last longer.

It measures 9 inches wide, weighs 4 lbs, and measures 33 inches tall. The long handle and the easy ejector allow you to stand upright when the foot bar offers you additional leverage to cut through the many stubborn grassroots.

  • It last longer
  • Ideal for every type of turf grasses
  • Ensure better survival and growth for your turf
  • It eliminates bending over
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Cushioned handles offer added comfort
  • Heavy-duty steel
  • It is a lightweight steel
  • You can’t pull out some plugs at once

2. Yard Butler IBPL-6 Butler Bulb and Garden Planter-Long Handled Sod 6-Yard Plugger

Radius Garden Green 212 PRO Stainless Steel Sod Plugger Best Sod Plugger Tool

The Radius Garden product is the unique yard tool that can assist you in planting the garden quickly. It can dig ideal holes for daffodils, tulips and other flowers, which you may require to plant in the garden.

The blade has the stainless steel material, which is sturdy enough to get in all soil types to get ready for planting. There is the powder-coated steel material, which makes it rust-resistant, heavy-duty, and long-lasting.

More importantly, this best sod plugger tool comes with a long handle that prevents excessive bending so that you can plant the flowers when standing straight. This saves your back and your time.

I really appreciate the comfortable design because it make it effortless to use and offer the best leverage for different garden tools. There is sharp teeth, which create the perfect holes all soil types.

  • Heavy-duty and rust-resistant
  • It has a long handle that reduces back strain
  • The foot bar offers extra leverage
  • It has a comfortable grip
  • Easy to use
  • Very strong construction
  • It is sturdy
  • It is sharp
  • It can bend if the ground is very hard

3. Walensee T-Style Long Handle Sod Plugger Tool

Walensee T Style Long Handle Sod Plugger Tool Best Sod Plugger Tool

Many people go for this best sod plugger tool from Walensee because it is a 5-in-1 tool. You can use it as the weeding tools, weeder or bulb planter, transplanting, hole diggers, and the soil sampler.

Also, you can use it like the soil sampler tool to test soil and makes the best drip edge fertilizing device for your trees.

With this tool, transplanting or cultivating fall and spring bulbs, ground covers, annual plants, vegetables, and more is fast. More importantly, it comes with iron material and powder coating, making it rust resistance, strong weather resistance, and durable.

The tool comes with two-bolt rows, which make it stable. This means you can use the sod plugger in your garden every day. In the same case, the pipe of a handle is 17.5 inches, which saves on space and make it easy to pour out.

Besides, it comes with a T-style grip handle that helps you use it long without getting tired. With a long handle, you can get a good grip which lets you plant bulbs when standing straight, relaxing your back and saving your time.

A plunger is incorporated near a handle where you press it to release a sod plug from a tool. The model has a total height of 32.5 inches. It is easy to install because you only need to tighten a lock nut with the wrench.

  • It is multipurpose
  • Easy to use
  • You can quickly and easily plant without kneeling or bending
  • Durable and strong
  • Rust resistance and weather resistance
  • It has a comfortable grip
  • Attractive exterior design
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • It is lightweight
  • Nice and handy 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not meant for every plugging

4. CHUMAA Enhanced Bottom Edge 33.5-Inch Sod 5-IN-1 Plugger Tool

CHUMAA Enhanced Bottom Edge 33.5 Inch Sod 5 IN 1 Plugger Tool Best Sod Plugger Tool

The CHUMAA product is a 5-in-1 tool that allows you to work from standing, hence saving your knees and back. It comes with comfortable and sturdy hand grips, which are helpful for those with mild arthritis and seniors.

Additionally, it has a foot plate design that saves tear and wears on your hands and digs the accurate planting depth just by the position you then fix it. It comes with the non-slip extra-wide foot plate for safety and ease in the same case.

It can make a 3.5-inch plug, which is ideal for transplanting grass types and planting plants and bulbs. Also, it is easy to use because it comes with a footplate, which is slip-resistant and extra-wide. This footplate assists you in removing plugs quickly and accurately.

I really appreciate the sturdy steel material because it makes it durable and works for years without breaking. It is a well-designed and helpful tool that makes the garden chores more manageable.

It is a versatile gardening tool that is perfect for all grass types. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and multipurpose sod plugger, you can prefer this.

  • Easy to use
  • It ensures a comfortable standing position
  • It is a multi-use garden tool
  • Sturdy hand grips
  • Comfortable T-bar design
  • Durable and strong steel material
  • A 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Extra-wide and non-slip footplate
  • You can remove plugs quickly and accurately
  • It is versatile and reliable
  • It is expensive

5. Yard Butler 6-Yard Long Handled IBPL-6 Sod Plugger Tool

Yard Butler 6 Yard Long Handled IBPL 6 Sod Plugger Tool Best Sod Plugger Tool

This product from Yard Butler helps you work with a plot sustainably while assisting stoke gardeners’ passions in their gardens and yards. It comes with the easy twisting action that makes a perfect hole to plant bulbs and bed plants.

Besides, it has a long handle, which prevents excessive bending and can plant the flowers when standing straight, saving your back and time. The handle has cushioned grips that offer more comfort and less strain when digging holes for the plants.

The 3-inch wide and 6-inch deep barrel is ideal for planting any bulb type and works well for seasonal bedding plants. I appreciate the powder-coated steel because it makes it rust-resistant, and you can use it for a long.

It is versatile for you to dig perfect holes for crocus, tulips, dahlias, lilies, gladiolus, or other bedding plants and spring flower bulbs. Also, it has a reasonable price and can work well for both sod plugging and planting.

  • It has comfortable cushioned grips
  • It has a lifetime guarantee
  • Easy twisting action
  • It prevents excessive bending
  • Heavy-duty and rust-resistant
  • It is affordable
  • Easy to use
  • It is versatile
  • It is cheaply made


There are a lot of solid sod plugger tools on the market. To shun confusion, read the consideration section, understand the item you require for the lawn, and then choose. Go for the above products because they have fantastic features.

For instance, they are versatile tools that can be set to a certain depth. Also, they have an exquisite design that permits you to maintain multiple outlets devoid of emptying them, saving you time and effort.

Walensee T-Style Long Handle Sod Plugger Tool is the best-selling product because it has a cushioned grip handle, which helps you use it long without getting tired. Likewise, iron material makes it strong, weather-resistant, and durable.

This product has attained the above factors because it has a cushioned grip handle that helps you use it for long without getting tired. Also, it comes with an iron material that is weather-resistant and durable.