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5 Best Tool for Cutting Bamboo in A Hassle-Free Way!

Cutting Bamboo

Are you struggling to control aggressive bamboo growth? It is one of the fastest-growing grass or plant and can quickly take over the whole yard if you are not careful.

Moreover, it is one of the strongest, and it is not easy to cut bamboo stalk once it grows to a certain thickness. With the best tool for cutting bamboo, it is possible to cut and maintain bamboo much more easily.

Bamboo Cutting Tool

You must remember that the best tool for cutting bamboo is the one that allows the bamboo plant to thrive after cutting. It is essential to cut at the right point and at the perfect angle for bamboo to grow back healthily.

This is the reason you need a special tool to cut bamboo. Any uneven or rough cuts can result in it wilting or even dying.

Whether you want to prune a few shoots or cut the stalk, there are some essential factors that you should be aware of.

Best Tool for Cutting Bamboo KAKURI Bamboo Cutting Japanese Hand Saw 2
 KAKURI Bamboo Cutting Japanese Hand Saw via

Bamboo Growth

Before you cut bamboo you should understand how it grows. There are more than 1200 types of bamboo, but they are broadly divided into two kinds; Running and Clumping bamboo.

Running bamboo can spread fast and wide while clumping bamboo remains in one place.

  • Bamboo is a type of grass. It uses energy from one plant to grow more plants.
  • Bamboo produces new culms in the spring season. These shoots will grow for about 60 days, both in height and width.
  • After 60 days, the growth stops, and unlike most other trees, there is no secondary growth.
  • It can take 2 to 5 years for bamboo to grow fully. Some bamboo plants can take up to 15 years to reach their maximum size. The growth depends on the variety of bamboo and sunlight, weather, and soil.

Cutting the Top

Best Tool for Cutting Bamboo 1

When you cut the top off a bamboo plant, new leaves keep growing from the cut but no new cane. The leaves help the roots by supplying energy, which results in new canes sprouting up.

So, cutting a stand of bamboo will not completely eradicate it. The stalks will re-grow but not from the canes but the base.

Where Should you Cut

Generally, you don’t have to be very precise while cutting because bamboo is a robust plant. One off cut is alright, but if you cut it wrongly often, it may end up damaging the plant.

It is also essential to make a good cut for the appearance. New leaves grow from where you cut, so it is easy to design a cut. You can make zigzag patterns or create a tree look by cutting them in specific ways.

Tools for Cutting Bamboo

Tools for cutting bamboo comes in a wide variety because it depends on how large or mature the bamboo plant is. You may do the job with a handheld saw or require a powerful chainsaw.

All tools have to be sharp and strong. Bamboo can deceive you with its smooth and soft looks. It is very tough, and choosing the right tool is essential to make a good cut.

Here are a few tools that can be used to cut bamboo depending on its size and age. Watch this video to understand the different ways you can cut bamboo.

1. Hand Pruners

When the bamboo stalks are small and young, they can be cut easily. A sharp pruner can cut through it just like any other branch.

Pruners come in a variety of sizes, and you can select according to the bamboo size. There are small, one-handed pruners that can take care of very small limbs. However, for more cuts and slightly larger limbs, it is better to get a two-handed pruner.

2. Hand Saws

Though hand saws are not very effective for large clumps of bamboo, they are handy for cutting a few stalks which have grown to a larger size.

It is challenging to get the pruning shear around the stalk, and a saw is a good option. You must choose a saw with fine teeth to ensure smoother cuts. Cutting with a saw takes a lot of time and effort. Use it only when there are only a few stalks to be cut.

3. Shovel for cutting roots

You cannot cut the bamboo stalks with a shovel, but it is beneficial in dealing with rhizomes that keep sprouting around the bamboo plant. A sharp shovel can easily cut through the thick root mass and help control the spread of bamboo.

4. Power saws

When you have to cut a lot of bamboo plants or the bamboo stalk is very thick and strong then the best option is a power saw. It is quite expensive so you should buy it only if you are going to use it extensively.

It can do the job in a fraction of the time needed by other handheld devices. Power saws also come in a variety of designs and can run on battery, diesel, or electricity.

Finding the Best Tool for Cutting Bamboo

After going through the information, you have some idea about the kind of tool you want. Make a careful assessment of your needs and match it with the available tools to find the most suitable one. Here is a list of 6 best tools for cutting bamboo.

1. Fiskars Softouch Micro-Tip Pruning Snip Cutting Tool

Best Tool for Cutting Bamboo Fiskars Softouch Micro Tip Pruning Snip Cutting Tool


This tool is ideal for making cuts on small shoots or limbs. It is a multipurpose tool because you can do much cutting, trimming, and snipping in the garden. It is just 6 inches long, so it is easy to carry it with you.

You can only take a round of the garden and manage to keep it in good shape with this one tool. It has a non-stick coating, which is easy to clean the sap from bamboo.

It has a spring-action design, so it opens automatically after every cut. This saves your arm and hand from exertion. The steel blades are hardened and precision-ground to a sharp finish. Its handles have a comfortable and firm hold.


  • Handles have won an award from Arthritis Foundation for comfort, affordable price, and its quality
  • Perfect for deadheading, snipping, or shaping bamboo
  • The sheath is of good quality and strong made


  • It is only ideal for very small cuts

These pruners from Fiskars are ideal for home gardeners with only a few bamboo plants. For people who regularly take care of their plants, it is perfect.

2. KAKURI Bamboo Cutting Japanese Hand Saw

Best Tool for Cutting Bamboo KAKURI Bamboo Cutting Japanese Hand Saw


This is a very handy pruning saw for cutting bamboo. An ideal one for cutting raw and dry bamboo wood. The blade has sharp fine teeth, and they can cut through tough bamboo fibers easily.

It is very handy when you need to cut bamboo, which is growing in clumps. The Kakuri blade is replaceable with just one-touch action.

There are no screws to tighten, and it does not take much time. By using other blades, you can use the saw for different uses in the garden.

The product comes with a sheath or sleeve for carrying this tool. It can also hold three spare blades along with the main saw. The blade is made of high carbon steel, and the handle is TRP resin.


  • Very sharp blade made of high carbon steel
  • Saw is high quality, durable, and handcrafted
  • Multi-purpose with easy blade replacement


  • It can cut through dry bamboo, but wet bamboo may be difficult.

This is an excellent multipurpose tool handcrafted in Japan. The blade is very sharp and continues to work well even after a long time.

3. LANNERET 16 Inch Gasoline Powered Chainsaw

Best Tool for Cutting Bamboo LANNERET 16 Inch Gasoline Powered Chainsaw


This tool is perfect when you need to cut a large number of bamboo plants. It is a powerful tool with a 45cc 2-cycle engine.

The tool works on gasoline and delivers a steady power supply to its 16-inch bar and chain. It works efficiently and does not save fuel.

You can use this in all kinds of weather, and for people who regularly need to cut bamboo or have large areas with bamboo plants, this is ideal.

The chainsaw has a high-quality chain and bar and does not wear off easily even after repeated usage. The handle has an ergonomic design and is slip-free.

There are some safety features like the quick stop chain brake and safety switch.


  • Automatic chain oiler for good lubrication
  • Quick stop chain brake and safety throttle switch for safety
  • Air filter system quickly eliminates exhaust


  • Chain does not come pre-installed, and you will have to do it

This powerful bamboo cutting tool has a fuel capacity of 550 ml and has a maximum engine power of 1.7KW. It is ideal for people with a large number of bamboo plants or professionals.

4. Corona RS 7041 Razor Tooth Folding Saw

Best Tool for Cutting Bamboo Corona RS 7041 Razor Tooth Folding Saw 1


This product comes from a company that is well known for its gardening and landscaping tools. They have a line of products which are all high quality and well manufactured.

This is a folding saw with a 7-inch blade. It can easily cut bamboo and other branches up to a thickness of 3-inch diameter. An ergonomically designed, co-molded handle with a pistol style grip and it will not slip while you are using it.

The handle can cover the blade when not in use by folding it. You will find it quite safe to carry it with you.

The blade is made of high carbon SK5 steel and has extraordinary hardness and durability. It is razor-sharp with high-density teeth.


  • Very high-quality product from a reputed brand
  • Blade latches easily and is safe
  • Well designed handle with a pistol grip


  • Not comfortable if using for a long time

This folding saw is an excellent addition to any home gardener with a few bamboo plants. Controlling and maintaining bamboo is easy when you do it regularly, which is easy with this tool.

5. Home Planet Gear EverSaw Folding Hand Saw

Best Tool for Cutting Bamboo Home Planet Gear EverSaw Folding Hand Saw


This is among the best bamboo cutting tools, and that is for a reason. It has a longer blade and gives easy access to even hard to reach corners.

The blade is 8 inches long and has triple-cut teeth. It is made from carbon steel and will stay sharp even after years of usage. When you cut with it, you don’t have to put too much effort, and you still get precise cuts.

It is very comfortable to hold, and you can fold it when not in use. There is a bolt connecting the blade, and by tightening or loosening it, you can adjust the position.

A good safety feature is the lock-in blade, which prevents any mishaps. The product has a lifetime warranty.


  • Made with premium materials and will not bend or break easily
  • Gear lock to keep it from closing unexpectedly
  • A versatile tool and can be used for a variety of functions


  • Teeth are sharp but can snag on bamboo fiber.

As a home gardener, you require tools that can be multipurpose and efficient. This folding saw is ideal for cutting bamboo plants and can do much more.


There was a time when bamboo was considered an exotic plant, but now it is common to see it everywhere. People have realized how versatile and robust this grass is.

It is an excellent addition to any garden and has a unique attractiveness. However, bamboo grows very fast and spreads far and wide if not controlled.

Caring for bamboo is not at all difficult, and this is the reason why people like to plant it. You should take good care of it, or this beautiful plant can become an eyesore in the garden.

Cutting it is equally important and should be done at the right time and at the right point. This is why you need an excellent tool to cut bamboo.

We are sure that with this information, you will be able to select the best bamboo cutting tool. All the products listed here are great and have unique features.

We feel that the Fiskars Softouch Micro-Tip Pruning Snip Cutting Tool is the best. It comes from a well-known brand and offers excellent features.

Its blade is sturdy, and the handle is comfortable. Choose it to keep the bamboo growing lushly and beautifully.