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Choose the Best Tree Pruner from Top 5

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Tree Pruner

Sometimes pruning trees because they have overgrown becomes a tedious thing, particularly if you don’t have the right tool. This is mostly in the rainy seasons because the trees are getting enough water to continue growing.

Using the ordinary saw become tedious work and time consuming, which will make you end up hiring a person to do that.

This can make you spend more money that was not intended for that purpose. There has been the introduction of the tree pruner, which has the blade that cut the trees.

Once you have used the best tree pruners, you will not want to go back to the ordinary saw again. 

What Can the Tree Pruner Do?

  • Help to sculpt tree appearance and maintain the height of a tree and the size of the branch
  • Help to remove diseased or dead parts of the tree, hence improving the health of a tree
  • Help to maintain the landscape art
  • Eliminate branches that can block roads or fall on the roofs
  • Promote opportunities for new growth without obstructions
  • Help to promote better fruits from the tree fruits


Pruning trees is essential to keep them healthy and beautiful. Also, it prevents the branches from accessing the nearby ceilings, walls, power lines, neighboring plants, and fences.

This is why you need the tree pruners, which can help you prune the trees to meet your needs. These pruners have rubber pads and shock absorbers on the handles, preventing the users from feeling pain in hand during use.

Also, they are anti-fatigue and anti-slip, which can make it safe to use them comfortably.

T MAI Aluminium Lightweight Handle Sturdy Tree Pruner Best Tree Pruner 2

There are those with the coated blades to prevent rust and make cutting even easier. Also, the blade material is strong and durable to cut dry and green trees easily.

If you are looking for the best tree pruners, we will introduce to you the top 5 best products, which are leading on the market. So, continue reading this article.

Types of Tree Pruners

1. Manual Tree Pruners

These pruners look like a big scissor where they are best suited for small branches. Also, you can resemble the saw, where they can work to remove the branches which are between 1 and 2 inches. Typically, they are the best option if you cut a couple of trees.

2. Electric tree pruners

These electric tree pruners can run with a plugged cord to the mains or use the battery.


The corded electric pruners provide a consistent power, where you can them run quietly and do not require recharging. This makes them easy to use.

Their reach is based on the cord’s length, although you can extend with the help of an extension cable.

Battery operated

It is a more mobile option, though the battery needs to be charged, limiting the amount of work to be carried out.

On these models, checking out how many cuts in every charge can give you an idea of the amount of work you can do.

You must indicate the tree’s size you need to work on, for instance, 100 cuts for the branches, 11/8 inches in diameter.

WONDER MASTER Rechargeable Professional Cordless Tree Pruner – via

3. Gas-powered Tree Pruners

The gas-powered tree pruners are the most efficient tools widely used in heavy-duty and commercial tree pruning. They are known for pruning huge and multiple trees.

However, they are noisy, emit fumes, very difficult to operate, and weigh 3 to 6 pounds and more. You need to know how to get the right fuel mixture for the engine.

Things to Look at When Buying the Tree Pruner


The handle becomes the crucial part of the tree pruner when you are pruning trees because it is where you hold. The pruning session can be long and, if you have an uncomfortable grip, you get tired very quickly. Also, this will make the precise cut impossible.

You should pay attention to the material making the handle. It can be from rubber, wood, or even plastic. Also, make sure the grip is slip-resistant to avoid any risk of injury.

If you find the right handle, pruning trees will be enjoyable, and you can do it for a long without getting bored.


The tree pruner should be ergonomically designed to avoid straining your back, arms, and neck during transport or use. It should also not strain your wrists and hands but make it easy to use without getting tired quickly.


The weight of the tree pruner determines how long you can use it without getting fatigued. It is always advisable to take into account the weight of the product before buying it.

Fortunately, many tree pruners are lightweight to reduce users’ fatigue. However, the heavy pruners are generally heavier due to their size, where they are intended to handle large tree branches.

If your needs are limited to the smaller trees, you can stop using the lightweight model, but these depend on your goal.


If you’re sensitive to noise, this should be taken into account when choosing the tree pruner. The manual pruners are, of course, the best because they have no engine, but corded electric and battery-powered models are quiet.

The gas-powered produce more noise and can disrupt your neighborhood. Therefore, it is crucial to use ear protective devices to protect you from loud noise.

Blade length

The length of the blade is the crucial thing to look at when purchasing the tree pruner, regardless of the type you intend to buy. If the blade is long, it will give you the additional reach.

In addition, longer blades have a greater cutting capacity and are less likely to come out in the middle of the cut. With the long blade, you can also get a longer stroke, leading to a more ergonomic and smoother pruning.

Alternatively, shorter blades are generally cheaper, easier to work with, take up less space, and easier to store.

The blade of the tree pruner has an average length of 5 to 20 inches, and any size you choose will depend on the application. For instance, longer blades are ideal for harder and thicker branches.


You need to choose the model that offers additional and useful functions in your garden. There are models with narrow blades that ensure a more refined tree pruning or have a unique grip that removes prickly or sharp branches.


Product quality and power supply influence the maintenance costs and the number of times you need to do it.

Sometimes it becomes the best thing to use a more expensive model because it has a low maintenance cost. The tree pruners with low maintenance offer removable blades, which are easy to clean and sharpen. Also, they have the sharpening equipment that makes it easy to sharpen the dull blades.


A tree pruner is a tool that you can often use when there are many trees around the house. Because of this, it is paramount to go for the model which is durable.

This will include the material that forms the blade. Since there are many options you can choose from, hard materials like high-carbon Japanese steel and tempered steel can be the best option.

But don’t overlook the durability in terms of the handle. Irrespective of whether you are choosing the handle made from rubber, wood, or plastic, you need to make sure the material is of high quality and is strong enough.


When buying the tree pruner, you need to consider the cost. Make sure you have a good budget to find out which brand is most affordable.

The significant influence on the price is the way you can power the tree pruner. The manual tree pruners become the cheapest models, which cost about $20. Typically, the electric one costs $50 or more, and the gas-powered one is the most expensive, which is more than $150.

Top 5 Best Tree Pruner

1. WONDER MASTER Rechargeable Professional Cordless Tree Pruner

WONDER MASTER Rechargeable Professional Cordless Tree Pruner Best Tree Pruner


This tree pruner product from WONDER MASTER can be a reputable and well-known brand for pruning trees. It features the steel blade design, which is great because you can quickly prune, clean, and flatted the trees without damaging the branches.

The blade has SK5 carbon steel that makes it easy to cut hard branches of about 32mm. Also, the blade is durable and sharp, which makes pruning more efficiently.

The safety is catered for because this model has the safety mode to press the trigger and then hold for some seconds as you turn the switch off.

Another useful feature is the brushless motor that offers a more robust power and more stable performance. When you compare its service life, it is 3 to 5 times.

There is the ergonomic non-slip handle, which is shockproof and anti-slip, making you work for long and much easier.

I really appreciate this 2Ah large capacity battery because it can work continuously for 6 to 7 hours without charging it again.

Likewise, this model has a wide range of applications like gardens, farms, parks, highways, landscaping, large pastures, orchards, and more. 

  • It works much easier because of a sharp blade
  • It has a comfortable handle that is shockproof, anti-slip, and comfortable to grab
  • Improves work efficiency, labor-saving, and convenient
  • The battery can run for 6 to 7 hours during a continuously work
  • It is  the best in fatigue resistance
  • Flexible in use
  • It is reliable, safe, and easy to maintain
  • The blade cannot be replaced
  • The trigger is super-sensitive, which can be very dangerous

2. Pikasola Electric Cordless 1.2inch Tree Pruner

Pikasola Electric Cordless 1.2inch Tree Pruner Best Tree Pruner


If you are looking for a tree pruner product, which has a portable design to enable the users to operate flexibly in various conditions, then this can be the right brand.

It comes with a brushless motor, making pruner efficient, more powerful, and a longer lifetime. Likewise, it has a service life 3 to 5 times that of the conventional brush motor.

There is a comfortable ergonomic non-slip handle that is shockproof and anti-slip, making work much more comfortable even for a long time.

It cut the tree smoothly without damaging the branches because of a durable and sharp blade, which cut 30mm deep. You can use the rechargeable lithium batteries to sustain the power for 6 hours during continuous usage.

Also, it has a unique charger, which can charge the batteries more efficiently.

A high durable SK5 blade makes this model unique because it can cut 1.2 inches of the tree branch more smoothly. You can now store and carry the tree pruner easily with the help of the custom toolbox.

This makes it easy to use in the gardens, farms, parks, large pastures, greenhouses, and orchards. Also, there is a power light indicator that indicates when power is on.

  • Custom toolbox makes it easy to store and carry
  • It is portable and lightweight
  • The blade is durable and sharp enough to cut 30mm deep
  • A powerful brushless motor that is efficient and long-lasting
  • It is shockproof, comfortable, and anti-slip
  • It is easy to turn, easy to maintain, safe, and reliable
  • It produce much noise

3. Pikasola Electric Cordless 1.2inch Tree Pruner

Seesii Professional Cordless Rechargeable Electric Tree Pruner Best Tree Pruner


Made from Seesii, this tree pruner brand comes in a set of a cordless pruner, backup batteries, wrench tool, US charge adapter, diameter blades, user’s manual, and a portable box.

It features a Swiss SK5 blade, extremely durable and sharp, making work easier to cut 1.2 inch hard branches. Also, it comes with an adjustable cutting diameter where you can easily switch the cutting diameter of between 1.18 inches and 0.98 inches.

There are rechargeable lithium batteries with a fast charging time of 1.5 hours and a long battery life of about 6 to 8 hours. Thanks to the unique charger, which can assist the user charge these batteries one at a time. This improves the charging efficiency and saves the charging time to 1.5 hours faster.

This tree pruner is equipped with a brushless motor, which is more powerful and has more stable performance, and serve longer. It also features a wide application like in the gardens, farms, parks, large pastures, greenhouses, orchards, apple trees, cherry trees, and more.

The ergonomic handle of this brand is anti-slip and shockproof, which make you relaxed and comfortable when using it. 

  • The brushless motor ensures a more extended service and more stable performance
  • Handle allows for a shockproof and anti-slip
  • It is portable, safe, compact, and lightweight
  • The blade is durable and extremely sharp
  • It saves charging time and improve charging efficiency
  • It makes cutting easier
  • The batteries run down very quickly

4. T-MAI Aluminium Lightweight Handle Sturdy Tree Pruner

T MAI Aluminium Lightweight Handle Sturdy Tree Pruner Best Tree Pruner


The T-MAI model can be the best tree pruner, particularly if you want to cut trees smoothly. It is meant to prune both dry and green growth branches that can go up to 1.9″ in diameter.

Besides, it comes with the SK-5 material that can allow you to trim saplings and branches effortlessly. Any accidentally falling when cutting can be prevented with the help of the radian toothed blade edge.

There is the telescopic rod, which can be adjusted between 27″ and 40 inches to reduce the labor intensity during the gardening work.

It also features a retractable rod with aluminum alloy that prevents any rust from happening and offers a comfortable gripping feeling.

Besides, this brand features an anti-slip rubber handle, which can reduce vibration during use. I really appreciate a thumb release lock button because it can ensure safety during use.

The product has a wide range of application, which is suitable for potted pruning, fruit tree pruning, landscaping, and allow you tackle any heavy-duty pruning jobs.

It is lightweight, making it easier to prune larger and tougher branches that require much time when cutting. This tree pruner ensures innovative mechanisms and ergonomically contoured grips.

  • The blade edge design prevent accidentally falling when cutting
  • The blade is sharp and durable
  • There is a comfortable gripping feeling
  • It has a wide application
  • The handle is anti-slip
  • It is lightweight
  • You can trim saplings and branches effortlessly
  • The handles are not sturdy enough

5. INGCO 30-Inch Bypass PowerGear Tech Tree Pruner

INGCO 30 Inch Bypass PowerGear Tech Tree Pruner Best Tree Pruner


This model from INGCO can be perfect for the fast removal of green and dry limbs and branches. I love the power gear technology feature because it can provide more cutting power to make cutting easy.

It also has a high cutting capacity that can go through a thick branch of 1.5 inches in diameter with a fast chop. Again, this gets the job done very well with less force and energy. You can experience a clean cut, which reserves the tree’s health.

The blade has a non-stick black coat that helps to offer strong anti-rust ability. This model has the carbon steel material with the whole-body heat-treated technology that assures a long service life.

The handles have rubberized grips, which can provide shock-absorbing bumper and cushioned grips to ensure comfort.

This is my best product because it has the power gear technology that provides more cutting power to make cutting easy. There is a plastic sleeve, which can protect the blades when you store it.

Likewise, it is heavy-duty because it can allow you to cut thicker branches easily without exerting much effort. The tool also has long arms that can give you reasonable control to prune away thick branches.

  • It has a high-quality blade that is strong and anti-rust
  • The handles are shock-absorbing, and cushioned grips
  • It has a sharp blade that offers fast cutting
  • It requires less force and energy
  • It offers a health cut to the tree
  • The material is durable and sturdy
  • It is lightweight and easy to use
  • Nuts can be too tight, which make it hard to open


The tree pruners are known for pruning trees that are not wanted in the trees. This can be because they are close to the walls, neighboring plants, or the fences.

Essentially, there are many tree pruner models in the market, and this can be confusing if you want to buy one. This article has given you the best products which you need to consider.

The best out of all is Pikasola Electric Cordless 1.2inch Tree Pruner, which comes with an ergonomic non-slip handle that is anti-slip and shockproof. This makes the pruning process easy and comfortable.

Also, it is portable and lightweight, which makes it easy to cut the tough and thick trees easily.

When you consider the factors we have outlined, this product has fulfilled it by being lightweight and with a comfortable handle, which makes it easy to carry and ensures a good grip.