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5 Best Worm Composting Bin In 2023 – Detailed Reviews

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People are wasteful in many ways, and one of them is throwing food away. Worm composting is the ideal recycling method, particularly for those who want to grow their vegetables and fruits or have a lot of potted decorated plants.

The most excellent method to recycle food is using the best worm composting bin. These are ideal because they consume food scraps and produce worm tea and worms castings. If the castings are darker, the better the fertilizer.

These worm composting bins come in various colors and shapes, but not everything is suitable for everyone. They are based on an utterly flow-through system in which the worms rise, eat the scraps, and leave behind the finished compost layer. Excess leachate water drains into the fluid collection container.

There are those with the cone-shaped bin, which keeps worms off the composter base but allows treated castings to fall onto the bottom tray. It is easy to collect the compost because you need to open the handle at the bottom and harvest the casting without separating or spoiling the worms.

DF Omer 13.2 Gallon Worm Fast Working Composting Bin Best Worm Composting Bin 2
DF Omer 13.2 Gallon Worm Fast Working Composting Bin – via

Factors to consider when buying the best worm composting bin


Many commercially available worm composting bins are made from dark recycled plastic that is great for absorbing solar heat and keeping moisture from evaporating. Since humidity and heat are essential for composting, this fundamental feature help to accelerate the decomposition process.

While wooden worm composting bins are not the best option, they should be made from non-resistant materials like wood; otherwise, your composting bins will become the compost themselves.

The bins should not be made from pressure-treated wood that can contain toxins that can leach into the pile and, therefore, the vegetables.


One factor that can be significant when buying the best worm composting bin is whether it is expandable. If you want to increase the dimension of the colony, go for the product that is expandable for the future date.

Many worm composting bins can be expanded by adding one or more trays on top. Typically, this can be useful if the family increases and you begin to create extra waste or need different worms to consume the waste produced.

Alternatively, some composting bins are sized, and the way to increase composting is to buy an extra composting bin. Before you purchase, you must consider whether you need to expand your capacity in the future.

Ease of maintenance

Most worm composting bins are easy to set up; you need to spread out the bedding layer, add worms and then start feeding. Nevertheless, once the worms are installed, you must know the time you’ll need per week for the treatment and the amount of work.

Likewise, it is good to dump the waste on the top and remove the leachate and castings from the base. Other models, mainly the tower-style composting bins with many layers, need you to recycle the tower floors in a cycle. Since this does not require a lot of work, you might find it a little overwhelming after doing this.

Ease of harvesting

The critical factor to consider when buying the best worm composting bin is the ease of harvesting. This is where the commercial bins have the advantage over homemade products.

If you’re using a worm composting bin, you’ll need to remove everything if you want to reach the bottom of the castings.

This means you will be disturbing the worms and manually sorting them to collect them all. Therefore, commercial composting bins have a significant advantage since they aim to simplify draining the tea and casting collection.

So, when buying the worm composting bins, you should pay attention to how simple it is and how little bothered the worms are.


Drainage is also an essential factor when buying the best worm composting bin. This is partly due to easy siphon off, where leachate is absorbed, but also how leachate is removed to control moisture levels.

At the bottom of the best worm composting bin is a special box that collects nutritious tea and empties it easily and quickly through a special tap. Again, this is another factor to consider when deciding which compost bin is worth buying.

Also, remember that the suitable habitat for worms should be moist, although not wet. If it is wet, the worms may be drowned, but if it is very dry, they may even die, and you won’t love them.


Another significant factor to consider when buying the best worm composting bin is its capacity.

Most bins indicate the number of worms they can contain. The general rule is that the red wiggle worms can handle half of the body heap of waste each day.

Therefore, a pound of worms may break down a half scrap pound per day. You can calculate the amount of garbage your family produces per day and the amount of worms you’ll need to handle. This should assist you in choosing the correct worm composting bin.

Also, some models contain varying amounts of waste and worms to suit your needs. For instance, you can only use two layers rather than four or three with a tower composter if you don’t have a large quantity of waste to dispose of.


In many cases, the shape of the worm composting bin will depend on the type of model you want to buy. However, keep in mind that round containers have no cold corners. Typically, these areas are hard to reach using a fork or combining tool and slowly decompose.

Conversely, square bins look good when placed near garden fences and fit well in the corner. Therefore, when buying the best worm composting bin, you need to consider the shape.


Ventilation holes must ensure adequate air circulation for the best worm composting system. Worms require oxygen and excessive humidity, and the composting bin must always have the correct amount of moisture. Lack of oxygen can kill the worms.


When buying the worm composting bin from Amazon, you must reflect on the cost. No one would deny quality products as well as affordable prices. You can choose the best offer by comparing the prices of various providers.


If you have a big yard with a lot of organic waste, the smaller worm composting bin will not be enough. Nevertheless, larger worm composting bins may be harder to maintain. They are more difficult to turn and need extra work to put the pile properly.

On the other hand, smaller worm composting bins can be tricky. They dry out quicker than larger composting bins and are more affected by outside temperatures.

5 Best Worm Composting Bin

1. Worm Factory Recycling Worm Composting System Bin

Worm Factory Recycling Worm Composting System Bin Best Worm Composting Bin
Best Worm Composting Bin

If you want the best worm composting bin that can house many worms, which can consume some pounds of waste every week, go for this Worm Factory model. It comes in black but also it can be available in terracotta and green.

There is the standard 4-tray size that is expandable to about six trays when using the directions, offering it the largest volume of any house vermicomposter. Every tray comes with the grid worm bottom, which is moved upward when adding new food.

Composting with worms lets you turn kitchen scraps, cardboard, and paper waste into nutrient-rich soil for the plants, forming a different sustainable lifestyle by improving and recycling soil quality. It is expandable and makes the whole process easy and quick.

You will get the thermosiphon airflow that helps to increase the composting speed. Now you can produce compost much faster than traditional composting methods. In addition, it has a compact design, which makes it ideal for use in the household.

This model lets you enjoy organic vegetables, flowers, and fruits grown with the assistance of kitchen scraps. Also, ensuring a healthy environment will maintain the population without under or overpopulating.

  • Durable and high-quality plastic
  • Compact and expandable
  • Process food waste to fine compost nutrients
  • Odor-free operation
  • It comes with a warranty
  • Easy to use
  • It comes in different colors
  • It improves soil quality
  • Forms an optimal environment for the worms
  • Adds vital nutrients to the soil
  • It comes with no instructions
Best Worm Composting Bin

2. SCD Probiotics 5-Gallon All Seasons Worm Composting Bin

SCD Probiotics 5 Gallon All Seasons Worm Composting Bin Best Worm Composting Bin
Best Worm Composting Bin

You can now compost right in the kitchen using this ready-to-use model from SCD Probiotics. It is 5 gallons with a spigot and strainer. Also, you will get BPA-free plastic material with a handle and a green lid.

It turns all food wastes into compost. Scrape the food scraps into the compost pail, sprinkle the bokashi compost starter layer to break down food, reduce odor, and close a lid. You can repeat it at every meal.

Furthermore, this best worm composting bin comes with the exceptional bokashi compost starter that helps control odor and break down food quickly and naturally. With the tight sealing lid, it makes it nearly odorless.

This has the ideal size for use in the apartment, classroom, condo, or home with a small kitchen. Likewise, it fits nicely with recycling and trash cans under a kitchen sink. It is easy to recycle every type of food, including small bones, dairy, meat, and paper.

It is equipped with a leak-free spigot, strainer, tight-sealing lid, and a sturdy handle. Likewise, the handle and lid are green to complement and contrast a neutral tan pail.

  • It turns all food wastes into compost
  • It is virtually odorless
  • Kitchen space saver
  • High-quality and BPA-free
  • It is leak-free
  • Rich soil amendment
  • It has a sturdy handle
  • Easy to use
  • It makes your home healthy
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is sturdy
  • Constant mold overgrowth
Best Worm Composting Bin

3. Spigo Retro Design White Indoor Worm Composting 1-Gallon Bin

Spigo Retro Design White Indoor Worm Composting 1 Gallon Bin Best Worm Composting Bin
Best Worm Composting Bin

You can now say goodbye to the smelly decomposing waste because this model from Spigo is odorless. It comes with the activated charcoal filter, which traps and absorbs odors inside a composting bin without worrying about the kitchen smells.

There is a filter that helps to keep the kitchen clean and fresh. In the same way, the filter lets you set it on the countertop or anywhere you need it. The retro vintage design replaces any decor and has served as the favorite compost bin for a long.

Furthermore, it comes with a stylish stainless steel material that resists leaks and rust, unlike other composting bins. In the same way, it features a removable basket, which makes it easier to transport food scraps.

The model help to prevent composting acid metal from degrading, and there is no need to use the plastic garbage bag. When it is time to empty the bin, you only need to remove the basket and make it easy to carry from the kitchen composter to the outdoor compost tumbler.

It is stress-free to maintain and comes with a carrying handle that helps you transfer the compost to the outdoor bin or pile. Also, you can use it to store coffee grounds, food scraps, tea leaves, flowers, vegetable peelings, and other compost materials.

  • It traps and absorbs odors inside
  • It complements any décor
  • Easy to carry
  • High-grade material
  • It prevents acid metal degradation
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and rust-free
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • It is long-lasting
  • Convenience and compact
  • It is poorly designed
  • The bin is small
Best Worm Composting Bin

4. DF Omer 13.2-Gallon Worm Fast-Working Composting Bin

DF Omer 13.2 Gallon Worm Fast Working Composting Bin Best Worm Composting Bin
Best Worm Composting Bin

The DF Omer model offers your garden nutrient-rich soil by turning the unpleasant activity into an easy process. It comes with built-in mixing bars that speed the decomposing process, and tumbling is easy.

The lid has a wide opening that ensures easy access and a special tray that produces liquid compost. On the other hand, this best worm composting bin has a built-in handle to move it around with minimal effort.

The model help to produce fertilizers for the plants is made easier. The step-by-step instruction makes assembling easy by just reading the detailed directions. Also, the tumblers are intended to provide enough oxygen for the biochemical processes inside a composter.

The compost tumbler is safe and easy to operate. Likewise, it is made of plastic material, BPA-free, UV-protected, food-grade, frost-resistant, and toxin-free. More importantly, it comes with a 2-year warranty, which makes one confident because you can replace it if there is any defect.

  • It has efficient composting
  • You can move the bin around easily
  • It has a smart design
  • BPA-free and UV-protected
  • Frost-resistant and toxin-free
  • It is odor-free
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is durable
  • It comes with a warranty
  • It is weatherproof
  • Poor quality and very expensive
Best Worm Composting Bin

5. FCMP Outdoor BPA-Free Dual Body Worm Composting Bin

FCMP Outdoor BPA Free Dual Body Worm Composting Bin Best Worm Composting Bin
Best Worm Composting Bin

You can now avoid mixing and digging compost piles by hand because this best worm composting bin from FCMP Outdoor has a tumbling design that makes mixing efficient and easy. You only need to close the door and then turn it 5 to 6 times every 2 to 3 days.

The removable doors make it easy to add clippings or scraps and remove finished composts. In the same way, you will get deep fins that offer excellent ergonomic handholds.

Additionally, this bin has two sides that let the first side complete while leaving the other side ready for fresh scraps or clippings. After finishing, constantly swapping sides will form the uninterrupted flow of healthy and rich compost.

Moreover, it comes with UV inhibited BPA-free recycled polyethylene, which contacts safe and does not degrade under direct sunlight. In like manner, it has a painted galvanized steel frame that is resistant to corrosion and goes for years.

I appreciate the aeration holes and deep fins because they break up the clumps inside a chamber and mix more oxygen into compost. Also, the tumbling composters allow for more excellent aeration when compared to the standard models.

  • Mixing is easy and efficient
  • The body offers great ergonomic handholds
  • Easy to use
  • It has excellent aeration
  • It is corrosion resistant
  • BPA free and durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • The chamber is very small
Best Worm Composting Bin

How does the worm composting bin work?

The system uses worms to turn the kitchen scraps and other organic scraps into compost manure. Typically, the worms eat the wastes and excrete them to compost. This is the natural method of recycling waste at home rather than going to the landfill.


It is hard to tell the best worm composting bin, especially if you’ve never seen one. If you have decided to change your lifestyle and begin composting, you should now be armed with better information than when you started reading.