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5 Best Zero Turn Mower Tires for Hills – GrowGardener Blog

Zero turn mowers are popular, and they have safely flooded the market with different models. This is because they can mow both large and small areas on the hills.

When cutting such areas, one would want to choose the best zero turn mower tires for hills so that they can complement the suitable models.

Here are some basic features of the tires mentioned in this review.

  • They have an asymmetric tire pattern that ensures safe cornering, excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces, and good braking performance.
  • They significantly reduce driving noise and have high handling and balance when mowing the grass.
  • Most tires have soft rubber material, which offers excellent grip on the hills during rainy weather.
  • The features of tires include high strength and pressure distribution inside the structure.
  • Also, the advantages of rubber are that it is environmentally friendly and wear resistant.
  • These best zero turn mower tires for hills have a groove pattern that provides good hydroplaning resistance. In this way, it is possible to reduce the tread pattern’s wear.

The result is a premium level of wear resistance due to the unique compound and optimized structure.

We know that you are looking for the best zero turn mower tires for hills. Therefore, we have put extensive research and expertise into selecting the top 5 zero turn mower tires for you.

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Black lawn mower—best zero turn mower tires for hills
Best zero turn mower tires for hills—Image via Erik Mclean.

Buying Best Zero Turn Mower Tires for Hills | Factors to Consider

Here are some factors you should consider when buying the best zero turn mower tires for hills.


When buying the best zero turn mower tires for hills, you need to consider seasonality. Tires must be purchased per the current or upcoming season—summer or winter.

Summer tires are aimed for temperatures between 5 and 7 °C and above.

Typically, these tires have a pronounced tread pattern, which is less. When driving in hot weather, these tires harden and cool, for they are perfect for fast driving when mowing.

The winter tires are used at temperatures below -5 °C.

They differ from summer models in a deeper tread and often in the presence of spikes. These tires usually warm up when driving in cold weather and get elastic. The winter tires have an extra reliable grip on the hills, increasing the zero turn mower handling and reducing its braking distance.

Protector Type

Depending on the pattern’s structure, the tread can be symmetrical, asymmetrical, directional, or non-directional.

  • The simplest is considered the symmetrical, non-directional tread.
  • The directional tread helps to effectively remove moisture from the contact patch and prevents the risk of aquaplaning.
  • And the asymmetric pattern, in turn, combines directional stability and high-quality drainage.

Simple ones are most common among mowers and are cheaper than other models.

Tire Width

Tire width is the crucial factor to consider when buying the best zero turn mower tires for hills.

  • First, wider tires usually provide a larger footprint and better traction.
  • Secondly, under the condition of the same diameter, tires of greater width have a smaller profile.
  • Thirdly, wider tires have a greater mass, slightly affecting the zero turn mower dynamics and fuel consumption.
  • And fourthly, with the increase in the width of the tires, their tendency to aquaplaning increases. 
  • In addition, tires of different widths have different final costs—as a rule, and you will have to pay extra for additional millimeters.

Thus, the width of the zero turn mower tires for hills must be selected, considering the range allowed by the manufacturer and the desired characteristics.


It would be best to consider the spikes when buying the zero turn mower tires.

  • The studded spikes provide the most reliable grip on packed snow and ice. This increases the degree of lift for a zero turn mower with front-wheel drive.
  • At the same time, on dry and wet pavement and loose snow, the disadvantages of studded tires appear where the grip deteriorates, braking distance increases, and noise increases.

This option is suitable for frequent trips out of town and travel.

  • Likewise, non-studded spikesshow excellent results when riding off-season but are unsuitable for ice and packed snow.
  • These tires are quieter than studded tires but reduce the lift of the front-wheel-drive zero turn mower.
  • Also, non-studded tires are good for urban conditions.

Therefore, choose the option according to your own needs.

Speed ​​Index

The speed index is a parameter reflecting the maximum speed where the tire retains the performance.

This is an alphabetic index, which must be specified in the manufacturer’s table.

Tires of the same diameter can have a different speed index depending on other parameters—width, profile, rubber compound, and price.

If the maximum allowable operating speed parameter is essential, you should choose tires of a high price category with the best customer qualities.

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Profile Height

The height of the profile affects the characteristics of the tire.

  • First, the higher profile provides better comfort and puncture resistance.
  • Lower profile tires, on the other hand, are better at conveying the garden profile to the suspension and bodywork and are also more prone to damage when hitting imperfections in the hills.
  • Secondly, a lower profile provides better handling and a higher profile, on the contrary, provides a greater rolling of the zero turn mowers.
  • Thirdly, as mentioned above, given the same diameter, tires of greater width have a smaller profile.

This must be taken into account when choosing per the desired characteristics.

Sealing Method

There are zero turn mower tires with the chamber where, when punctured, they lose pressure very quickly, which can lead to an accident. They have the marking of tube tires.

The sealing method can be tubeless tires, which maintain pressure in the tire for a long if damaged.

This makes tubeless tires much safer than tube tires. Therefore, such rubber is lighter and puts less stress on the wheel bearings and suspension.

In addition, tubeless tires heat less when driving at high speeds.

Compatibility with the Disc

After beading, the extensively turning wheels should not touch the body parts and suspension.

According to experts, a 1–2 inches discrepancy from the factory settings on the zero turn mower is allowed.

It is necessary to determine the diameter of the wheel based on the technical characteristics of the zero turn mower and choose tires, taking into account this parameter.

Load Index

The load index is a crucial factor that reflects the maximum allowable load on the tire during its operation.

It is indicated by a digital index, shown after the geometric parameters of the tire.

The index can be found in the table provided by the tire manufacturer—in our case, index 88 means an allowable load of 560 kilograms.

When choosing the best zero turn mower tires for hills, you should consider the maximum permitted weight. It should not exceed the maximum load indicated.


Before buying the best zero turn mower tires for hills, you must consider the cost.

  • The larger the diameter, the more expensive it is.
  • But at the same time, the lower the tire profile, the more expensive it is. This may seem counterintuitive as less material is used.

The inner layers and construction of the tires play an essential role. Due to the low profile height, the sidewall of such a tire must be much stronger than the exact tire with a high profile.

Rubber from large and famous brands with a century of history is more expensive, but the budget lines of well-known companies will allow you to save a lot.

Tires of young, unknown manufacturers will cost even less.

Also, tires with run-flat technology are more expensive than conventional tires because their sidewalls have special requirements.

Now that you know all the factors to consider before buying tires for your mower. Let’s see what the 5 best zero turn mower tires for hills are.

5 Best Zero Turn Mower Tires for Hills

Starting with the first on our list.

1. MaxAuto 16×6.50–8″ Turf Tires for Lawn Tractor

MaxAutois a successful brand committed to meeting customer needs with high-quality tires.

It is a well-known replacement for different types of riding lawn mower tires, lawn mower tires, lawn tractor tires, garden tractor pulling tires, garden tractor tires, and more.

  • The unique rubber formula makes it more wear resistance, heat resistance, and anti-aging than the other tire brands.
  • In the same case, it comes in two sets, which include 16X6.50-8″ and 16×6.50×8″ and is a tubeless model.
  • Similarly, it has a maximum load of 615 lbs. and a tire pressure of 28 Psi.
  • It comes with a turf tech tread, which gives you the best traction on the grassy surfaces, particularly on the hills where the slippage potential exists, without causing damage to the grass.

I appreciate the unique pattern design, making the zero turn mower maneuver easy on different roads and ensuring easy driving.

Likewise, this unique pattern design decreases the ground and tire friction and improves mower handling performance reducing tire noise to ensure comfort.

  • It improves mower handling performance
  • Better traction on the grassy surfaces
  • It is wear and heat resistance
  • Less noise during operation
  • It is anti-aging
  • Enhance drainage and maximum control
  • It is heavy-duty
  • It has increased grip
  • Unique tire pattern
  • Good budget option
  • Lower load capacity
  • Difficult to mount on the rims

2. MARASTAR Turf Traction 20×8.00–8″ Rear Tire Assembly Replacements

Among the best zero turn mower tires for hills is this product from MARASTAR that uses two professional-grade tire treads, including TurfMaster and turf lug.

  • For instance, the TurfMaster tread on the tire provides traction and stability.
  • Thanks to the Turf Lug, it offers superior traction over challenging conditions and terrain.
  • You can use it to replace the rear mower tires, 20×8.00-8″ and 20×10.00-8″.
  • Also, it has a load capacity of 965 lbs. and is not for highway speeds.
  • Likely, it has a low-cost tire, low hassle, and wheel solution for superior traction.

If you’re looking for a traction solution, replace the original tire together with the wheel assembly using this tire.

  • This product is easy to install during replacement.
  • It comes with the tubeless pneumatic 4-ply-rated tire, which uses both TurfMaster tread and Turf Lug tread to ensure stability and superior traction.

What is more, when buying, it comes in two tires; this is for right and left.

  • It provides traction and stability.
  • It has low hassle and cost.
  • It is durable.
  • It is easy to assemble, install, and inflate.
  • It has an aggressive tread.
  • It has a perfect fit.
  • Very responsive customer service
  • It takes time to remount.

3. AutoForever 20×10.00–8″ 4PR Tubeless Turf Tires

AutoForever is known for developing and manufacturing these best zero turn mowers tires for hills, which are quality and unique in the market.

Their lineup includes lawn and garden, ST trailer, agriculture, ATV Quad Motorcycle, golf cart, light truck, UTV Side by Side, and more.

  • They have a tire size of 20×10–8″ with a maximum load of 1190 lbs.
  • In the same way, the rim width is 7.0 inches, and the tread depth is 0.67 inches.
  • There is outstanding cornering ability and superb handling at high speeds.
  • You will get the pattern design and lug depth that offer dependable balance and traction when working on grass, especially on inclines and hills.
  • These tires have the perfect combination of sophisticated quality and premium rubber material to enhance durability and reliability.

Furthermore, they use the latest tread compound and the specialized tread pattern design to allow you to ride on the roughest road.

These tires are stressed and angled to offer an increase in pulling power.

  • They have a wide application
  • Resist abrasions and punctures
  • Provides dependable balance and traction
  • Reliable to use
  • You can get through diverse road obstacles.
  • Easy to replace
  • Outstanding cornering ability
  • They have a specialized tread pattern design
  • Provide low kickback
  • Not ideal for every garden vehicle

4. MARASTAR 21446–2PK 15×6.00–6″ Front Tire Assembly Replacement

Many people go for this zero turn mower tire from MARASTAR because it has the perfect replacement for the zero turn mowers.

  • It comes with a 3-inch centered hub, ¾-inch sintered iron bushings, and solid dark gray steel.
  • Additionally, it has a load capacity of 400 lbs but is not ideal for highway speeds.
  • More importantly, it comes with a low-cost solution and low hassle to repair or replace the riding mower tires.

It is easy to install because it comes with the tube-type 4-Ply rating tire, turf saver tread pre-mounted on the powder-coated steel dark gray wheel, 3-inch centered hub length, a grease fitting, and high-quality oil-impregnated bushing.

  • Also, it has 3×0.08″ thick washers and an extra e-clip, which make the replacement easy.

To ensure a suitable replacement fit, you need to check the existing bushing size, tire sidewall for tire, and hub.

Also, to get the best grip, you need to replace the damaged tire or the entire old one with this one.

  • It has low hassle
  • Easy to install
  • Low-cost solution
  • It is powder-coated
  • Easy to repair, replace, and inflate
  • It has a perfect fit
  • Defective tire
  • Poor quality steel

5. SunF A003 ATV/UTV/Lawn-Mowers Off-Road Tire 20×10–8″, 6 PR, Directional Tread

The SunF model comes in two pairs with a size of 20×10-8″ and a rim diameter of 8×7.0″.

  • It is a great all-terrain tire, ideal for recreational trail riding, and light enough for fast speed in a competitive race.
  • Moreover, it comes with the “V” angled directional knobby tread design, ideal for most terrains.
  • This makes it the perfect replacement tire for the quad ATV, golf cart, zero turn lawn mower, and UTV.
  • Thanks to the heavy-duty six-ply rated construction, it resists abrasions and punctures.
  • On the other hand, this tire comes with a cleaning action that improves traction over rough terrain.
  • Similarly, it has additional shoulder lugs, which protect the sidewall and rim.
  • Also, the tire has about six layers that protect it from weariness and damage.

Such a construction keeps the zero turn mower more stable when mowing.

  • It resists abrasions and punctures
  • Improved traction over the rough terrain
  • Extra shoulder lugs protect sidewall and rim
  • Easy to install
  • It is lightweight
  • Provides perfect stability
  • Diverse tire sizes
  • Unique design for hills
  • It is durable
  • Rims are not included
  • The size is very small


Buying the best zero turn mower tires for hills is the first thing if you want to mow the grass.

Go for one of these products because they feature advanced asymmetric patterns and wide grooves for efficient moisture-wicking.

They have an improved shape and internal design to optimally balance driving characteristics. Also, the closed pattern design help to reduce vibrations.

The best-selling product is MaxAuto 2-Pcs 16×6.50–8″ Tubeless Zero Turn Mower Turf Tires for Hills because it has a unique rubber formula, which makes it resistant to wear and heat and anti-aging.

Likewise, it has a unique pattern design that makes it maneuver easily in different terrain.

I hope this helps!