How Long Does Celery Last? 4 Simple Tips You Need to Know

How Long Does Celery Last 2

Celery finds its way to most of the dishes in our kitchen from salads, stir fry to garnish our favorite dishes. I bet you love the crunch when you eat it raw as a light snack. You will hear the crunch and feel its crispness only when it is fresh. Whenever you pull put the celery stalks from the refrigerator, you might be wondering has the vegetable lost its slenderness already. I am very finicky when it comes to including limp stalks in my soups or any other dishes.

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How to Kill A Palm Tree In 4 Easy Ways!

How to Kill A Palm Tree

Why Kill A Palm Tree?

Palm trees look so majestic that you would be forced to ask the question, why and how to kill a palm tree? They add beauty to any landscape and can be added as an attractive feature. However, there are times when these same palm trees can become a nuisance! Unfortunately, they can also become a safety hazard and cause damage to your property or yourself. Let us take a look at the reasons.

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19 of the Amazing Indoor Hanging Plants – Beautify And Clean Your Home

Amazing Indoor Hanging Plants

Adding some of the best, most beautiful and manageable indoor hanging plants is such a cool idea. This has a few benefits as far as the homeowners are concerned.

First of all, plants are decorative themselves, which surely display extra charm and a refreshing vibe to any home. They become similar to chandeliers in providing attention as they hang and sway up your ceiling.

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10 Best Edger Reviewed just for You!!!

10 Best Edger Reviewed BLACKDECKER 2 in 1 String Trimmer Edger and Trencher 2

What is a Lawn Edger?

Just like any beautiful painting requires the right frame, a lawn needs clean edges for it to look good. Lawn edgers are gardening tools used to define boundaries in the yard. It could be between your lawn and the sidewalk or between the lawn and flowerbeds. When the grass starts growing over the edges, it can look a bit messy! A lawn edger will cut extra grass and keep your lawn looking neat.​

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