5 Reasons Not To Use Weed And Feed Before Rain

Weed And Feed Before Rain

Weed and Feed

Do you want your lawn to look lush and perfectly manicured? When I moved to my new home, having the perfect lawn was on top of my list. However, despite all my efforts, the results remained disappointing. A neighbor suggested that I use weed & feed products to help control the weeds and, at the same time, strengthen the grass. I immediately got the product and was ready to use it when my neighbor stopped me. He told me that there was a chance of heavy rains in the next couple of days, and using weed and feed before the rain will be of no use.

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Too Much Oil in Lawn Mower? Take Care of It In 7 Easy Steps

Too Much Oil in Lawn Mower 2

Oil in The Lawnmower

Do you have a garden with a lawn? A lawnmower is a necessary piece of equipment if you want to keep your lawn or yard looking fantastic. Right maintenance of your lawnmower will improve extend its life and improve its performance. Equally important is the amount of oil you use in the lawnmower. When I first bought a lawnmower, I did not pay attention to both, the amount as well as the kind of oil I put in it. Soon, I paid the price! My lawnmower would stop working every few months. After the third visit to the workshop, I got fed up and called my friend, an expert. He suggested that I should take a look at the oil levels to see if there is too much oil in lawnmower.

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Do You Want To Know What Does Sage Smell Like?

What Does Sage Smell Like


Do you like to use a lot of herbs in your cooking? One of the most popular and most commonly used herbs is Sage. Most people know this herb well and use it in a variety of ways. It is also well known for its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. In fact, its botanical name Salvia in Latin means to heal. It is easy to grow and does not require much care. If you are new to this herb, then you may wonder what does Sage smell like? Read on to learn more.

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Learn How to Grow Black Beans In 7 Easy Steps

How to Grow Black Beans

Black Beans Are The Best!

Do you like black beans for their taste or for the health benefits they offer? They have been a staple of North American diets for almost 7000 years. Black beans have a mildly sweet flavor with a nice texture and provide several vital nutrients and minimum sugar and fat. If you want to use it regularly, you can try to grow it yourself because it is easy to grow.

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Do Birds Eat Grass Seed? How To Prevent Them in These 5 Easy Steps?

Do Birds Eat Grass Seed

Grass Seed

Do you want to grow your lawn from seeds? It is an affordable option, and for smaller lawns, this is a good option. When I first decided to buy seeds for my lawn, I purchased the most expensive and top-quality grass seeds. I sowed the seeds and waited for days and then weeks for the grass to grow. However, the grass only grow in patches, and I had to reseed. My neighbor, who was watching me struggle, told me that it was the birds causing this problem. I asked him, do birds eat grass seed? And he answered yes. Here is what I learned about birds eating grass seeds.

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