6 Reasons Why Carex Tumulicola Is The Next Level Of Gardening?

Also known as Foothill Sedge, Carex Tumulicola is an often neglected option to high end gardening. When it comes to taking a garden from the status of good to amazing, this humble little plant is a ‘fine gardening’ essential! It’s a plant that’s never let me down because of its uncanny ability to grow just about anywhere. There is, however, much more to it.

5 Of The Best Rototiller: Cultivate Like A True Pro

A Professional Cultivator

Are you looking for the best rototiller for your gardening needs? You’ve come to the right place. After considering the top three tillers from Mantis, I’ll be compiling five more excellent rototillers from different brands and at different price points.

Of course, if you haven’t seen the best from Mantis, you could always check those out. Also, in that article (and here as well: How to Use a Rototiller in Small and Medium Sized Gardens), you’ll see the many benefits of a motorized tiller.

5 Reasons to Love Chinese Lilac. Yes, Beyond Your Imagination!

“….Every sense is gratified, even that of touch, when the delicate plumes of the fragrant Lilac blossoms brush your cheek as you walk through its path; there is no spot of fairer loveliness than this Lilac walk in May. It is a wonderful study of flickering light and grateful shade in midsummer….The very spirit of the Lilacs seems visible, etched with a purity of touch that makes them sentient, speaking beings, instead of silent plants.”

- Alice Morse Earle

5 Of The Most Enchanting Bell Shaped Flowers

There’s one word that describes bell shaped flowers perfectly: charming! The best way to lighten up any garden area is with these delicate flowers. Find them on shrubs, small plants, or even trees. For those who have a passion for nature’s little enchanters, you’ll be thrilled to read through this list of my favorite bell shaped flowers from around the world.

9 Astonishing Facts of Blackthorn Fruit to Know. Get Ready to Be Amazed! This is Awesome!

Is it your first time to hear about the blackthorn fruit? Or are you curious what this fruit is? Whether it’s a new word to your ears or not, this fruit is amazing for a few reasons. Although not that popular compared to berries, blackthorn fruit has a very delicious taste and contains several benefits good for the health. Without further ado, let’s get right on to these facts.

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