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Bob’s Best Hummingbird Feeder Reviews

You can attract hummingbirds to your yard or garden by having Bob’s best hummingbird feeder. This feeder often has an exciting shape and is easy to hang. Hummingbirds are attracted to the red color which comes with most of these feeders. The simplicity of a hummingbird feeder gives you the flexibility to design the right size and shape for your garden.

This model is easy to install because you can hang it to provide enough nectar for these territorial little birds. Likewise, Bob’s best hummingbird feeder has a unique appearance different from other products as its feed tank is on the bottom. It can hold more nectar, and the red cap is attached to the top of the tank. Besides, it has a built-in hanging hook and comes with wires that allow it to be placed around the house.

MISEDI 15.7 Bobs Best Hummingbird feeder 2
MISEDI 15.7” Bob’s Best Hummingbird Feeder – via

Guide for the nectar that is used in the Bob’s best hummingbird feeder

The nectar must be prepared exactly as described. Hummingbirds are very sensitive animals with tiny body organs. Slight deviations or the replacement of components can damage them.

  • Do not add food coloring to hummingbird nectar. It has no nutritional value, but it can harm the kidneys of birds. If you have a suitable feeder, the birds will be happy to visit it anyway. Hummingbirds do not smell to find their food; they are guided only by sight. A bright red feeder hung in an easily accessible place will be visited by many birds. There is no need for additional coloring of the nectar.
  • Do not use the microwave to boil water for nectar. Water in a microwave often boils intensely (some even call it an explosion) and can cause burns.
  • Do not pour hot nectar into the feeder. This could damage the tank of the feeder, causing you to get burned. And if the unlucky unexpected hummingbird arrives too early when the nectar is still warm, it will burn its tongue.
  • Do not use brown sugar, wedge syrup, caro syrup, or other possible substitutes. Use only white granular pure sugar to make syrup. The chemical composition of other products is different, which can cause illness or even death of the bird. But it doesn’t matter which manufacturer’s sugar you choose.

Bob’s Best Hummingbird Feeder Reviews

1. MISEDI 15.7” Bob’s Best Hummingbird Feeder

MISEDI 15.7 Bobs Best Hummingbird feeder

This product is a welcome banquet, which can accommodate about 22 hummingbirds at once. It is professionally designed to spread an instinct and minimize resource protection of hummingbirds. A horizontal orientation lets the hummingbirds see the surrounding environment to about 360 degrees when eating. This goes with the instinct when checking for the danger.

Similarly, it comes with a flute-shaped uniquely design that attracts many hummingbirds to the yard. In the same way, it can be dangled horizontally to allow the hummingbirds to enter the flower-shaped feeding ports 22. The hummingbird feeder tube has lightweight, wear-resistant, durable material that can endure any bad weather damaging the feeder.

A good airtightness can ultimately make sure the nectar and water won’t leak from every end. On the other hand, the adjustable nylon lanyard help to adjust the position for easy observation. Two flexible cords allow the feeder to hang easily in any suitable position, like under the eaves, in front of the window, on a swing, among more.

2. THREEGOLD Bob’s Best Hummingbird Feeder

THREEGOLD Bobs Best Hummingbird Feeder

The unique thing about this Bob’s best hummingbird feeder is that a flock of hummingbirds gather to form an exceptional landscape. It comes with a unique horizontal design and multiple feeding ports, which attract more hummingbirds. Similarly, this hummingbird feeder offers a flute-like shape, which can be dangled horizontally and is suitable for sagging in gardens, courtyards, corridors, etc.

The hummingbird feeder has a tube where the inner wall is smooth with no gaps, making cleaning easy because you need to rinse it with water. You will get a flat design that distributes food evenly, reduce food waste, and attract more birds. More importantly, this model has a bright red transparent tube that prevents any trouble of adding the dyes to food.

Moreover, the hummingbird feeder is light-transmissive, well ventilated, and clean so that you may watch the food of the birds from any delivery. The size of the product is 40 cm and 50 cm with two available sizes, which you can choose to meet various needs. It comes with a clear tubular design that magnifies the hummingbird’s tongue action while it feeds.

Tips for placing the Bob’s Best Hummingbird Feeder

Allow hummingbirds to see the feeder. The first thing is to ensure the hummingbirds know you are prepared for them. Typically, the best method is to place the hummingbird feeder in an obvious spot in your garden. If the hummingbird feeder is very far from the cover, the hummingbirds will not want to feed there. This makes them vulnerable and insecure.

Bob’s best hummingbird feeder must be located 10 to 15 feet from the cover. Hummingbirds do not like to be outside when they’re not eating. They conserve energy whenever possible. For this reason, it is best to place the feeder 10-15 meters from a shrub, bush, or other suitable hiding places.

This gives them an area to rest and escape from the sun. Likewise, the hummingbirds, which suddenly feel defenseless, can appreciate the quick escape route from Bob’s best hummingbird feeder.

You need to place the hummingbird feeder where you will see it. Remember to place the hummingbird feeder where you can see the little dynamos coming and going. Here are some ideas if you meet all the other necessities listed above:

  • On the edge of the porch but not close to the smoking grill.
  • Near the garden bench facing east (to prevent harsh afternoon sun in the eyes).
  • Continue, but do not get too close to the window because hummingbirds could be injured in the collision.


Bob’s best hummingbird feeder is one of the best large-capacity feeders for multiple birds at once. You can remove the yellow flowers to give the birds more room to drink.  It has a distinct vintage vibe that will look great in your backyard. 

Likewise, it has an attractive polished surface with different shapes. Overall, a hummingbird feeder is a wise purchase if you have many hummingbirds in your garden.