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Can You Cut Plexiglass with a Jig Saw – Step-by-Step Guide!

You might be wondering how can you cut plexiglass with a jig saw.

Well… stop wondering as we’ve got you all covered.

If you want to install plexiglass windows in a building, create plexiglass partitions to confine an outbreak, or are new to the construction industry, you must first learn how to cut the plexiglass.

A jig saw is the best tool for the job, given the wide variety of saws and cutting tools available. The truth is that a jig saw is an ideal type to cut plexiglass without cracking. Also, it is particularly true if you are cutting an irregular shape.

There are other alternatives to a jig saw while cutting plexiglass, such as a simple circular saw, a table saw, or even a utility knife.

A jig saw is the only tool that can smoothly cut plexiglass into any shape.

Let me tell you how can you cut plexiglass with a jig saw without cracking it. But in the beginning, let’s take a look at some safety measures.

A new jig saw—can you cut plexiglass with a jig saw
Can you cut plexiglass with a jig saw? – Image via Reddit.

Safety Measures for a Perfect Cut Using a Jig Saw!

Here are some safety measures for using a jig saw.

1. Do Not Remove the Plastic Film

Typically, plexiglass is packaged with a thin plastic film to guard against scratches as it moves from the manufacturer to the store to your workshop. You can keep your equipment and work surfaces from getting scratched by leaving that coating on while you measure, mark, and cut.

2. Get the Required Depth

Draw a straight, deep line on the plexiglass with a knife similar to a box cutter before attempting to shatter the material on the spot.

3. Get the Right Blade

Whether you’re using a power saw or a hand tool to cut plexiglass, it’s necessary to have a sharp blade. A dull blade will struggle against the material, sometimes resulting in breaks and splits, as well as an excessively harsh cut edge.

4. Maintain a Cool Blade

As is already noted, cutting plexiglass can result in cracking and breaking due to an overheated power saw blade. Leaving the thin plastic coating on the surface provides some lubrication, but if your blade overheats, stop cutting and turn off the saw to allow it to cool.

Apply a small amount of soapy water to the plexiglass surface before cutting for extra lubrication.

5. Safety Tips

Always wear a face shield, safety glasses, or goggles. Put on hearing protection and, if necessary, dust masks.

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Can You Cut Plexiglass with a Jig Saw? | Step-By-Step Guide!

So, can you cut plexiglass with a jig saw? As a one-word answer, I’ll say: “Yes!”

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Set up Your Jig Saw

Your initial action in the process should be to set up your jig saw to cut plexiglass.

  • It is because not all jig saw blades are suitable for cutting plexiglass.
  • Cutting plexiglass should be possible with any blade intended for cutting plastic.
  • A carbide blade with a 10 TPI should be sufficient.

To prevent the blade from falling while in use, install the correct blade and securely fasten it to the jig saw.

Step 2: Assemble the Plexiglass

Installing the plexiglass sheet on a sawhorse is the next step in cutting plexiglass with a jig saw.

  • You cannot cut plexiglass on a regular work table, and it cannot be cut without support at both ends.
  • So, the plexiglass must be supported by the clamps at both ends, i.e., the end that will be cut off and the end that will be used should be supported.
  • Otherwise, the weight of the plexiglass could cause it to break as you make your cut.
  • Therefore, fasten the plexiglass to both sides of a sawhorse using some simple clamps.

It is very important if you want to cut a circle out of the plexiglass rather than just a straight line.

Step 3: Mark the Cutting Area

Next, use your jigsaw to mark the line or circle where you will cut from the plexiglass.

  • Always use a ruler, a compass, or other suitable measuring devices when marking the line.
  • Before cutting anything, always measure twice because you won’t be able to undo a cut.
  • Using a grease pen on plexiglass would be best because a regular pen or pencil won’t work on it.
  • After using the grease pen to draw your cutting line, cover it with either painter’s tape or masking tape, and then redraw the line over the tape.

The tape is used here to keep the plexiglass from breaking or cracking while being cut.

Step 4: Set up the Plexiglass

You can skip this step if you are about to cut straight through the plexiglass rather than in a circle.

Making a hole for the jig saw blade to be placed into plexiglass before cutting a circle requires some preparation.

  • In this situation, create a hole big enough for the blade to fit through, using a drill with a specific bit made for plexiglass.
  • Don’t forget to drill this hole from the inside of the circle.
  • If the circle is what you intend to cut, you can also begin cutting from the outside as usual.

Now is the time to cut.

Step 5: Cut the Cord

Here is how to cut:

  • So, if you are cutting a circle, press the jig saw along the line to cut after putting the blade of the saw through the hole you drilled in the previous step.
  • Get the saw going at full speed and cut down the line if all you need to do is split a piece of plexiglass.

Always keep your hands away from the blade, and if necessary, support the piece you are cutting off, so it doesn’t fall onto the floor.

Step 6: Buffing & Sanding

The final step is to make the cut pieces smooth.

  • Start by smoothing out the edges using 120- or 180-grit waterproof sandpaper and a sanding block because you’ll probably end up with some burrs and rough edges.
  • Change to 600-grit sandpaper as they begin to get smooth for the final sanding and polishing.

Watch this video to learn how can you cut plexiglass with a jigsaw:

Can you cut plexiglass with a jig saw? | Cutting PLEXIGLAS® with a Jig Saw. – YouTube

That would be all!

Final Words!

Can you cut plexiglass with a jig saw, you asked? I hope you now know the answer.

All you have to do is follow the instructions and the advice we’ve provided in this article today, and you shouldn’t have any issues doing it.

Every building material has unique characteristics and quirks that you can learn with time and effort. Cutting plexiglass without cracking it is simple if you pay attention, take your time, and work at it.

It all simply comes down to using the appropriate blade, tool, and procedure.

That said, let’s conclude the talk!