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Can You Mow In The Rain?

It is common knowledge that mowing grass in the rain when it is dry is the best practice. However, this practice might not be practical in all situations.

There might be heavy rain and your lawn might require a quick mowing just before another spell of rain touches the blades. There are a number of reasons to avoid mowing wet grass. Let us find out the answer to the question can you mow in the rain?

Can You Mow In The Rain
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Can You Mow In The Rain?

After a spell of rain, the drops of water weigh down the blades of the grass which causes the blades to weigh down so getting a straight cut becomes extremely difficult.

Personally, you can also get hurt due to slipping on the wet grass. There is another problem where the cuts of the grass have the tendency to form a clump and prevent an even distribution.

The mowing of wet grass also helps in quicker distribution of diseases caused by germs stored on the surface of the grass blades due to rain.

This is a big problem because freshly cut wet grass is more susceptible to germs. However, if the grass is growing too long due to excessive rain, the mower can be used for a quick trim.

Is Mowing Wet Grass A Very Bad Idea?

Honestly, there are a number of reasons which support the fact that grass should not be cut while wet. Here are some of the reasons that you must really consider before making the move:

  • Wet grass is immensely sticky and tends to stick not only to your legs, but also to the lawn mower and causes rusting and grass to stick to the blades of the mower. This can then cause damage to the machinery.
  • Chlorophyll present in wet grass tends to stain your clothes more than actually having the concerns of getting wet. The stains are extremely difficult to get rid of and require multiple washes.
  • Unless you are really committed to having a perfect lawn, you can easily avoid mowing your lawn during rain or times of wet grass. The chlorophyll can even stain your house walls along with your clothes and skin.
  • List The biggest problem of mowing the grass during rain or wet grass is the unevenness. The grass turns unruly and seems to run in all directions. You will need to mow the grass multiple times before cutting the perfect look for your lawn.
  • You will also be required to wait for a lot of sunlight to dry the grass in your lawn to give it that one final cut and make it the picturesque lawn that it should have been from the beginning.

Things to Keep in Mind While Mowing Wet Grass

  • We have previously mentioned that cutting wet grass is especially difficult because it is difficult to get a sharp cut. Therefore, it is important to sharpen the mower blades before cutting the grass. Sharpening can be done at any local hardware shop or by any professional lawn mower.
  • Before cutting the wet grass, make sure to raise the mower deck in order to cut about 3-4 inches more than the usual level to enhance better cutting. This helps to prevent bacterial growth and keeps your grass healthy even when it has been cut under damp conditions.
  • Using the side-discharge to cut wet grass is also another trick that many people use in order to have multiple rows of mowed grass. This small trick helps a lot when you will mow the grass again on a dryer day.
  • You definitely know that fuel for the mower is costly and you will be requiring a little extra while cutting wet grass. So, we recommend buying fuel that will last only for two to three weeks.
  • Fuel for the mower has an affinity for moisture, which can cause spoilage of the fuel. You should buy only that much fuel which will actually be used instead of a bulk purchase. You can also use a stabilizer to prevent moisture from entering fuel and spoiling it.
  • Cleaning the lawn mower right after mowing the grass is also an important part. You just need to remove the wet grass clippings in order to prevent mold growth. There is a special mower cleaner attachment built specifically for this purpose which can be used freely.
  • The final tip is regular mowing for the next one-two weeks. After a decent amount of rain, grass grows pretty fast and your lawn will encounter immense grass growth. Therefore, we recommend that you mow more than normal after the rain has gone.

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We hope that this article was helpful and helped remove any doubts regarding the mowing of wet grass. We believe that you will retain all the above-mentioned points before mowing the grass before, during, or after rain.

However, do keep in mind that mowing the grass during the rain is a very unhealthy practice as it puts the health of the entire lawn in jeopardy. Always make sure to mow the grass during non-inclement weather conditions because mowing grass during a dry spell can also be pretty harmful.

Consider the environmental conditions before mowing the grass in your lawn to achieve a luscious lawn.

Mowing wet grass is extremely difficult if you are a personal gardening enthusiast. There are a number of professional corporations that offer to mow your grass in wet conditions.

They are professionally trained and manage to mow your lawn without causing any ugly patches. They charge a minimal fee for this service and if requested, they can teach you a number of tricks as well.

These professionals also have good quality lawn-mowing devices and the ideal training to use it also. These professionals offer to provide the ideal services required to manicure your lawn. They are usually local and you can reach them with a single phone call.