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13 of the Most Reliable, Wind Tolerant Flowers for Home

Wind Tolerant Flowers for Home Zinnia

Wind is one of those natural enemies of plants, especially flowers, which cannot be controlled and can be frustrating. Even without the presence of storm, a slightly strong wind is able to wilt flower plants easily. This is a nightmare to every homeowner who tries their very best to keep the garden or landscape looking beautiful and untangled.

Gardeners create barriers to protect vulnerable plants against winds, storms and typhoons. The use of other taller and bigger plants with thick stems or woody branches can be a great defense too. Others make some shade and fences from some light materials.

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11 of the Best Herbs to Grow Indoors at Home

Best Herbs to Grow Indoors Mint

So you’ve been thinking of herbs to grow indoors at your home. That’s a fantastic idea as a pot of herbal plant can provide some ingredients for cooking and home remedies. On that case, make some room near your windows or shaded patio to ensure there is space for growing herbs.

There are numerous herbs that are ideal to plant and grow indoors. These are not just plants to be displayed that create a small home garden. They also provide health benefits for you and your family. You do not need a lot of tools or money to do this as well. But you must provide lots of water and some sunlight to let these herbs grow faster and produce good quality harvest.

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8 of the Most Beautiful Flowers for Window Boxes in Sun

Flowers for Window Boxes

It is basic for a house to have a little garden at both of the front yard and backyard and even sideway paths and patios. Some homeowners keep plants indoor for the sake of adding décor and purifying air. But do you know which other part of the house where you can place flowers and plants? The windows!

Having flowering plants on your windows is an amazing idea. It can surely add beauty to your own home. The question now is which flowers for window boxes are recommended?

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15 of the Cutest, Easily Grown Flowering Herb Plants for You

Flowering Herb Plants Fennel

Beneficial and beautiful, flowering herb plants are ideal to grow in a small backyard, limited space garden, even in pots for a window edge or a balcony display. With its “double functionality”, you’ll get to enjoy both beauty and flavor.

Many herbs produce cute, decorative flowers. These add floral display at seasonal occasions, and rare ones used as spices or seasonings. They may not be like cut flowers for table centerpieces, bouquets and gifts. Yet, the stunning view these flowering herb plants present can be eye-catching to both the homeowners and guests.

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