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5 Of The Best Mosquito Fogger To Protect Your Garden, Home, and Family

Tiny Serial Killers

What comes to your mind when you think about the most dangerous animal in the world? Do you think of disease-carrying rats? Maybe, Man-eating lions or deadly sharks? Surprisingly, none of these animals, no matter how dangerous,can compare to the top killer weighing only a mere two and a half milligrams: mosquitoes.

According to the World Health Organization, mosquitoes kill around 725,000 people a year (sharks kill 10 annually) from the diseases they bring – no other animal bite kills more people. It’s no wonder then that we spend millions per year to protect ourselves from these harbingers of death. One of these tools is the best mosquito fogger. Choose from among the best and start protecting your family, home, and garden from these deadly pests! Additionally, the best propane mosquito foggers will be perfect for camping too.

At A Glance

Here is a quick look at the products we’ll be looking at in this article and their respective features.

Mosquito Fogger

Power Source

Power Source



4 lbs


3 lbs


3 lbs


6 lbs

Electric – Cold Fog

12 lbs

Love Asparagus? How to Grow is Plain Easy

Many gardeners would love to add asparagus; how to grow is a basic question answered below.


Asparagus, with the scientific name asparagus officinalis, is a hardy perennial type of plant that grows in well-drained soil (USDA zones 2 to 8) between 7.0 and 7.2 pH level. It grows every year whether in dry or winter seasons. In most cases, it’s ready to harvest in spring or summer. Even after harvest, the plant stays in the same garden bed for long years between 15 to 30. Thus, a very excellent choice to grow for its yearly production.

Moreover, this vegetable is a great source of many essential nutrients. These include B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium and iron. It’s another reason why you must include this in your home garden.

How to Store Radishes Properly and Efficiently

Red radishes, or simply radishes, are one of the fastest growing vegetables, which every gardener would surely love to raise. These are also convenient to store because they can last for a week or more. The question we need to answer is how to store radishes properly to ensure their crispness.

When to Harvest Radishes?

It’s always necessary to look at the fruit of every plant to know whether it is ready to pick or wait a little longer. Regardless of the variety, the color of the top of the radishes has to be bright, usually green, and not wilted. Check the roots as well if they are bright and contain no cracks. It helps confirm they’re good enough to harvest if you squeeze and the center shouldn’t be soft.

How to Grow Runner Beans – Simple Guide for Beginners

Runner beans are easy to grow and you can confidently do it without sweating a lot. But it is still a must that you learn how to grow runner beans. Let’s read some quick facts, planting steps and harvest tips.

Quick Facts:
  • Scientific Name: phaseolus coccineus
  • Family - Fabaceae or legume
  • Growing Period - late April to July
  • Difficulty - easy
  • Varieties - white lady AGM, hestia, St. George, white apollo AGM