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19 of the Amazing Indoor Hanging Plants – Beautify And Clean Your Home

Amazing Indoor Hanging Plants

Adding some of the best, most beautiful and manageable indoor hanging plants is such a cool idea. This has a few benefits as far as the homeowners are concerned.

First of all, plants are decorative themselves, which surely display extra charm and a refreshing vibe to any home. They become similar to chandeliers in providing attention as they hang and sway up your ceiling.

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How to Grow Moss Indoors: 5 Easy Steps to Follow

How to Grow Moss Indoors

What Is Moss?

You have probably come across the phrase ‘a rolling stone gathers no moss!’ When I was a child, I would go to the thickly forested area near my grandfather’s house. I used to look at different mosses. Some would be laid out like a lush carpet, and some would be on the trees like soft covering! I would touch it and loved the silky feel of it. Now, I know that moss is an incredibly resilient plant of the Bryophyte family.

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