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10 of the Cutest, Most Popular Indoor Succulents

Hens and Chicks Most Popular Indoor Succulents

Getting tired of having plants that are very high maintenance but not that beautiful to look at in the long run? Why not try one or more of the popular indoor succulents?

Having plants as decorations inside your house is not uncommon nowadays. As a matter of fact, it provides you great benefits, such as a good add on for your interior design, a healthier atmosphere and a source of some positive energy. Generally, it’s nice to have indoor plants because of their outstanding water storing power and ability to withstand dry air without unwanted physical side effects.

Now let’s concentrate on succulents that most plant lovers opt for. Here’s a list of the top ten popular indoor succulents that you can choose from.

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16 of the Low Maintenance, Easy To Propagate Houseplants

Chinese Money Plants Easy To Propagate Houseplants

If you prefer something inexpensive, less demanding and equally charming as most plants, easy to propagate houseplants are an ideal and practical choice. You can keep your home eco-friendly with more opportunity to reduce toxins through these plants whether it’s a good sunny season or chilly winter.

Propagating is one fantastic way to sustain the growth and quality production of certain plants. There are specific species and varieties that do need propagation in order to thrive longer. These are the ones you surely want in your home. Let’s identify those low maintenance and easy to propagate houseplants.

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14 of the Manageable and Colorful Houseplants

Manageable and Colorful Houseplants Succulents Dessert Gem Plants

Do you want to surround your house with plants that aren’t just plain green? No problem, because you’re at the right page. You can brighten up your home and make your interior look more powerful by putting colorful houseplants that may surely and definitely catch eyes.

This idea also helps improve the levels of positivity causing the reduction of any stress related triggers and ultimately make you feel better. So, here is a list of manageable, beautiful and colorful houseplants that can become relevant to your home.

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17 of the Best Bedroom Plants – Leafy and Flowers

Best Bedroom Plants Dracaena

There are several best bedroom plants to choose and grow. These do not only give some green beauty into your own room but also provide some fresh air. Study shows that varieties of indoor air purifying plants provide fresh air that can help limit bad odor and prevent toxins from occupying your most comfortable space. They have the natural ability to reduce your stress condition and make you feel relaxed too. Thus, you will get a good night's sleep and good health in the long run. These are definitely worth planting for.

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17 of the Low Maintenance and Best Bathroom Plants

Best Bathroom Plants Snake Plant

There’s nothing wrong with having plants in the bathroom, but which best bathroom plants should be taken into consideration?

While you can have plants in the living room and in the dining area due to their much larger space, there is some room for a plant or two in the bathroom too. It is a nice idea with benefits if you include indoor and best bathroom plants. This doesn’t only add something green and make your bathroom eco-friendly, but also enhances the interiors and helps purify air keeping it clean and fresh.

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