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6 Of The Best Shovel Any Gardener Can Have

Dig In

For many gardeners, it all starts with a shovel, some seeds or plants, and a love for making things grow. You may have had little or no idea about the right type of soil, or the specifics on watering, nutrition, and location. Also, there may have been a lot of trial-and-error, touch-and-go, and patience at first. But in success or failure, gardening always comes back to those three things.

12 Popular Cutting Tools for Gardeners

While some individuals would want you to believe that there is a magic list of garden tools that each and every gardener should possess, the truth is, gardening tools come in all sizes, shapes, and features. Over the years, these tools have gone through significant evolution courtesy of changes in technology. Garden tools have grown more specialized over the years and each season comes with a new set of gardening tools.

But before you dive into a buying spree of the latest and most functional garden of the current season, you should ensure that you have all the basic tools covered and properly understood. Below is a list to shed some light on the matter.

6 of the Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer for those Handsome Hedges

Wires and Gas Begone

I remember once again my old Black & Decker hedge trimmer. It’s still probably still sitting in the shed with its grease and smoke stains. That one was a giant gas-guzzler, and I’m quite proud to have retired it for a lighter and more environmentally-friendly option. If you’re also looking to go the lighter, quieter, and greener route with your hedges, then going cordless is the way to go!

A Brief Guide to Lawn Mower Repairs and Tips to Maintain Your Lawn Mowers

If you have your own lawn mower then you need to maintain the same. Lawn mowers basically trim or prune the garden grasses and these machines move through the garden surface, and collect the clutters from the garden or lawn. So after operating these lawn mowers for longer period, you may find some difficulty in their operation and you need to repair the machine from some reputed lawn mower repairs.

Firstly, you need to know about different kinds of lawn mowers available in the market. There are different strike cycles adjusted in these lawn mowers and you need to identify the mower whether it is an electric mower or it is a gasoline lawn mower.

For The Discriminating Gardener: Top 5 Of The Best Wheelbarrow

Carrying the Load

A trusty wheelbarrow is one of the first things any respectable gardener will need once you upgrade from anything smaller than pot. Fortunately, unlike the wheelbarrows of yesteryear, we’ll have more than just old hulking steel models that are encrusted with concrete from its last job. And for the discriminating gardener, only the best wheelbarrow will do.

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