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Where Do Carrot Seeds Come From? This Is Unexpected!

Have you ever wondered where do carrot seeds come from? I bet you just start pondering on that thought. Or if you’ve been curious, you’ve come to right place!

Carrots are no doubt one of the popular vegetables because they are delicious, versatile and edible even while raw. You can make a variety of dishes from soups to entrées. You can also just slice thin pieces that you can dip in sour cream cheese or blend for a cup of fresh juice.

Let’s not forget how beneficial this vegetable is to the health too. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals, most notably lycopene and beta-carotene. Other than the internal organs, good effects extend up to the outer layer of the skin and hair.

When it comes to growing, carrots are also easy to deal with. You just need loose soil with direct sunlight and regular water. It won’t take long also to harvest them so you can enjoy the fruit of your gardening.

When To Pick Carrots? This Is The Best Time

Carrots are not only popular to rabbits, but many people including children love it. It’s rich in lycopene and beta carotene, among other essential nutrients. Whether raw or cooked, this orange colored vegetable must be in your regular diet.

You probably want to have your own source of carrots. That’s good! And did you know that growing this kind of root vegetable is super easy? As long as it’s planted in deep and loose soil plus watered regularly, there’s no difficulty growing. You won’t even notice that it’s already time to harvest them.

Speaking which, the main question from the headline is when to pick carrots? What’s the best time to harvest them? Is it during spring, summer or maybe even fall? That is the focus of our topic in this post.

How To Dry Dill? The Process Is Very Easy, Yes!

From soups to sautéed dishes, dill is used as seasoning and/or flavor. You can make a lot of appetizers, main courses and even snacks. It is that versatile in the kitchen. In addition, this is also used for medicinal purposes. That’s why having several dills at home can become handy at times.

Since this is a type of herb, dill is easily spoiled. You either use fresh herbs to season dishes or dry for later use. As the headline suggests, this post focuses on how to dry dill.

7 Reviews Of The Best Mulch For Garden Vegetables

Weed out the Weeds

One primary adversary of any gardener is weeds. These uninvited guests and freeloaders literally suck the life out of your plants and vegetables. Moreover, they take up so much of our time when we would routinely rid our gardens of them. In fact, a statistic in 1991 states that the average annual monetary loss due to weeds in the US was around $4.1 billion dollars!

11 Of The Most Amazing Facts About Growing Wasabi You Never Knew

Notoriously Demanding

We are most familiar with wasabi in the form of the green paste you would find beside sushi when you dine at your favorite Japanese restaurant. And if you regularly enjoy Japanese cuisine, Wasabi may have ben, your constant condiment. However, experts and gardeners alike claim that WasabiaJaponica is one of the rarest and most difficult plants to grow and nurture.

Therefore, the few who are successful at growing wasabi sell this rare and demanding plant at extremely high prices. Chiefly, the horticultural world handles wasabi supplies almost as carefully as they would gold.

What makes wasabi so hard to grow? And are you thinking about taking on the wasabi growing challenge? Here are 11 amazing facts about growing wasabi you may not know yet and what is involved in nurturing this finicky vegetable.