23 Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive

Don’t just settle for a typical garden wherein the plants are grown from the ground. There must be hanging baskets filled with cute tiny flowers. Better yet, have some climbing flowers covering the big fences and walls. If your yard is an open space, build a DIY trellis in an arch shape then surrounded by pretty fancy blooms.

Climbing flowers are special in a way that they grow so wide and tall. These are the types of plants that don’t have enough room for the usual pots, not even beds. Their growth can be rapid that may need constant cutting and support. For sure, you want to create a more stunning garden so both cleanliness and neatness must be observed.


Vines that produce beautiful and fragrant flowers are a great choice. They can be showstoppers to anyone visiting or just passing by. So, what are the best flowering climbers that are easy to grow and manageable to take care of?

1. Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Black Eyed Susan Vine

The five-petalled, yellow petals with black “eye” in the middle can be a ray of sunshine if this is visible in the garden, especially when it’s a huge or wide inflorescence. Once it reaches maturity, it can grow from 4 feet to 6 feet. Apart from yellow, this vine also has varieties in orange and white colors.

In addition, Black-Eyed Susan Vine is one of the fast growing climbing flowers that promises pretty blooms. Just make sure the soil is kept moist when dried and full sun is given.

2. Blue Crown Passion Flower

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Blue Crown Passion Flower

At a glance, the Blue Crown Passion Flower may look fake but when you get closer can make you drop your jaw. This flower has a good scent and a very unique appearance with its ten white petals and blue with dark purple, string-like “crown” stamens. This is one of the climbing flowers that surely get quick attraction.

It’s best to grow this with the support of a trellis or fence, unless you intend to have them spread all over the wall. On average, this can grow as tall as 20 feet. It thrives in hardy zones 6 to 9. It requires full sun but may also just rely on partial shade. The blooming season begins in summer up to early fall.

3. Blue Sky Vine

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Blue Sky Vine

Blue Sky Vine is another great choice among climbing flowers for gardens and home landscapes. This “cousin” of Black-Eyed Susan is also known by the other name Bengal Clock Vine. It is popular for its sky blue/purple cup-like flower heads with yellow throats. It can grow as tall as 20 feet. To have abundant growth, it’s best to plant in mild climates with partial shade to full sun.

4. Bougainvillea

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Bougainvillea

For a showy, breathtaking backdrop, Bougainvillea is hard to resist. This drought-tolerant perennial flowering vine can cover the whole wall, even the high ones. It blooms in the summer but can reproduce most times of the year, especially in areas with mild or tropical climates in hardy zones 9 to 11. The flowers are special in terms of size and texture. The petals are paper-like with an array of color varieties, which include white, pink (light and hot or dark shade), red, yellow, orange, magenta and purple.

5. Carolina Jessamine

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Carolina Jessamine

Also called Yellow Jessamine, Jasmine, Evening Trumpet Flower and Woodbine, Carolina Jessamine is a reliable perennial bloomer. It produces beautiful yellow bell or trumpet shaped flowers in early January. Apart from being eager, it is also a fast grower. Upon maturity, it can reach a maximum height of 20 feet. It thrives easily in warm climate whether exposed in partial shade or full sunlight. If there are other flowering plants nearby, it is suggested that you prune on a regular basis.

6. Chocolate Vine

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Chocolate Vine

Chocolate Vine via Flickr.com

Chocolate Vine, also referred to as Five-Leaf Akebia Vine, is a type of a twining vine that has a unique look with its deep purple flowers with a spicy chocolate-like scent. This is often planted along a sturdy structure as support for better climbing. This spring bloomer is tolerant to hardy zones 4 to 8 in partial shade or full sun.

7. Clematis "Etoile Violette"

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Clematis Etoile Violette

Clematis has various colors of flowers but the "Etoile Violette" is one of the climbing flowers to consider if you prefer some profuse blooms. This produces beautiful deep violet flowers that climb on walls, fences, trellis and arbors. It can be even mixed with other climbers like Roses and Bougainvillea.

There are varieties of this flower in terms of forms either single or double. It can grow from 6 feet to 10 feet long. It’s also among the easiest and fastest growing climbing flowers. For best result, prune it regularly, especially after new growth has begun. This thrives well in hardy zones 4 to 11 in partial shade to full sun.

8. Climbing Hydrangea (Hydrangea petiolaris)

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Climbing Hydrangea Hydrangea petiolaris

Hydrangeas are among the popular flowers mainly due to their beautiful blooms. But the Climbing Hydrangea has a special offer with its natural capacity to grow as high as 50 feet. It’s a deciduous vine that thrives in hardy zones 4 to 7 in partial shade. It’s a great choice to plant along the high walls and fences for a more decorative cover.

9. Climbing Rose

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Climbing Rose

Create a little Anglophilic with some Climbing Roses around. The elegance and sweet scent of this flowering plant is convincing enough to beautify your garden. Like ordinary roses, this has different color varieties to choose from. You can stick with the classic red or white, or opt for less common shades like yellow and orange. Regardless, this is able to grow in zones 3 to 10 in partial shade to full sunlight.

Dortmund is one variety of Climbing Rose you may choose from. It reaches a length of 15 feet up to 30 feet. This is usually in red colored flowers, but some varieties offer a different shade.

10. Coral Honeysuckle

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Coral Honeysuckle

If you’re looking for climbing flowers that are quite distinctive, Coral Honeysuckle makes a perfect candidate. This perennial bloomer twines and extends a length of 10 feet to 15 feet. That is also a reason for it to have some support through trellis, wall or arbor. After a few weeks after planting, it provides beautiful trumpet shaped and scented coral to pink colored flowers. It is essential to be sown in zones 4 to 9 in partial shade or full sun.

11. Cypress Vine

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Cypress Vine

For fast growing climbing flowers, Cypress Vine doesn’t disappoint. It may not be as popular as other climbers, but this is a good option if you want eager blossoms. Its foliage showcases scarlet red trumpet-like, star-shaped flowers that typically attract hummingbirds. It grows from 4 to 8 feet tall only so it’s pretty manageable.

12. Hyacinth Bean

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Hyacinth Bean

Scientifically known by the name Dolichos Lablab, Hyacinth Bean is one of those unique climbing flowers. It produces purple blossoms in an uncommon shape of petals. The pods of this plant are also purple in color, and the beans are edible and common in Asia and soma regions in Africa. But in the United States, this is often planted for ornamental purposes. On average, it can grow from 10 feet to 15 feet. It survives in abundance in zones 9 to 11.

13. Hops (Humulus lupulus)

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Hops Humulus lupulus

Hops offer more than just being the key ingredient to beer drinks. This climbing plant has light green flowers in chartreuse cone shapes. It is definitely not your typical flower but its uniqueness and vines make it to the list of climbing flowers. This can extend up to 25 feet long or high. It works in zones 4 to 8.

14. Madagascar Jasmine

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Madagascar Jasmine

Madagascar Jasmine is true to its name as it features clusters of scented, trumpet-like, pure white flowers. It’s an evergreen vine having dark green, leathery leafy foliage. It’s an easy and manageable flowering climber that twines, which make it dependent on support of a fence, trellis or arbor. It tolerates slightly moist soil in partial shade.

15. Mandevilla

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Mandevilla

Mandevilla provides a tropical look with its trumpet-like blooms that are usually in red or pink, but also available in white and red-white. The variance of the flower heads can add some pop to a lifeless garden. This climbing flowering plant grows from 6 feet to 8 feet high. For better blossom, it must be sown in a full sun area since this tolerates heat.

16. Moonflower

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Moonflower

It is rare for climbing flowers to bloom at night but that’s what makes Moonflower a tidbit special. Its fragrant trumpet-like flower heads that range from white to purple blossom during sundown and last overnight until the next morning. However, it reblooms each day during its season. It has an average height of 15 feet, making it a good plant to sow on walls, trellis and fences. The annuals thrives in hardy zones 4 to 7, while perennials must be grown in zones 8 to 12. Whichever type, this requires full sun.

17. Morning Glory

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Morning Glory

Morning Glory belongs to the same family of species as Moonflower, which is Ipomoea. This explains why they look almost identical. Like Moonflower, it is also a fast growing climbing flower that can easily cover fences and walls, extending from 8 feet to 12 feet tall. What makes it different from Moonflower is that its beautiful flowers bloom during sunrise and close in the afternoon. This annual flower tolerates heat, so better sow in hot climates or exposed with full sun all day.

18. Nasturtium

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Nasturtium

Nasturtiums are also climbing flowers you can grow with more than just ornamental benefits. The beautiful funnel-shaped flowers of this plant can be used for cooking. These are often topped on fancy meals. It’s also easy to grow and can bloom profusely under low maintenance. This extends up to 4 or 6 feet.

19. Star Jasmine

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Star Jasmine

This spring and summer bloomer has tiny white star-shaped flowers but is also fragrant. It can thrive in hardy zones 8 to 10 in partial shade to full sun. The presence of this provides a welcoming vibe to your garden or yard.

20. Sweet Autumn Clematis (Clematis Terniflora)

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Sweet Autumn Clematis Clematis Terniflora

For a huge foliage, Sweet Autumn Clematis is an excellent choice. This deciduous vine grows really tall and wide, up to 30 feet. When late summer arrives, it produces tiny white blooms that are sweet scented. This requires hardy zones 4 to 9 in partial shade.

21. Sweet Pea

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Sweet Pea

Among the climbing flowers you can also choose to grow is Sweet Pea. This perennial and annual plant produces delicate flowers in the summer. While pink and white are the most common shades, it also comes with purple and blue colors. It needs hardy zones 5 to 9 and partial shade.

22. Trumpet Vine (Campsis)

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Trumpet Vine Campsis

Trumpet Vine is also a fantastic choice as far as climbing flowers are concerned. This summer bloomer pops up trumpet shaped orange to red flower heads. It’s a fast growing perennial vine that extends up to 40 feet tall. With its own flowers, it is able to attract hummingbirds with its own flowers. For its survival, this grows in both hot and cold climates even in drought and can easily grow in zones 4 to 9. That makes it manageable even in a shaded area or full sun.

23. Wisteria

Climbing Flowers that Make Your Garden More Attractive Wisteria

Make your garden look more dreamy with Wisteria. This spring bloomer produces cascades of beautiful, fragrant bluish lilac flowers. Their abundance can be enough to create a welcoming arch. It grows very tall up to 66 feet and can easily thrive in hardy zones 4 to 9 with full sun.

All these climbing flowers have each of their features and benefits to offer to gardeners and homeowners. Just find which of these plants best work in your space.

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