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Craftsman vs. Toro Lawn Mower – A Detailed Comparison!

Investing in lawn and landscaping makes sense whether you live in an urban region or a less populated rural neighborhood.

Also, don’t you think a well-kept lawn can increase the value of your house?

An attractive lawn is made possible by a good lawn mower. But how can we know which lawn mower is good for us?

A variety of brands make lawnmowers. If you are thinking about which lawn mower is better, you are here in the right place as we are evaluating two widely used lawnmowers: Craftsman and Toro.

Today, we are going to see Craftsman vs. Toro lawn mower.

Toro lawnmowers are great for little lawns, whereas Craftsman lawnmowers are best for someone who can strike a balance between price and performance.

Understanding the difference between these mowers is crucial to selecting a suitable one for you.

In this article, we have done our best research to find the answers for you so that it can be easy for you to select between Craftsman vs. Toro lawn mower and determine which one works for you.

We will also discover the solutions to other intriguing inquiries, like how to maintain Craftsman and Toro lawnmowers and how to cut a lawn effectively.

Read on to discover more!

What Is a Lawn Mower?

A lawn mower is a tool used to cut grass or plants.

This machine is frequently used to tidy up gardens. The extensively used lawnmowers are made of incredibly durable and sharp iron plates, allowing them to cut the grass easily.

The main reasons to own a mower are:

  • Mowing
  • Mulching
  • Bagging

Now, let us talk about the Craftsman vs. Toro lawn mower.

An Overview of the Craftsman vs. Toro Lawn Mower | Comparison Table!

For your convenience, here is a quick comparison table of the two lawnmowers. However, a detailed comparison is elaborated further in the article.

CharacteristicsCraftsman Lawn MowerToro Lawn Mower
TerrainWorks well in uneven terrainNot so good with uneven terrain
Lawn SizeIdeal for large-sized lawnsIdeal for comparatively smaller lawns
NoiseProduces louder noise than Toro lawnmowersNot as loud as Craftsman lawnmowers
Parts AvailabilityEasily availableEasily available
TorqueGood rating of torqueNot as good rating as Craftsman
BatteryChangeable battery availableChangeable battery available
Drivers WheelStronger wheels than ToroNot as strong as Craftsman
Wheel SizeHave a larger wheel sizeHave a smaller wheel size
Bagging CapacityNot goodVery good
A comparison table for Craftsman vs. Toro lawn mowers.

Now, let us get in-depth!

The Craftsman Lawn Mower!

Craftsman is a wonderful alternative for individuals who wish to effortlessly maintain their yard while also enjoying the equipment’s durability.

Craftsman has been in business since 1927 and offers dependable, premium mowers that simplify and improve yard maintenance. If you have some experience, you can count on perfect cuts every time you use the Craftsman lawn mower.

With an easy-cutting setting in a craftsman lawn mower, you will no longer have to guess how long your grass should be. This feature will eliminate your difficulty remembering which tool changes the size of your settings.

Craftsman offers a variety of features, such as “EZ Read Gauges,” that make it simple to measure your cutting settings.

The Craftsman lawn mower can be exactly what you need if you seek a dependable, versatile, and simple-to-use lawn mower. Both home and business users were considered in the design of this lawnmower.

With its ability to mulch and side discharge as standard features, the engine gives you flexibility as your landscaping requirements evolve.

You won’t have to question whether it will last forever with a craftsman’s high-quality finish.

Craftsman lawn mower—Craftsman vs. Toro lawn mower.
Craftsman vs. Toro lawn mower | Craftsman lawn mower via Amazon.

Advantages of the Craftsman Lawn Mower!

Here are the advantages of using the Craftsman lawn mower over the Toro lawn mower:

  • A Toro mower might not be ideal if your yard is more than half an acre. The efficient cutting deck can cut a quarter of an acre of grass in a single pass; however, Craftsman mowers are advised for larger yards to finish yard work quickly.
  • As your landscaping needs change, the Craftsman lawn mower gives you flexibility with its standard side discharge and mulching features. Compared to Toro lawnmowers, Craftsman mowers mulch more effectively.
  • The torque rating is one thing to consider when purchasing a mower. A Toro’s torque rating is inferior to a Craftsman’s. It has an automatic choke and recoil as standard features. Just pull to fire; no more fussing with priming or choking!
  • The wheel drivers on Toro lawnmowers are inferior to those on Craftsman lawnmowers.
  • Most Toro lawnmowers lack adjustable handles, whereas Craftsman lawnmowers have them.

As you know, a good comparison cannot go without the cons.

Disadvantages of the Craftsman Lawn Mower

So, here are some disadvantages of the Craftsman lawn mower.

  • The turn radius of a Craftsman lawn mower is less than that of a Toro lawn mower.
  • The Craftsman lawn mower is not designed for sustained high-speed cutting on thicker grass for longer.
  • The lawnmower made by Craftsmen has problems with unevenly cut grass.
  • Uneven terrain is easily managed with Toro mowers. In Craftsman mowers, this function is uncommon.

Now, let us look at some of its features.

Craftsman vs. Toro Lawn Mower | Features of Craftsman Lawnmowers!

Features of the Craftsman lawn mower.

1. Engine

The high-performance engine of the Craftsman lawn mower makes it suited for all types of grass.

It can handle them with ease!

With its superb cutting performance, this model makes your work easy and efficient. Your job will be simple and quick, thanks to this model’s excellent cutting capabilities.

The Craftsman lawn mower provides a clean and effective cut, produced by the powerful engine working in conjunction with a sharp blade.

Air-cooled, single-cylinder, four-strokes are also the characteristics of the Craftsman lawn mower engine. It is also an excellent option for maintaining the yard in general, raking leaves in the fall, and cutting higher grass.

2. Effective & Efficient Cutting Deck

The ideal mower would have a feature where all grass varieties, including thick, thin, and damp ones, could be easily cut.

Well, guess what?

The Craftsman lawn mower’s technology allows it to cut the grass in one pass, providing extra time for other tasks.

Additionally, it offers a few added features like a side and back grass chute, so you may adjust the chopped grass’s direction as needed.

With this mower, you can bag, mulch, or dispose of the cut grass.

Maintaining Craftsman Lawn Mower

Craftsman lawnmowers are for people who wish to effortlessly maintain their yard while also taking advantage of the machine’s longevity!

  • Their rust-resistant surface makes them ideal for any lawn or yard.
  • They are made even more robust and enduring by the high-quality finish.
  • Like many gas-powered lawnmowers, the Craftsman will need regular oil changes.
  • Usually, you do this in the spring when you pull it out of storage for the winter. If you plan to use the oil frequently or live somewhere where grass grows all year round, you might need to replace it more often.
  • But it also has an automatic choke and electric starter, so you would not need to fuel them before using them.
  • Additionally, this mower requires a large fuel tank for a long-lasting impact.

With that aside, let us talk about the Toro lawn mower.

The Toro Lawn Mower!

One of the most common models of lawnmowers available is the Toro.

It is dependable, simple to use, and always innovative!

Knowing that this cutting-edge design will be with you for years gives you comfort; your Toro lawn mower is ideal for taking on any duties that need to be done.

For homeowners who want to enjoy their new zero-turn riding lawnmowers more, Toro is the ideal one. You may choose how high of a cut you want, and Toro will adapt the mowing height accordingly, thanks to the mower’s cutting deck that automatically adjusts with speed.

Additionally, all variants of this mower come included with heat relief vents.

This strong Toro lawn mower has many clever customization features, like a self-adjusting cutting deck that adjusts its speed automatically to the terrain for a flexible cut height.

And it does not stop here; it goes beyond!

While comparing Toro mowers with Craftsman’s in terms of torque, Toro has the lowest. But it is better than Craftsman in terms of features.

They have found a way to add valuable features to their mowers.

For instance,

  • The personal pace system in Toro’s self-drive adjusts the mower’s speed and matches the pace at which you walk.
  • Toro mowers use power reverse allowing the drive to work in reverse. That makes reversing in a tight area easy.
  • Toro lawnmowers can be stored upright to save space using a function called Smart Stow.
  • It has heat vents to keep you comfortable throughout hard workdays or whenever you want to relax in the yard.
  • Cast iron wheels allow this tough machine to easily navigate sidewalks, protecting them from being damaged by overgrown grass or high heels.

Finding the ideal mower for you is made simpler by Toro mowers’ extensive assortment.

Black and red lawn mower—Craftsman vs. Toro lawn mower.
Craftsman vs. Toro lawn mower—Image via Richard Catabay.

Advantages of the Toro Lawn Mower!

The following are the advantages of using a toro lawn mower.

  • The powerful engine of Toro lawnmowers is designed to last for many years and starts up smoothly every time.
  • Unlike Craftsman mowers, the Toro mower is not loud; thus, hearing protection is not required.
  • The business is renowned for its innovative designs that give old vehicles a competitive advantage.
  • Toro is known for being durable, user-friendly, and dependable.
  • The Toro mower is easy to move on damp grass due to its large wheels.
  • Toro lawnmowers are less expensive than Craftsman lawnmowers.

Now, let us take a look at some disadvantages.

Disadvantages of the Toro Lawn Mower

Following are the cons of the Toro lawn mower.

  •  They are not a good fit for large yards.
  •  Some types of Toro mowers have poor wheel drivers.
  •  Toro’s handles cannot be adjusted.

That said, let’s dive into some of its features!

Craftsman vs. Toro Lawn Mower | Features of Toro Lawnmowers!

Here are some features of the Toro lawn mower.

1. Powerful Motor

Heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant steel is used in the construction of Toro.

Do you want a lawn mower that won’t rust or malfunction with regular use so that it can serve you for many years?

Toro mowers are renowned for their sturdy construction. They are made to handle complex tasks while being gentle on your body.

The powerful engines of a Toro can easily cut through thick grass and difficult terrain.

The recoil start feature of Toro engines makes starting the mower quick and easy.

2. Maintaining Toro Lawn Mower

According to lawn mower reviews on numerous websites, this mower is appropriate for home use.

However, if you intend to use it more frequently than once weekly or for larger areas, you should consider investing in commercial-grade machinery.

The mower has a washout port for cleaning the underneath of the deck and a quick-stow storage handle.

Thanks to the Personal Pace with Traction Assist, you have total control, which self-propels to match your walking speed and maintains everything level, even on rugged terrain.

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3. User-friendly

Both business owners and homeowners rely on the wide selection of professional and consumer mowers made by Toro.

Toro products come in a range of costs and have a user-friendly interface and polished dual blade cutting.

Toro lawnmowers are the ideal option if you want to purchase the best lawn mower because they are reasonably priced and readily available.

The Toro lawn mower offers many functions, including a 3-in-1 function that enables side discharge, bagging, and mulching, which makes this model more desirable.

With that said, that was all about the Craftsman vs. Toro lawn mower.

Before we head to the conclusion, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions.


Here are the answers to some FAQs.

Does Toro Surpass Craftsman?

Toro and Craftsman both make excellent lawnmowers.

Both are good, but sometimes Toro offers extra benefits, and sometimes Craftsman does, such as a better warranty system, easily changeable parts, better customer service, and quality that saves time.

As a result, choosing the best mower for a particular yard or lawn owner might be challenging or, I must say, based on your own choice.

How Similar Are Toro and Craftsman Lawnmowers?

No, Craftsman and Toro lawnmowers are not identical.

Both are made in different nations and have unique features and guarantees.

What Brand of Lawnmower is the Most Reliable Choice?

That is not easy to answer. The well-known ones are Toro and Craftsman.

Various people prefer different models. However, your lawn or yard’s state will determine which of these brands is ideal for you.

The article covered the specifics we mentioned above.

Lawn mower—Craftsman vs. Toro lawn mower
Craftsman vs. Toro lawn mower | Choose the best lawn mower according to your personal needs—Image via Ulrike Mai.


Toro and Craftsman are excellent options if you are searching for a high-quality lawn mower that will meet your demands for many years.

As you have already witnessed the Craftsman vs. Toro lawn mower, choose your mower based on that when it’s time to get a lawn mower for your lovely lawn.

It can be tricky to decide which lawn mower is better because they are both good in their ways.

They are both incredibly effective at what they do!

Both cut grass precisely and according to your specifications.

Before buying a lawnmower, ensure all the conditions are met, including maintenance, parts availability, warranty, and other matters.

That’s all!

Let us know in the comments if you did not get bored while reading.