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39 of the Cutest, Small Indoor Plants You Can Grow

You don’t have a spacious garden? No problem! You can opt for small indoor plants.

Indoor plants are essential at homes for various reasons. They can bring nature inside the four walls. They can purify the air and reduce chemicals to keep your home toxic-free and environmentally friendly. Of course, they add more life and display a little goodness.

There is also no hassle placing some small indoor plants. They don’t require a lot of room because they easily fit in anywhere.

From the corners near the main door to the shelves to the bathroom windows, there is a space you can find for them. Some indoor plants can be placed in a hanger too.

If your next project is to have small indoor plants, below is a roundup of great choices. Have a look and see which ones are perfect for your home.

39 Cutest, Small Indoor Plants

1. Air Plant

Air Plant Cutest Small Indoor Plants

A very manageable indoor plant that is worth considering is the Air Plant. This type of plant doesn’t require soil to grow and survive.

It only requires to be soaked in water for 10 minutes and must be at least once in a week. It may also need a little light, but not direct. To get enough circulation, place it in a terrarium.

2. Alocasia

Alocasia Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Alocasia has varieties that feature large, showy leaves. Most are thick and obvious veins, some are thinner. There are also variants that look like the shape of a stingray. Like most small indoor plants, this requires misting in between once-a-week watering.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Among the longest famous succulents is Aloe Vera. This is another great small indoor plant to choose. Aside from being a beautiful tropical display, this provides skin care and home remedies through its natural gel.

The medicinal properties and beauty potion of this plant are the reasons why many homeowners keep them. And the best part is that it is low maintenance. Just ensure to have enough sun with watering once a week.

4. Anthurium

Anthurium Cutest Small Indoor Plants

The small varieties of Anthurium make an excellent indoor plant as well. The simple elegance of the single heart-shaped petal of this flowering plant can add a positive vibe.

You may go for the classic red color, choose pink for vibrance, or better yet the white one. This requires low maintenance able to tolerate all types of light but best grown by indirect but bright light.

5. Asparagus Fern

Asparagus Fern Cutest Small Indoor Plants

The foliage of Asparagus Fern can provide attraction to any visitor. It’s also among the easy to care small indoor plants for homeowners. It only needs well-drained soil, partial shade (indirect sunlight) but lots of water.

Since this can be toxic to pets and berries are poisonous, it is suggested that you hang them in a pot to keep them out of reach.

6. Baby Toes

Baby Toes are true to their name as they resemble the toes of newborns or infants. This type of succulent is among the cutest small indoor plants available.

The unique look of this plant can break the silence in the room, perfect as conversation starter with your guests. For its survival, make sure the soil is well drained and placed somewhere partially shaded.

7. Begonia

Begonia Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Begonia offers a very pretty blossom with its reddish or light pink flowers. This plant is easy to care of and grow with light whether from sun or bulb and fluorescent. It needs watering but only once to twice a week.

8. Bromeliad

Bromeliad Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Small indoor plants that tolerate drought are a very excellent choice. The care and maintenance level should be easy. Good thing, Bromeliad is reliable to grow and survive on its own. It doesn’t need much water, but has to be placed in an area where it’s exposed to the sun.

9. Cacti

Cacti Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Another easy and manageable indoor plant is Cactus. This is a very common plant that is perfect for busy homeowners. It only needs watering once a week and can survive with natural light. To make your display more charming, choose different varieties of this plant.

10. Calatheas

Calatheas Cutest Small Indoor Plants

For some leafy foliage, Calathea is one perfect option. Its leaves have cute patterns that create a tropical vibe inside your home. The fresh green color of each leaf is important to maintain. Hence, never place it in an area with light as exposure to sun or anything bright may make its natural leaf color fade.

11. Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Cast Iron Plants are considered small indoor plants although much larger than succulents. These must be placed on the floor rather than on shelves or windows. Since it is a type of hardy plant, this can tolerate almost all types of soil conditions and any range of light.

12. Chinese Money Plant (Pilea)

Chinese Money Plant Pilea Plant Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Also known as Missionary Plants, Chinese Money Plants or Pilea can bring luck to your home. That is if you believe some Feng Shui. This type of indoor plant is easy to grow and propagate. It only requires well-drained soil in partial shade. Its cute round leaves make for an unusual display.

13. Coffee Plant

Coffee Plant Plant Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Coffee Plants for indoor may not provide you with a worth of daily cup of coffee drink, but this is a cute plant to keep. It is also easy to grow and maintain with just enough water and indirect light.

14. Crocodile Fern

Crocodile Fern Cutest Small Indoor Plants

If you’re guessing this plant is named in relation to crocodiles, your hunch is as good as it gets. The leaves of this fern resemble the skin and texture of a crocodile.

Among small indoor plants, this needed much and frequent care. You can easily tell if the plant is healthy or needs more maintenance by checking on the color and status of the leaves.

15. Croton

Croton Cutest Small Indoor Plants

For some colorful tropical leaves, Croton is an absolutely great choice. The leaves have a paint-like appearance making it decorative. However, this plant requires more maintenance than most small indoor plants. It needs constant moist soil and plenty of light.

16. Dragon Tree

Dragon Tree Cutest Small Indoor Plants

The spiky leaves of Dragon Tree makes a head-turning impact. Thus, a good choice to add inside your home. This small indoor tree may be easily damaged if exposed to direct sunlight, so leave it out of light. But this still requires frequent watering.

17. Echeveria

Echeveria Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Succulents are the favorite choice of small indoor plants. And one of that type you can keep is Echeveria. You can collect as many as you find as they won’t bother fling some of your space.

The tiny size and cute shape of this can make a beautiful display. This can tolerate both partial shade and full sun. It’s important to keep it dry and well drained before watering once again.

18. English Ivy

English Ivy Cutest Small Indoor Plants

English Ivy can be planted in pots and hangers. In order to survive, it must be exposed to direct sunlight for 4 hours, and the rest should be indirect with enough moisture.

19. Gardenia

Gardenia Cutest Small Indoor Plants

The fresh white flowers of Gardenia can demand some special attention. This lovely flowering plant is one of the small indoor plants to have. But this requires about 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight in order to grow and bloom in abundance.

20. Jade Plant

Jade Plant Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Another cute succulent you may want to consider and display inside your home is Jade Plant. It is popular for its tiny size and thick, oval-shaped leaves.

Keep the leaves glossy by ensuring they get sunlight a few hours a day and wipe out dust. When the soil has completely dried, water it, although it doesn’t have to be everyday.

21. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe Cutest Small Indoor Plants

The pretty pink blooms of Kalanchoe make it an easy option for many homeowners. It is such a lovely delight to display on tabletops of the living room, use as a dinner table centerpiece or accentuate the window of a bathroom.

Like most small indoor plants, this is also easy to care. It only needs dry, well-drained soil and low humidity.

22. Lithops

Lithops Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Popularly known as “Living Stones” plants, Lithops have an unusual look to offer as they resemble pebbles or small stones. This succulent is a great indoor plant for its uniqueness and low maintenance. It is able to tolerate hot temperatures and a little amount of water.

23. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Among the small indoor plants that can grow and survive by even just water alone is the Lucky Bamboo. If sown in soil, it has to be watered every week or after 10 days and preferably a filtered one. This plant is obviously manageable and requires no sunlight.

24. Oxalis

Oxalis Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Otherwise known as “Purple Shamrocks” and “False Shamrocks”, Oxalis resembles the three-leafed clover called the Irish Shamrock.

It is a photophilic type of plant as both flowers and leaves respond to light by opening or closing. This needs well-drained soil before it can be watered again, and no sun is required.

25. Peace Lily

Peace Lily Cutest Small Indoor Plants

For some lovely small indoor plants, Peace Lily is a good option to consider. The white lilies are stunning, which surely add some charm to any room. It is also an air purifier that is able to reduce toxins.

This plant must be sown in well-drained soil in partial shade. It can also tolerate fluorescence or light bulbs.

26. Peperomia

Peperomia Cutest Small Indoor Plants

There are different species and variants of Peperomia. This is a leafy plant that can thrive in well-drained soil and with partial shade or full sun.

The leaves, which vary in shapes and pattern prints, grow in tight clusters. It’s a perfect small indoor plant to display on desks and shelves.

27. Philodendron

Philodendron Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Add more leafy plants to your home with the beautiful Philodendron. The leaves vary in shapes, sizes and looks, but the most commonly popular ones are those with cut-outs.

Some have smaller, heart shaped leaves. Nevertheless, this plant requires moderate watering and indirect light. Once the leaves become yellow, it means they are getting too much light and this indicates a hazard that could ultimately ruin the entire plant.

28. Polka Dot Plant (Hypoestes Phyllostachya)

Polka Dot Plant Hypoestes Phyllostachya Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Polka Dot Plants are named as is due to the polka dot like print on the leaves. It’s a leafy plant that is ideal for indoor use due to its small size and low maintenance.

Unlike other leaves, this has color varieties of dots, which include yellow green, reddish pink, purple and white. It’s imperative to keep the soil well drained in between watering and a little sunlight.

29. Pothos (Money Plant)

Pothos Money Plant Cutest Small Indoor Plants

You may also consider Pothos as a charm and luck plant. This is popularly known as Money Plant. It is also one of the air purifying small indoor plants. It has a classy leaf appearance in a heart shape. The low maintenance it requires is one reason why this must be considered.

30. Red Aglaonema

Red Aglaonema Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Chinese Evergreen is the most common name referred to Red Aglaonema. This is a little unusual than most small indoor plants mainly due to its red leaves.

If you want to add a dash of striking color, a pink or red shade can definitely bring attention. Fortunately, you can take care of this with little maintenance. It is able to grow in low and moderate bright light.

31. Rubber Tree Plant (Ficus Elastica)

Rubber Tree Plant Ficus Elastica Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Also among the reliable natural air cleaning small indoor plants is the Rubber Plant. This offers several varieties that are indicated by the colors and shapes of the leaves.

Some are dark green, while others are dark brownish red. Although considered as an indoor plant, some species grow really tall as high as 10 feet. To keep it small, better prune the leaves and branches on a regular basis.

32. Snake Plant

Snake Plant Cutest Small Indoor Plants

When it comes to low maintenance and air purifying, Snake Plant is worth keeping for. It grows vertically showcasing S-shape leaves with a distinctive pattern.

Its vertical position makes it a very ideal choice for tight spaces. This can tolerate all types of light conditions, without requiring indirect sun.

Part of its easy care is to keep the soil well-drained before watering. In fact, it is able to survive even without water for weeks. But once the leaves start fading, then it must be too dry and needs watering as quickly as possible.

33. Spider Plant

Spider Plant Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Unlike Snake Plant, Spider Plant grows horizontally with its spider-feet-like dangling leaves. Hence, it deserves the nicknames “Ribbon Plant” and “Airplane Plant”. This is easy to care and grow. It only needs little maintenance, i.e. once a week watering and indirect sun.

34. Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Fern Cutest Small Indoor Plants

With a little moisture and medium light, Staghorn Fern is able to survive and make a tropical display in your living room. This plant features an unusual shape of leaves. It is ideal if this is placed in a hanger for special attention.

35. String of Pearls

String of Pearls Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Accentuate your living space with some String of Pearls. This plant is popular by its literal strings of pearl-like foliage. It can definitely break the silence in the room and start a conversation with your guests.

This cute indoor plant is easy to grow as it requires less effort. A little amount of water and some hours of direct light are needed.

36. Sweetheart Plant (Philodendron Scandens)

Sweetheart Plant Philodendron Scandens Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Sweetheart Plant is a species of Philodendron that is known by its heart-shaped leaves. This is also known as Hoya Kerri and one of the small indoor plants that are considered as succulent. It requires low maintenance, demanding a little water in between 3 and 4 weeks.

37. Sweetheart Plant (Philodendron Scandens)

Weeping Fig Cutest Small Indoor Plants
Weeping Fig via

Weeping Fig can be partnered with Bonsai and succulents. It is a little tree that fits to any position and space at home. Therefore, this is one of the ideal small indoor plants you can choose as well. It requires intermediate care level, which include watering after a few days as the soil needs to keep moist.

38. Yucca Cane Plant

Yucca Cane Plant Cutest Small Indoor Plants
Yucca Cane Plant Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Yucca Plants are a great alternative to many indoor plants mainly because of their unique structure. Occasional misting and exposure to bright but indirect light are essential. It may be easy to care but slow to grow.

39. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant Cutest Small Indoor Plants

Add more natural greens to your home with the presence of ZZ Plants. This type of leafy plant demands low maintenance. It is able to tolerate a little amount of water and indirect light, whether from sun or fluorescents. This is best paired with small plants that produce pretty and colorful flowers.


These 39 small indoor plants can be advantageous for a couple of reasons. First, they can serve as beautiful decors to any parts of your house.

The unusual shape of the leaves and colorful flowers can create a more positive vibe. Secondly, some are natural air purifiers that are reliable and powerful to use in cleaning toxins to maintain a safe, healthy environment at home.

Based on this list, you can identify the most ideal small indoor plant you can choose and keep in your humble abode. There’s surely no debate as to which ones are better since generally these are low maintenance types of plants.

Otherwise, they would need to be under the sun and outside the four walls of your home. The reason why they can be kept indoor is primarily due to their little maintenance.

The question now is, which of these indoor plants catch your attention the most? Let us know in the comments and if you have some additional insights.