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Do Squirrels Eat Carrots, Is It Safe for Them And What Are The Benefits?

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Do squirrels eat carrots, it is the most common questions asked by many people. Carrots are very well known vegetables, mainly used to enhance the taste of dishes.

From very old age carrots are being used and it is popular among all people from young to old. But when it comes to animals or pets, we think twice before feeding them anything.

Yes, you can feed carrots to squirrels. Carrots come with many health benefits, which are also applicable to the squirrels. But you have to take care of something before feeding carrots to the squirrels.

Do Squirrels Eat Carrots 2
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Where Are Carrots Found Most?

You can find carrots in many places throughout the world. It is greatly available in every market. But it is mostly seen in Germany, Switzerland, and believed to be originated from Central Asia.

Carrots come in many colors including white, red, purple, yellow, black, and the most common color which is orange. It is also used as a medicinal herb. 

What Carrots Contain?

Carrots are considered to be very rich in vitamins and minerals. Along with them carrots also contain carbohydrates and water. Carrots are low in fat which makes it a perfect vegetable to add in the routine of your squirrel food list. You can feed carrots raw or you can cook any dish to feed your squirrels.

Carrots Are Good for Squirrels and Other Pets

If you think that carrots are very harmful and do not want to feed them carrots then you are very wrong. Feeding carrots to the squirrels and other pets is a great choice.

They are very tasty and also they can improve the health of your pet. Many components of carrot are helpful for pets such as vitamin A, vitamin K. carrots can also reduce the level of cholesterol with high soluble fibers.

How to Serve Carrot?

You can serve your carrots raw or cooked as a dish, but it is better to feed squirrel the raw carrot. Eating raw carrots helps them to enjoy all the benefits.

If you serve the carrots with dishes, then there might not be any chewing involved. Chewing carrots help to improve their teeth. Apart from these, you can feed frozen carrots, peeled carrots and if they don’t like to chew you can also feed them with carrot juice.

Do Squirrels Eat Carrots 3
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You can eat carrots in many ways but do not use the carrots that come preserved and prepackaged. Carrot flavor chips and sticks can cause many types of harmful effects such as allergies and infections. Apart from this, it can cause many side effects and irritation.

What to Feed

Usually, squirrels eat nuts and seeds as these animals are herbivorous and a large portion of their diet consists of plant foods.

However, some of the species in Eastern Grey Squirrel likes to eat animal-based protein such as insects, amphibians, bird eggs, birds nesting, bones, small mammals.

Plant-based materials are used for Squirrels in case of any human interaction, nuts, seeds, tree buds from different trees such as hemlock, hickory, maple, mulberry, pine, and spruce. Squirrel also depend on fungi, mushrooms, and other elements. Apart from that, Squirrels eat peanut butter


Grape seeds and fruit bodies are used by Squirrel as it is available in tropical countries and vineyards. It is a delicious snacking item considered for Squirrels. Both raw and ripe grapes are considered for Squirrel food.


Brown Squirrel Eating Corn
Brown Squirrel Eating Corn – via Pixabay

Corn is the second most favorited food considered in the case of primary food and it is supported by the multiple derivatives for Squirrels. Foods, stems, barks, and roots are considered for the food of Squirrel.

Most of the cord parts are used by these animals. Corn seeds can be used for starch content, which provides nutrients and health supplements for Squirrels.


One of the very favorite food for squirrels among all other foods. Everyone knows that squirrels love to eat nuts, you can feed any type of nuts to the squirrels.

As they provide many healthy components such as omega-3 fatty acid, protein, fiber, etc. if you have a squirrel or you are trying to feed squirrels daily, you can add nuts to the routine and make them happy.


Maybe you think that squirrels only like to eat fruits and vegetables then you are so wrong. They eat insects, in fact, they like to eat them and consider them as a favorite food of squirrels.

You do not need to feed them insects, they jump on places and find their meal. Some of the common insects that squirrels love to eat include cricket, mealworm, super worm, and moths.

If you are worried about the health of your pet then you might want to sit back and relax. The insects can provide a lot of healthy components such as vitamin D, calcium and minerals which will help your squirrel stay healthy. 


Another many common foods that you can provide to your squirrel is seeds. Some of the common seeds that you might see your squirrel eating include sunflower, pumpkin, and safflower seeds along with many other large seeds that are available in the garden.

Fox Squirrel Eating Sunflower Seeds
Fox Squirrel Eating Sunflower Seeds – via

If you do not own a garden or there is no garden around then you should provide these seeds to your squirrel as these seeds contain a lot of calories and nutrition. But do not feed them many seeds because overeating the seeds will make them overweight.


If you make a list of favorites of the squirrel then legumes will be on the top 5. Apart from the nuts, squirrels like to eat many other kinds such as lentils, beans, peas and many more.

If you are keeping your squirrel in a diet, then legumes are necessary to have on the diet list. They provide a large amount of plant protein which is very important for health.


If you come to fruits, you might know squirrels jump from tree to tree and eat different types of fruits. They like to eat a lot of fruits including melons, apples, berries, mangoes.

This is why you can often spot them on a fruit tree. And as everyone knows, like humans, squirrels also get many different benefits from the fruits. 

Red squirrel eating apple
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Eating fruits provide them with carbohydrates and natural sugars, which is very important to put on their diet list. But be very careful to not feed them too much of fruits, as overeating the foods can cause them to have diarrhea. The best way to routine them and provide a portion of different fruits every day.


This one is not applicable for the wild squirrels but if you have a pet squirrel then you can use supplements to keep them healthy.

If you see that your squirrel needs to have some vitamins and calcium, you can mix them up with fruits and vegetables and feed them.

They might not get enough minerals and many other components which are necessary to maintain a diet, supplements can help them to get them.


Along with many vegetables and food, carrots are very healthy for squirrels. You can feed them carrot but do not feed prepackaged. If you have any questions regarding this, you can comment below to let us know.


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