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Do Tractors Have Titles? – Here are 5 Interesting Facts

Tractors without Title

Are you wondering why there are virtually no documents supporting your purchase of a new tractor? Some years back, I bought huge farmland, and having a tractor became necessary.

Tractors not only reduce the time required for various tasks but also are very versatile. They are too expensive.

When I bought my first tractor, I walked out of the tractor dealer’s shop with a paper in my hand which was the bill. It somehow seemed wrong to have no other proof.

To not have any title or registration for such an expensive vehicle seemed odd. Felt like I was breaking some law.

Anyone buying a tractor would want some evidence of ownership. Initially, I wondered, ‘do tractors have titles?’ However, I soon came to know that this is normal and there are some reasons for it. 

Do Tractors Have Titles

1. Importance of A Title

We all love to have ownership over things that belong to us. More so, when it comes to big and expensive things like vehicles.

A title allows a person to display his or her rights over a product. With a title, it becomes easy to show that you are the person who has bought the tractor.

It is also essential when you are buying a second-hand tractor. If there are no titles, there is nothing to show that it is not stolen.

It can land you in trouble. It would be a big waste of money to find out that it is stolen. Having a title will give you peace of mind. You will be easily able to prove that you are the legal owner if it is stolen or there is some dispute.

2. Do Tractors Have Titles?

Like we told you earlier, it is not a simple yes or no question. Most farm tractors don’t come with any title, but some construction work tractors can come with proper registration.

You can easily get a receipt that confirms your ownership, but a certificate of title of ownership is not part of the purchase.

Do Tractors Have Titles

Even buying expensive tractors with a price tag upwards of 250000 to 300000 dollars will not automatically get you a title.

The only thing you get is a receipt, which you get when you buy any other much cheaper gardening equipment. Compared to this, buying a car will require you to do any paperwork to get the title even if the car is second-hand and is costing only 1000 dollars!

3. What Are The Alternatives?

Though you may not feel delighted without a title for your tractor,  there are a few viable alternatives that can make you feel more in control.

  • The best option is to keep the receipt securely.
    • When you buy a new one, you will get a receipt, but you should also insist on a receipt even while buying second-hand.
    • Please keep it safe and make sure all the details like your name and address are clearly and correctly mentioned.
  • Take note of the tractor’s serial number. It will make it seem legitimate and help authorities track it if it ever gets stolen. You can also take note of other details, which can make identifying it easier.
  • You can take the help of a notary public office and ask him to prepare some paperwork which will officially and legally show your ownership over the tractor.
Do Tractors Have Titles Pink Tractor

4. Different Rules in the Different States

Some states have specific rules in place that make you eligible for a title.

  • If you buy a tractor weighing more than 18000 pounds in New Hampshire, you will get an ownership certificate or a title with it. This goes for both new as well as second-hand tractors.
  • In Vermont, they will not give a title for any tractor weighing less than 6100 pounds.

It is better to check these rules and see what works best for you.

5. Problems with No Title

The biggest problem is finding out if there is a lien on a tractor you are buying second-hand. As there are no documents and registration, it is not easy to find this. There are two things you can try.

  • The first is to come out and ask the previous owner directly if he has liens which are outstanding. Even if it makes for an awkward moment, it is better to ask. You will gauge by the owner’s reaction, whether he is giving you all the information or hiding something.
  • Conduct an online lien search with the tractor model, year, make, as well as its serial number. It would be best if you searched in both the places; the location of the owner as well as where you are going to finalize the sale.  

When you find out about any outstanding dues on the tractor, follow these steps.

  • Even if you have full faith in the seller, it is better to get the payout instructions directly from the creditor. If you make any mistakes in making the payouts, the consequences can be serious.
  • You must get a release letter from the creditor duly signed. This document is essential, especially if, on a later date, there is any dispute.


Buying an expensive thing like a tractor without a title can seem odd and unsafe. However, with some prudent steps, you can ensure that you can prove your ownership.

Make sure that you have a proper paper trail. Get a copy of the sale documents. All the relevant information should be there on the document.

  • Model of tractor
  • Make of the vehicle
  • Its manufacturing year
  • Hour meter reading visible on the date of purchase
  • Color and any other identifying features of the tractor
  • All serial numbers which are there on the various parts

It is also a good idea to take the seller’s ID and attach it with the receipt and any other document.

Go ahead and buy a tractor without worrying too much.