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Does Baking Soda Kill Frogs – Important Tips!

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Although frogs are almost harmless and straightforward in ​​many insects, some owners are keen to eliminate frogs. They attribute this to fear or dislike. 

Sometimes they make cause trouble in the bedroom. Some species are poisonous and pose a severe threat to pets, and can harm children. There are many ways to get rid of frogs in your home.

Introducing some natural predators in the area, such as cats or even snakes, is an excellent way to reduce their population. You can also drive them out by getting rid of their habitats, for example, ponds and puddles.

Does Baking Soda Kill Frogs
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Does Baking Soda Kill Frogs?

Even though baking soda is not officially approved, it works like citric acid to kill frogs. On your property, you can use it. Another substance that is used to kill frogs together with baking soda is hydrated lime. This treatment kills the eggs on the plants and any frog.

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How to Get Rid of Frogs

1. Drain off any standing water

The moisture attract the frogs, so most of them will lose interest in your yard after you remove water sources and look for another place to lay their eggs and shelter overnight. 

You can take a pump to get rid of water sources. Birdbaths, wetlands, water bowls, and artificial ponds are just a few examples of water sources that attract frogs.

Removing standing water sources will likewise repel mosquitoes and other insects, which are fed by frogs, making the site even less attractive to them.

If you have a water source in your yard that you want to conserve, such as an artificial pond, alternatively install a filter or a working fountain. This will cause the water to circulate, thereby eliminating most mosquitoes and other insects. 

2. Prune vegetation

Tall grass, shrubs, or other bushy plants are ideal hiding places for frogs. Eliminating them will force the frogs to be visible, which they try to avoid. 

Tall plants around the water source are especially bothersome. If you need to keep bushy or tall plants somewhere in the yard, plant them far away from the water source.

3. Destroy insects in your area

Since flies, mosquitoes, and other insects are the primary food source for frogs, killing them will keep frogs from entering the yard. 

There are some ways to deal with them, including using an insect trap and placing it on your porch to attract and destroy all flying insects. Spray organic insecticides, which can kill frogs, although most organic insecticides do not.

4. Install a guardrail

Surround your pond or property with a net or plastic fence. Don’t use a wire net, as the frogs can slip through this type of fence easily.

Make sure the fence is in contact with the ground and is high enough. Frogs can jump relatively high so that a standard-size fence will work better than a low fence.

Take precautions to make the fence strong. Dig a minimum of 30.5 cm of support posts into the ground and cover the base of the fence with soil.

5. Get help from predators

Snakes and cats adore some frogs, where the population of frogs in your yard will decrease, making it not at all attractive to them. Before you do this, make sure that the annoying frogs are indeed tasty prey for your cat or snake.

Remember that many frogs are poisonous. You should not try to corrode them by a predator sensitive to the poison of this type of frog.

Research which predators are suitable for the frogs you are dealing with. Cats and snakes are the easiest to introduce, but you can also make your yard more welcoming to other predatory animals like hawks and others.

6. Try natural repellents

Several completely natural remedies will either kill frogs on the spot or scare them away from your yard once and for all. 

Try one of these before resorting to chemicals, as chemical sprays tend to kill frogs slowly and painfully. Organic aerosols will generally do their job faster and more humanely.

Sprinkle citric acid on the frogs. Spray the solution directly onto the frogs. This will kill them almost immediately.

If there are no plants near the pond, sprinkle some salt around the perimeter. The salt will burn the frogs’ paws, thereby driving them away. Note, however, that the salt will kill the plants as well.

7. Catch frogs with a net

Use a butterfly net or other long-handled net to catch the frogs one by one. If you have too many frogs, you may need to enlist the help of others to complete this task. Once you catch the frogs, you have two options:

  • Move the frogs – After catching frogs, consider moving them to a nearby pond or stream. However, it is important to move frogs to an area where their genus or species can naturally occur when moving frogs. Otherwise, you will upset the natural balance.
  • Freeze frogs to death – If it is not possible to move the frogs, you can kill them by freezing them. Place the frogs in an airtight container with air holes punched in the lid. Leave this container in the refrigerator overnight. The frogs will be in a coma-like state.
Catching Frogs Does Baking Soda Kill Frogs
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8. Use chemicals only as a last resort

While there are chemical pest control methods you can take to get rid of frogs in your yard, these methods often kill frogs slowly and painfully. 

That is why they should only be used if no other method has been proven to be effective. Whenever possible, use deterrent rather than exterminating measures.

  • Try snake repellent – Spraying snake repellent around the yard is often effective against frogs. It is as effective at killing frogs as at killing snakes.
  • Use the herbicide – Research shows that some chemical herbicides can modify male frogs, making them unable to reproduce. Spraying these herbicides in areas where frogs congregate will significantly reduce future frog populations.


Frogs can breed in a garden, nearby pond, or lake. In the presence of compost piles, they like to hide to winter. Piles of brushwood and stones are excellent wintering options.

Many private homeowners do not know how to get rid of the frogs. Baking soda can be one of the options you can use to get rid of them. Using this article, you will know the correct method to apply.