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Top 16 Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers for Spring

Which easy to grow perennial flowers for spring should you consider? This is the main question we’re going to discuss in this article. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Perennial flowers are a must in every garden. They provide pretty blooms that beautify the entire area, add different colors against the obvious green surrounding, and of course a great investment as they produce flowers year after year.

The key to growing healthy perennial flowering plants is patience. Each and every plant has its own criteria for growth.

They are not the same so you must first identify which ones need full sun (at least 6 hours) or partial shade (about 3 hours of sun only), how much water to use a day, what is the best soil condition, and what type of weather is more appropriate.

These are the basic requirements in growing perennials, and all plants as a matter of fact.

Anyhow, let’s focus on the list of easy to grow perennial flowers for spring. You can select which ones of these perennials are perfect for your garden.

At the end of the day, you’re going to smile as you see them bloom one by one.

16 Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers

1. Aster

Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers Aster
via Pixabay

Aster is a beautiful flowering plant that’s easy to maintain. It requires full sun so placing a field or pots of this flower outside is more ideal. It pops up the center of attraction in shades of purple or lavender, blue, pink and white. You can surely mix two or more colors for an eye-catching view.

2. Baptisia

Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers Baptisia

Also known as false indigo or false blue indigo, baptisia is one of the easy to grow perennial flowers. This is somewhat bushy so it’s a great cover on the sides.

However, the purple blue flowers in a raceme deserve appreciation. There are varieties in other shades, which include white, yellow and pink. This needs full sun for better growth and production.

3. Balloon Flower

Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers Balloon Flower

In correlation to its cute name, balloon flower doesn’t disappoint as far as beauty is concerned. This plant features five-petalled, star-shaped flowers with veins. The smooth petals come in bluish purple, white and pink shades. This is another great choice among the easy to grow perennial flowers.

4. Bearded Iris

Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers Bearded Iris

When it comes to rareness, bearded iris is one of those flowers that can definitely stand out. This perennial plant has sword-like foliage with crown-like flowers in singular shade or binary colors.

It is a gardening plant that prefers cold weather. It is best grown in hardy zones 3 to 9.

5. Black-Eyed Susan

Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers Black Eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan, otherwise known as rudbeckia, is one of the popular and most common easy to grow perennial flowers for spring and summer seasons, although some varieties are biennial.

Regardless, the bright yellow flowers bring good vibes. This daisy-like flower, a member of the coneflower family, is resistant to drought as well as insects, which makes it more interesting to consider.

6. Catmint

Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers Catmint

Catmint is not just a useful aromatic herb, but also a flowering plant that can attract pollinators. This perennial requires full sun.

It features mint-like grayish or silvery green with spicy fragrance and purple flowers. It may have larger foliage than the number of blooms but still provide an additional charm in a garden or even a small backyard.

7. Coreopsis

Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers Coreopsis

Add more sunshine and cheerfulness in your garden with the presence of coreopsis. This is a flowering plant classified as perennial.

It produces single or double lacy, yellow colored flowers with thin, small bushy foliage. It is one of those low maintenance and easy to grow perennial flowers since it requires minimal amount of water and fertilizers.

8. Daylily

Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers Daylily

Another excellent choice among the perennials is daylily. This is great to grow for beginners as it tolerates almost all types of soil and requires basic care.

What’s more is that it’s a gardening and home plant that showcases beautiful lily flowers that come in various colors, which include pink, dark purple, orange, yellow, orange and red.

Some even have stripes creating 2 or 3 colors. While minimal maintenance is noted, this produces flowers in large amounts. For better color, make sure that it gets full sun, but it can survive in a partial shaded area too.

9. Hellebore

Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers Hellebore

Hellebore is such a beautiful garden flower that unquestionably attracts the attention of not only pollinators but also humans.

As one of the easy to grow perennial flowers, this plant can certainly be a good pick without hesitation. Also called lenten roses, the star-shaped flowers have six petals available in different colors, such as violet, pink, white, cream, and others with streaks of 2 or 3 shades.

This perennial requires partial sun and can tolerate winter.

10. Hosta

Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers Hosta

The lavish foliage alone of hosta is enough to catch the attention of everyone. While there are numerous varieties to choose from, the heart shaped leaves in dark and light green color can be a popular pick.

In addition, this is a plant that produces flowers, typically purple or lavender, white and pink. This is easily sown and cared for, thriving in rich slightly moist soil in zones 3 to 9. Just be careful regarding slugs as they can harm your plant.

11. Lavender

Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers Lavender

Lavender can surely be grown in limited or small pots. Yes, you can add this to your garden with easy to grow perennial flowers. It needs full sun and water although resistant to drought.

This fragrant flower is useful not only as a table centerpiece and a gift bouquet but also as a herb and for medicinal purposes. You can make some tea out of lavender, scented soaps, candles, cleaning products and others.

12. Lily

Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers Lily

The large number of varieties of lily is one reason why this should be also considered. It is a perennial flower that blooms in white, yellow, pink, red, orange and also bicolors.

Depending on the variety, this plant grows from 2 feet to 7 feet tall. You can grow this in your garden starting from fall so you’d enjoy the blooms in the springtime.

13. Peony

Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers Peony

One of the most beautiful, scented and easy to grow perennial flowers is peony. It has a large flower head that really blooms in delight. It also has different colors available, and you can choose as to which or how many shades you want.

Imagine your garden filled with colorful peonies! This plant also ranges from single to double forms and grows around 3 feet high. It needs cold weather and darkness so a shaded area is an ideal location.

14. Salvia

Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers Salvia

Tolerant to drought and dependent to full sun, salvia is another choice for low maintenance plants. This features flowers arranged in a thin, long raceme, similar to lavender.

Depending on the variety, flowers are deep blue, purple, and red. This is one of the pretty easy to grow perennial flowers you can choose.

15. Sedum

Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers Sedum

Sedum is a type of succulent with thick, fleshy leaves and beautiful clusters of tiny flowers in white and pink tips. Some varieties have pure pink, reddish pink and purple flowers.

This is drought tolerant, which makes it less difficult to maintain. Make sure that it gets enough sunlight to keep it healthy and with bright color.

16. Veronica

Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers Veronica

Veronica or speedwell is another great pick among the easy to grow perennial flowers. It has grassy foliage with tiny and very cute flowers having 4 petals only.

Most of the varieties are in shades of white, pink, purple and blue. This is a good choice to sow along the front and side borders of your home. Although small, the flowers are able to attract insects, including bees and butterflies.


Whether you want to build a garden for home display or for commercial purposes, these easy to grow perennial flowers are the best choices in terms of maintenance and care.

You surely want to invest in plants that won’t take too much of your time and effort. From this list, most of them need sunlight but that doesn’t mean they can only survive in an outdoor setting.

You can place them inside your home but must be in an area where they can still get some sun like near the windows.