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Top 16 of the Low Maintenance, Easy To Propagate Houseplants

If you prefer something inexpensive, less demanding and equally charming as most plants, easy to propagate houseplants are an ideal and practical choice.

You can keep your home eco-friendly with more opportunity to reduce toxins through these plants whether it’s a good sunny season or chilly winter.

Propagating is one fantastic way to sustain the growth and quality production of certain plants. There are specific species and varieties that do need propagation in order to thrive longer.

These are the ones you surely want in your home. Let’s identify those low maintenance and easy to propagate houseplants.

16 Easy To Propagate Houseplants

1. Arrowhead Plants

Arrowhead Plants Easy To Propagate Houseplants
Arrowhead Plants via

Plants with leaves that have a heart or arrowhead shape are common in many homes. Generally called arrowhead plants or syngonium, these vary in sizes from cute tiny pieces to as large as a chessboard.

This group of plants, which includes philodendron, African and American evergreens, five fingers and goosefoot, is easy to propagate.

It is recommended to place the cut stems in water to encourage root production, then you can replant them.

2. Begonias

Begonias Easy To Propagate Houseplants

Begonia is not just a low maintenance plant but also a beautiful one. It deserves to be showcased on your living room shelf, dining table, windowsills and other places in your home.

You may set different variants that are identifiable by their stems as some are spotted, silvery, and even pinkish in color. Not to mention, this plant produces pretty flowers that come in shades of pink, red, yellow, light purple and white.

It doesn’t need a lot of water – once a week is enough. It also requires low light but propagation can be a must

3. Chinese Money Plants

Chinese Money Plants Easy To Propagate Houseplants

Pilea, which is most commonly known as Chinese money plant, is another great option among the easy to propagate houseplants. In fact, it’s the best one probably as it naturally propagates on its own.

Yes, you read that right! Well, it doesn’t literally cut its own stems but new baby plants come out, which you can later remove once there are enough roots and replant in a new soil.

4. Fuchsia

Fuchsia Easy To Propagate Houseplants

Fuchsia is a flowering houseplant that offers a unique charm with less demands. You may surely guess the flower color, but its name is given based on the 16th century botanist Leonhard Fuchs.

Apart from bright pink, the shades may be also purple, maroon or white. As one of the easy to propagate houseplants, the woody stems must be placed in water for about 2 to 3 weeks before planting them.

5. Jade

Jade Easy To Propagate Houseplants

In addition to easy propagation, Jade offers itself as a bundle of cuteness when displayed around your home. It is a type of succulent glossy leafy plant that requires minimal maintenance.

The cuttings must be calloused first, and they start sprouting roots between 2 and 7 days, which means in a week or less you can replant it in a separate pot with rich soil.

6. Mother of Thousands Plants

Mother of Thousands Plants Easy To Propagate Houseplants

Just by the name itself, Mother of Thousands presents a rare feature with its octopus-like and zigzag edged leaves. This is also known as alligator plant and Mexican hat plant with a scientific name of kalanchoe daigremontiana.

It is also a type of succulent plant that is native to Madagascar. Of course, this is one of the relatively easy to propagate houseplants.

7. Moses in the Cradle Plants

Moses in the Cradle Plants Easy To Propagate Houseplants

Also known as rhoeo, Moses in the cradle can be propagated in two ways. The first one is by stem cutting, and the other is through plant division or the parting it wholly in 2 to 3 sections.

Of course, it is much easier and quicker to replant with the whole parts intact. But if you replant some cuttings, ensure that there are good grown roots.

8. Pelargonium

Pelargonium Easy To Propagate Houseplants

Pelargoniums are one of the easy to propagate houseplants you can consider, too. This plant produces lovely flowers in a plain shade or stained bicolors.

It deserves to be kept beautiful, and luckily it’s easy to maintain. For propagation, immerse the cuttings in water for a couple of weeks until the roots begin to come out. This plant can be grown in pots, hanging baskets or directly on the grounds of your porch or sidewalks.

9. Pothos

Pothos Easy To Propagate Houseplants

Otherwise known as money plant, pothos is another fantastic selection among the easy to propagate houseplants for both outdoors and indoors. This is an extremely hardy leafy plant, too. If soaked well in water, the cuttings produce new healthy roots ready to be sown.

10. Snake Plants

Snake Plants Easy To Propagate Houseplants

Among the popular indoor houseplants that are easy to propagate is the snake plant. Its scientific name is sanseveria.

Dividing it is the fastest way to propagate, but cutting the leaves for replanting is another ideal solution. Make sure the cut leaves must be soaked in water first before placing them in well drained soil.

11. Spider Plants

Spider Plants Easy To Propagate Houseplants

Include spider plants to your easy to propagate houseplants. The spread of the long slender leaves can be a lovely display around your home and yard.

This is considered as a low maintenance plant. You can propagate by 3 options: seeds, plantlets or root division. If you prefer something quick and easy, rooting the plant babies is the best choice.

12. String of Bananas

String of Bananas Easy To Propagate Houseplants2

The string of bananas is a cute succulent plant favorite by many homeowners. Its leaves resemble the shape of the banana fruit. It is a vine that is easy to propagate.

Simply layer the end of the plant, soak in water for a month or until the roots are developed, and then replant in a separate pot with new rich soil.

13. String of Hearts

String of Hearts Easy To Propagate Houseplants

Like the string of bananas, the string of hearts is another plant for homes that you can propagate without difficulty. Its leaves are small, cute and heart shaped.

You can keep growing this from a single plant by simply cutting some portion. Place the trims in water until new roots come out before planting in new soil.

Since this is a vine, growing can be constant so it’s a great way to cut from time to time to keep your plants tidy.

14. String of Pearls

String of Pearls Easy To Propagate Houseplants

Add your collection of cute and easy to propagate houseplants with the string of pearls. This perennial plant is a type of succulent that features tiny rounds like peas.

It is a self-propagating vine, surprisingly by developing its own roots once a part of the plant is layered on top of a new soil. Once new roots begin to come out, you can then start cutting and replant into the new pot.

15. The Wandering Jew

The Wandering Jew Easy To Propagate Houseplants

The wandering Jew or tradescantia is popularly known by its dark purple colored striped leaves. It’s another fantastic indoor plant for homes.

As one of the easy to propagate houseplants, you can grow as many as you can. Stem cuttings develop new roots once soaked in water for weeks or at least a month. This allows you to display more lovely plants in your house.

16. ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

ZZ Plant Zamioculcas zamiifolia Easy To Propagate Houseplants

If you really want to invest in plants that last long yet can multiply, Zamioculcas Zamiifolia or otherwise known as ZZ plant, is a great choice.

Like snake plants, simply cut off some portion of it, half or more depending on your preference, and replant in a separate pot with new soil.

You can absolutely cut the stems too and soak in water until they root out before planting, but this way is slow, taking up more weeks than the average timeframe of propagation.


Propagation is a simple technique to keep plants growing and multiplying. You can save money by replanting them.

Through this list of easy to propagate houseplants, simply choose which ones of these that you most likely would want to grow. You can go for flowering plants or stick to simple leafy ones, or maybe a combination of both.

Regardless, these plants are basically inexpensive and low maintenance solutions. Just know the duration of the propagation of each plant and the best or quick way to process it.